Most Expensive Beer (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Beer 2022 Update

Most expensive beers are rare and feature unique production methods.

Beer can be as expensive as champagne and good wine. These beers are costly, from grain from outer space to a recipe found in Queen Nefertiti’s tomb.

Many of these beers are just for collectors. These beers offer a particular flavor or link to somewhere in the globe (or for two, somewhere out of this world) that makes beer aficionados forget the cost.


This Most Expensive Beer review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Sapporo's Space Beer
15 Sapporos Space Beer
Price: $110 per six-pack

Sapporo’s Space Barley Beer sold $17 a shot, but it was a bargain considering one of its ingredients came from space.

Russian Academy of Sciences & Okayama University in Japan financed studies to see how barley seedlings germinated in zero-gravity. Barley beer was sent to the Zvezda SOLUT DOS-8 module of the International Space Station, where scientists watched four generations of growth. Japanese brewer Sapporo used fourth-generation alien barley to manufacture the first “space beer.”

Only 250 six-packs of Sapporo Space Barley were produced, and every bottle was sold by lottery to Japanese nationals. Okayama University’s space science education program for Japanese and Russian children benefited from space beer sales.

Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844
14 Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844
Price: $44 a bottle

Pabst Blue Ribbon is known in America for its cheap cans and tallboys. In China, though, it’s a luxury item. Pabst Brewery in China adds German caramel malt to the U.S. formula. It matures the beer in charred American and French oak barrels.

3 Floyds Barrel-Aged Dark Lord
13 3 Floyds Barrel Aged Dark Lord
Price: $50 a bottle

3 Floyds Brewery in Indiana makes Dark Lord. It’s prepared using Indian sugar, coffee, and Mexican vanilla and contains 15% alcohol. Each barrel of Dark Lord is matured in a distinct barrel for a unique flavor. Dark Lord is a popular local beer that you can only obtain in Muenster, Indiana, but it’s worth trying if you pass by.

Tutankhamun Ale
12 Tutankhamun Ale
Price: $52 a bottle

Barry Kemp found a 3,250-year-old recipe in Queen Nefertiti’s brewery in 1990. Dr. Kemp’s team unearthed eleven brewing chambers under Saharan sand that contained ancient beer. Analysis of the papyrus text and beer residues led to a collaboration with Scottish brewer Jim Merrington.

Tutankhamun Ale only made 1,000 bottles. The first bottle sold for £4,616 ($7,686), then dropped to £31 ($52). Merrington’s brewery closed.

Samuel Adams’ Utopias
11 Samuel Adams Utopias
Price: $239 a bottle

Utopias is Samuel Adams‘ most expensive beer. Moravian, Vienna, caramel, and Bavarian smoked malts are used, along with Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, Spalter, Saaz, and Tettnanger hops.

This Sam Adams Utopias – 18-month-old Cognac, Port, and Scotch barrel batches are released in even-numbered years. The limited-edition brew beers come in a ceramic bottle like a copper kettle.

BrewDog Sink the Bismarck Beer
10 BrewDog Sink The Bismarck Beer
Price: $324 a bottle

The BrewDog Brewery in Scotland used ice-brewing technology to generate a beer with the world’s highest alcohol percentage. BrewDog Brewery held the record for most alcohol by volume in a beer until Schorschbock 57 by Schorschbräu released limited-edition beers with even more alcohol.

Jacobsen Vintage by Carlsberg
9 Carlsberg Jacobsen Vintage No 1 Worlds Most Expensive Beer
Price: $374 a bottle

Copenhagen’s Nomo leads fermented taste research. Carlsberg made “barley wine” beer because of their work. Brewmaster Jens Eiken

“It started with a crazy idea for a new beer. This barrel-aged beers undergo hundreds of chemical reactions. The product tastes excellent, but we don’t know all the reactions.”

Only 1000 bottles remain. Copenhagen eateries, and collectors, sell them.

Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord Marshmallow Handjee
8 Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord Marshmallow Handjee
Price: $711 per bottle

3 Floyd’s brews this stout in whiskey barrels with vanilla beans in Muenster, Indiana. Every year’s manufacture is slightly different, keeping admirers coming back for the restricted quantity.

BrewDog End of History Beer
7 BrewDog End Of History Beer
Price: $832 a bottle

What beer would you drink if the world ended? 55 percent beer?

This 2010 BrewDog Brewery offering is a Belgian Blond Ale/Belgian Ale named after a Francis Fukuyama book. It was made with fresh juniper berries and nettles. BrewDog thought it was the highest-alcohol beer ever, but others have surpassed it. This beer only had 11 bottles.

Lost Abbey Cable Car Kriek
6 Lost Abbey Cable Car Kriek
Price: $923 a bottle

Even years after bottling, this California lager has a cherry flavor. Skinner Auctions sold the last bottle of American Wild Ale for $923. Lost Abbey produces other ales with nuanced fruit flavors, mild acidity, and well-rounded drinkability.

De Cam / Drie Fonteinen Millennium Gueuze 1998
5 De Cam Drie Fonteinen Millennium Gueuze 1998
Price: $924 a bottle

In Belgium, Brewers De Cam and Drie Fonteinen made this particular beer in 2000 to commemorate the dawn of a new millennium. Several years later, a beer bottle was sold at auction for $924.

Vieille Bon Secours Ale
4 Vieille Bon Secours Ale
Price: $1165 a bottle

An extraordinary 12-liter Belgian beer found in the London Belgo Restaurant’s basement in 2009 was uncovered. It went for about $1165 in today’s money. On the other hand, a pint of the beer is currently on tap for just $33.

Antarctic Nail Ale by Nail Brewing (Australia)
3 Antarctic Nail Ale By Nail Brewing Australia
Price: $1559 per bottle

Antarctic Nail is our third priciest beer. Antarctic ice water is pristine. Jarrah Jacks Brewery in Pemberton, Western Australia, created 30 bottles of beer using Sea Shepherd’s melted ice. The ice was flown to Tasmania to melt, and the water was shipped to Pemberton to make beer.

A few bottles were sold locally for $800 each, and the rest were auctioned in Sydney for $1599 each.

Cantillon Loerik
2 Cantillon Loerik
Price: $2583 a bottle

Only one batch of Cantillon Loerik was ever made, aged ten years. Lambic beers aged one and three years are combined to create this unique gueuze style beer. At an auction, a single bottle fetched $2583.

Only one batch of Cantillon Loerik was ever made, aged ten years. Lambic beers aged one and three years are combined to create this unique gueuze style beer. At an auction, a single bottle fetched $2583.
1 Allsopps Arctic Ale
Price: $503,300 a bottle

In 1875, Staffordshire, England, made this beer for Sir George Nares’ Antarctic expedition. A case of the beer was found in Shropshire in 1878. The beer’s finder sold it at auction for $933. The price then skyrocketed.

A bottle from the discovered batch was first sold on eBay misspelled as “Allsop’s,” and it only brought $304. A few weeks later, the buyer posted the identical bottle of ale with the correct spelling “Allsopp’s” and garnered 157 offers from 56 individual buyers.

145-year-old Allsopp’s Arctic Ale is a great collector’s item.

Allsopp’s Arctic Ale definitely comes in 1st on our most expensive beers list.

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All across the world, countries like America, China, and Belgium produce some of the world’s most prized beers, including some of the world’s most expensive. Due to the fact that the majority of these are limited editions, you should be prepared to part with a significant amount of money when looking.

We hope you learned in our top 15 most expensive beer in the the world.

It’s quite expensive for beers.

Here are the Top 15 World’s most expensive beers:

  1. Allsopp’s Arctic Ale: $503,300 a bottle
  2. Cantillon Loerik: $2583 a bottle
  3. Antarctic Nail Ale by Nail Brewing (Australia): $1559 per bottle
  4. Vieille Bon Secours Ale: $1165 a bottle
  5. De Cam / Drie Fonteinen Millennium Gueuze 1998: $924 a bottle
  6. Lost Abbey Cable Car Kriek: $923 a bottle
  7. BrewDog End of History Beer: $832 a bottle
  8. Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord Marshmallow Handjee: $711 per bottle
  9. Jacobsen Vintage by Carlsberg: $374 a bottle
  10. 1BrewDog Sink the Bismarck Beer: $324 a bottle
  11. 1Samuel Adams’ Utopias: $239 a bottle
  12. Tutankhamun Ale: $52 a bottle
  13. 3 Floyds Barrel-Aged Dark Lord: $50 a bottle
  14. Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844: $44 a bottle
  15. Sapporo’s Space Beer: $110 per six-pack, equivalent to $17 per can.
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