Most Expensive Betta Fish (2022 Update)

Breed, color, age, and health affect a betta’s price. Bettas, which are difficult to keep and breed, are more expensive. Sex affects a betta’s price. Male betta fish are larger and flashier than females. Thus they cost more. Female betta fish are less aggressive and require less room than males, making them cheaper to maintain. You can keep female bettas in a sorority.

You should realize that every fish you buy will live roughly two years. You need a budget to ensure good treatment for two years or more. The tail, or caudal fin, is rare betta fish’s most common fancy feature.

The breed of betta you choose will determine how much you’ll pay. The fancy Betta fish range from $2 to $30. The rarest Betta Fish are much more expensive.

Typical betta fish colors are beautiful, and with over 47 species, hobbyists may want to stick to the top five available at a local pet store.


This Most Expensive Betta Fish review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Veiltail Betta
11 Veiltail Betta
Price: $2-5

This breed of betta is among the most commonly offered in pet stores because it is visually appealing and moderately hardy. The long, flowing, pointed fins of veiltails and their asymmetrical caudal fin have made them famous.

Compared to males, females are larger in length and rounder in shape, with shorter fins. A sorority of female veil tails is fine. Still, males should be housed alone or with an appropriate companion fish, such as another veil tail.

Crowntail Betta
10 Crowntail betta
Price: $3-5.50

They are known for their unusual fringe and fins, making them stand out when swimming. Although the fringed fins of females are smaller and less flowing, they have the same effect.

As a result of centuries of breeding for fighting purposes, crown tail betta fish are more aggressive than other varieties. Female sororities should be monitored for indicators of conflict by male students. They are often referred to as “Siamese fighting fish.”

Halfmoon Bettas
9 Halfmoon Bettas
Price: $6.50-13

Halfmoon betta fish, also known as the double tail betta, have huge, spherical fins that radiate out from the whole rear half of the body. They’re highly sought after for their swimming prowess because they’re so graceful. Compared to other bettas, this one has smaller fins that give the appearance of being larger.

Having a lot of room to run around is essential for this breed to thrive. While female bettas can be kept in a sorority, a larger fish tank may be required than other betta species.

Deltatail Betta
8 Deltatail Betta
Price: $6-8

Deltatail bettas resemble half-moon bettas in appearance, but their tails are more triangular in shape and have a narrower spread. In general, the tail fins of super deltatail bettas are larger and more rounded.

Delta betta types with a larger fin length for the females tend to have shorter fins than those with shorter fins for the males. Females, on the other hand, are more likely to thrive in a sorority.

Plakat Betta
7 Plakat Betta
Price: $5-7

The plakat betta, often short-tailed betta, has a shorter and less spectacular tail than other types of betta fish. Plakats’ appearance is more like that of wild bettas because of the less amount of breeding that went into it.

When compared to long-finned fish, plakats are even more aggressive. Males have been known to reject fish that are excessively huge or showy as a mate. Females in a sorority must be closely monitored to avoid biting at each other’s tails.

The Thai Siamese Fighting fish line has been used for breeding these fish, and they have since been mated with wild betta splendens to produce them.

Elephant Ear Betta
6 Elephant Ear Betta
Price: $10-30

Like the Dumbo betta, these fish have large, wavy fins that resemble elephant ears. The fins of both sexes are big and graceful. Since it is difficult to breed this betta, it is one of the most expensive types available in home aquariums.

This betta’s large fins necessitate a tank with plenty of room. Sorority sisters need to be able to swim without interfering with each other’s personal space.

Dragonscale Betta
5 Dragonscale Betta
Price: $10.50-13

Dragon Scale betta is known for its thick, dragon-like scales, as the name suggests. Most have a shiny, metallic finish that catches the light as it moves across them. These bettas tend to have a shorter tail. However, this might vary from one fish to fish.

To keep male dragonscale bettas safe, they must be housed in separate tanks from other bright or metallic fish. However, sorority relationships seem more difficult for females than for other breeds, such as the veil tail.

Butterfly Betta
4 Butterfly Betta
Price: $12-15

According to the fish’s individuality, the multicolor betta may have two or three different hues. Cellophane-colored cellophane-tipped fins are common in butterfly bettas.

Males have a wide range of tails, although the most frequent are rounded half-moon fins. Male and female butterfly bettas have shorter fins, but they usually have the same bright pattern on their fins as males.

Koi Betta
3 Koi Betta Male Koi
Price: $12-20

Like the koi fish, koi bettas have distinctive color patterns. Instead of the usual solid or ombre coloring found in bettas everywhere, this stunning fish has a unique marbled pattern that can contain shades ranging from bright red or orange to deep blue or green body.

Some Koi Bettas have long, flowing tails; however, the majority have shorter fins with a widespread, which are more common. Feminine fins are significantly smaller than those of males in most species. Because of the difficulty of breeding koi with distinct colors, these fish are more expensive than others.

Orange Dalmatian bettas are a pale orange color with bright orange, almost red spots along with the fins. It’s from the family of Koi.

Double Tail Betta
2 Double Tail Betta
Price: $6-16

The rear of a double-tail betta has two distinct tail fins, making them one of a kind. The fins of males are long and flowing, whereas the fins of females are shorter and more stunted. Both sexes, on the other hand, have a distinct split tail.

Double tail bettas may be less aggressive than other betta breeds, depending on the individual pet. Regarding keeping fish, males and females are most suited for each other.

Feathertail Betta 
1 Feathertail Betta 
Price: $14-20

As the rosetail betta, this species has big, pointy ends on its branching fins that resemble flowers. Fins on males are lengthy and outward-flowing, while those on females are shorter and have pronounced radial tips.

Regarding tail-biting in the home tank, feathertail bettas are known for their aggressiveness and aggression. While females can be housed in a well-regulated sorority, males should be housed alone or with other acceptable tank mates.

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In Summary

In Summary

Betta fish are a popular choice for people who want to introduce a new pet into their house, but they may be pricey.

Owners must also consider tank setup, feeding, and maintenance costs, even if the fish themselves aren’t expensive. Rare betta fish can cost anywhere from roughly $100 to more than $400 when first purchased. In addition, there are annual costs that might cost hundreds of dollars.

Before purchasing a betta, be sure you have the financial means to take on the obligations that come with pet ownership. Your betta may enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life with the proper care.

Here is a recap of the most expensive betta fish:

  1. Feathertail Betta: $14-20
  2. Double Tail Betta: $6-16
  3. Koi Betta: $12-20
  4. Butterfly Betta: $12-15
  5. Dragonscale Betta: $10.50-13
  6. Elephant Ear Betta: $10-30
  7. Plakat Betta: $5-7
  8. Deltatail Betta: $6-8
  9. Halfmoon Bettas: $6.50-13
  10. Crowntail betta: $3-5.50
  11. Veiltail Betta: $2-5
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