Most Expensive Airline (2022 Update)

First Class Flight In Luxurious Airlines

Any tourist will find the experience of traveling on a premium airline more delightful and restful. That being the case, which airlines are the most expensive worldwide, and how do their costs compare to those of other airlines?

Keep reading if you’re curious about how first-class flights on planes work.


This Most Expensive Airline review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways Luxury Flights
Price: $9,000

Qatar Airways is the world’s 10th most expensive airline. This airline really lives up to its name. It meets the highest standards for safety, cleanliness, and politeness.

You also get an all-amenities kit and a choice of Q-suite seat configurations to improve your trip. Qatar Airlines offers lounges for its most discerning customers, in addition to the available things on board.

British Airways
British Airline In Flight Amenities
Price: $10,000

British Airways is known for having private first-class cabins that are very nice. In first-class suites, you can get headphones that block noise and watch movies on demand. Also, if you want to work, you can use the free WiFi and charging stations.

In addition to serving fine dining meals, it also has snacks and drinks. There is also a kit that has almost everything you might need.

Emirates Airline
Emirates Airline In Flight Entertainment
Price: $15,000

Emirates Airlines is placed in the eighth spot. Aside from being one of the most expensive airlines, this one retained its status as the world’s safest airline. When you fly with this company, you’ll feel like you’re on a private jet.

If you travel with Emirate Airlines, surely, your friends and family will never forget your amazing trip. In addition to the fun, you’ll also get to ride in a BMW with leather seats and built-in WiFi when you get there.

Virgin Atlantic Airways
Virgin Atlantic Airways
Price: $20,000

Since then, people who fly with Virgin Atlantic Airways are always amazed by their smooth and good trips. The comfort of their adjustable mattresses, spa and massage services, and quiet cabins with entertainment systems may be why their tickets are so expensive.

Japan Airlines
Nippon Airways
Price: $20,000

Japan Airlines was the first airline to ever fly in Japan. If you pay an average of $20,000 for their first-class ticket, you can stay in their first-class suites and eat delicious food. They also have hidden storage spaces, a phone, USB ports, a 23-inch TV, and beds that can be moved.

Swiss International Airlines
Swiss International Airlines
Price: $22,000

If you fly with Swiss International Airlines, your wallet will be empty. But no matter what, you will get what you pay for. This airline offers a variety of ways to pass the time, seven-course meals, and seats that can be changed to fit your needs.

Even people who have never flown before will be comfortable and have a good time with this airline.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines Offers Luxury
Price: $30,000

Singapore Airlines began to grow and do well in 1947. This high-end airline has a wide range of carefully chosen extras to ensure passengers have a good flight.

Also, first-class passengers can use double room suites with a separate bed, chair, and flat-screen TV. Do we need to say more about how expensive this one is?

Cathay Pacific Airways
Cathay Pacific Airways
Price: $34,000

People who like to sleep on planes usually choose Cathay Pacific Airways. On this airline, there’s a wide range of relaxing entertainment, gourmet meals, and wines from all over the world.

Trust me; you’ll love their first-class service, which includes comfortable private cabins, a wide range of skincare products, and travel packages for clients.

Lufthansa Airlines
Lufthansa Airlines
Price: $43,000

Lufthansa Airlines is definitely the second most expensive airline in the world. Lufthansa Airlines has a fleet of 293 planes that fly to 220 places around the world. People who can afford the ticket prices get to sit in first class.

On the most expensive flights, some seats are two meters long, power outlets and entertainment. In addition, the airline’s first-class passengers can make special meal requests, and the wine list is excellent.

Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways
Price: $64,000

First-class tickets in Etihad Airways have an average cost of $64,000, making it the world’s most costly airline.

Its “The Residence” grand suite is known for its services and extras only available to first-class passengers. It also has a VIP lounge, check-in, and transportation to and from the airport on the ground.

If you want to feel at home on the plane, this is the place for you. This airline is so fancy that it has a living room, a bathroom with a shower, and a bedroom. The best part of staying in such a luxurious place has a butler who will take care of your every need.

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Any traveler would give their right arm to be on board one of those planes. They combine coziness and opulence into a single package. It would be a dream come true to fly on one of those pricey airlines.

I really hope that you will find this list of the most costly airlines to be interesting. What do you say we go to the skies with them someday?

Finally, here’s our list of the most expensive airlines for first-class passengers:

  1. Etihad Airways – $64,000
  2. Lufthansa Airlines – $43,000
  3. Cathay Pacific Airways – $34,000
  4. Singapore Airlines – $30,000
  5. Swiss International Airlines – $22,000
  6. Japan Airlines – $20,000
  7. Virgin Atlantic Airways – $20,000
  8. Emirates Airline – $15,000
  9. British Airways – $10,000
  10. Qatar Airways – $9,000
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