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If you are someone that has been considering joining or using MONAT there are a few things that you might want to learn about this MLM hair product MLM before you become one of their members.

You’ve probably heard about them. MONAT is a well-known hair product and is currently making its way into the UK. And this is one of the reasons so many distributors are trying to get to the top by building a large UK downline so they can make money.

There are however some very important things you’ll want to take into consideration with this business opportunity – your potential earnings, their complaints, their BBB rating and the MLM industry.

You’ll probably find that you need some pretty good marketing skills to a lot of money.

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What Is Monat Global?

Monat Global is a multi-level marketing company or MLM that sells hair products.

Basically, they are a sales company.

The MONAT offers a naturally-based product line that is filled with shampoo, conditioner, hair rejuvenating vitamins or supplements, and scalp rejuvenation oil. They promise that it will deliver nourishment to your hair.

In 2014 Rayner Urdaneta co-founded in MONAT. Urdaneta is also the CEO of this United States-based company. You’ll find their headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Alcora Corporation company owns Monat.

What Is Monat's Well-Known Product?

Monat Global is mostly known mostly for its hair products. These products are made from organic ingredients and claim to be pure.

But they offer more than just shampoo, oils and hair products.

They have a variety of products including skincare products. You can find a list of their products on their website.

Rejeveniqe Oil Intensive is Monat Global’s most well-known product and very expensive. This oil sells for $99 for just 30ml. You can definitely find other companies selling similar products for much cheaper but Rejuveniqe claims to be all organic and natural which is their unique selling position.

Some of the other Monat Global products are not marketed this same way these products include hair rejuvenation, repair, thickening, hydration, weight, growth boost and management, coloring, hair care for children, color enhancement, improvement of eyebrows.

You’ll find that the MONAT website has a ton of products listed.

The Dirty Truth About Monat Products

While Monat is claiming to have the best products there have been many negative comments coming out about the quality of their products.

People have said they have lost hair leading to near baldness, experience scalp irritation and even some scalp injuries. It’s not only customers complaining but also the distributors as well.

As with most of the other MLM companies, their products are not FDA approved. This isn’t uncommon for many natural products. But MONAT Global does seem to be following the FDA regulations and restrictions.

But the fact that there are so many complaints this should be a concern for the customers as well as the distributors. and this isn’t good for growth with this opportunity.

Of course, not all of the social media posts are bad. There are some good reviews of their products, it just always seems that the bad ones are easier to notice and stick in your mind.

There have been rumors that the Monat company has been trying to hide and delete the comments regarding hair loss and scalp irritation caused by their hair care products.

Instead of trying to block and conceal these comments about their products, they should have been putting out warnings to their consumers about the possibilities of this significant hair loss and/or scalp irritation.

MONAT Global has caused such a scandal in the US with an increasing amount of complaints regarding the side-effects of their products. As of right now, there are 11 class-action lawsuits in the United States.

That’s an awful amount of complaints and so far they have the most I’ve seen with any hair care products. There’s nothing worse than already having hair problems only to use a product that is supposed to help and it makes it worse.

Here are just some of the complaints that people have claimed to experience when using MONAT for the first time, their scalp starts to feel itchy and small sores begin to break out.

And when they discussed these issues with their MONAT Global rep the response they got was that it was part of the detox phase.

But the sores of course would get worse and ultimately their hair began to fall out.

At no point did this company decide that they needed to pull the hair car products off the market. They just continue to let people use it without warning.

Avon never had these types of issues…..just sayin’.

Is Monat A Good MLM?

How Can You Make Money Selling Monat?

Monat is an MLM company that offers a variety of ways to make money. You can buy their starter kit and start selling their products.

Just like most MLM companies, there is a compensation plan that offers members a certain percentage of the sales for direct sales, sales made within your downline and getting recruits.

Here are some ways that you’re able to earn money with Monat Global.

But you’d have to sell a lot of shampoo to earn enough.

Retail Sales.

One way that you can make money with MLM companies. You simply sell their products and you earn a commission on the sale. As a Monat member, you get a 15% sales commission and 30% retail sales commission.

Their commission rate seems to be the common rate within MLMs.

You Have To Recruit People.

This is an MLM company standard. Not only do you earn money by inviting people to join Monat.

Once they sign up through you they’ll be placed into your downline. The benefit of this is that you’ll make money when someone purchases from them.

You won’t make as high of a commission as you do when you make your own direct sales but you will begin to get higher commission rates as you rank higher by getting more recruits and making more sales.

Achieving Team Bonuses

As you begin to rank hire you’ll begin earning higher rates. There are different levels that you can reach to get bonuses such as, Managing Market Builder. You and your team will be eligible for a team bonus or group commission. This will be a 2% override on all levels in your downlines.

Is Monat A Pyramid Scheme?

While there are plenty of not-nice things to say about Monat hair products the one thing I can say is that Monat is not a pyramid scheme.

There are many people that associate this company with a pyramid scheme mostly because of the complaints that it’s been getting.

You cannot find MONAT products next to the many other beauty products that are being sold in stores. Monat products are strictly sold on their website and distributors. Monat is an MLM and recruiters basically become their market partners.

Market partners sell Monat products through various methods such as social media and various marketing channels. But more so they get more people to become market partners so that they can build their downline and make more money.

What Are Pyramid Schemes?

First, you should know that a pyramid scheme is illegal. This business model simply recruits people in as investors for a specific amount. Then you’ll recruit people for that amount and so on.

But here’s the thing. Nobody ever gets a product, and that is the part that makes it illegal.

What Does The BBB Say About Monat Global?

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) has been dealing with this Monat Pyramid Scheme scam, with over 600 complaints again Monat.

Most of these complaints are regarding the products, but there are some about billing, sales, delivery and advertising.

The major problem is that there’s something in these products that is harmful and Monat is doing nothing but trying to sweep it under the rug.

Pros And Cons Of Monat

What I Don't Like About Monat

As I’ve been researching Monat I’ve found many legitimate reasons not to like them and a few things that I did like. This company doesn’t seem to be very transparent or forthcoming.

Their Products Are Expensive.

They might be the most expensive hair care products on the market Monat has their Rejeveniqe Oil Intensive product selling for $99 for a 30ml bottle. This is definitely something that they should change if they want people to be more interested in their products.

You Have To Put Up Money To Get Started.

If you’re looking to start a business with Monat Global, you’re going to need to put up a good amount of money to purchase their products. There are other MLMs that are far cheaper have less complaints and a better compensation plan. They would get more members if they lowered their startup.

Too Many Bad Reviews.

No matter what business niche you are in the quality of your product is important if you want the consumer to buy your products. Monat has a lot of bad reviews about the quality of their products that are crucial and have had a big impact on the company.

You’ll read review after review and wonder how this isn’t considered a scam and why the FDA hasn’t shut them down.

The complaints against Monat are about the damage that their product has caused to the customer’s skin and hair when they used the products.

Just look at this review a woman wrote. This review alone should have made Monat Global rethink their product,

What I Like About Monat MLM

This section is going to short and sweet.

Monat offers you different ways to make money with them. And it’s not just recruiting. These bonuses are attainable, but as with any MLM it takes time and hard work to start building an income stream.

Final Verdict

Do you really want to become a Monat Global market partner?

While they might not be a scam Monat Global is a multi-level marketing company that offers different ways for you to earn money. But they seem to be the center of many hair loss issues, skin irritation problems and it’s not something you want to be involved in when trying to start a business.

At least not when there are many other companies that will do right by their consumers.

There are plenty of MLM companies like Monat. This one happens to be tied to beliefs that it’s part of pyramid schemes, and has a ton of complaints in different categories.

These things will make generating that extra income very difficult.

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