Meet Kevin Net Worth (2022 Update)

Meet Kevin Paffrath is a well-known YouTuber, realtor, real estate broker, social media influencer, investor, and entrepreneur who was born in Germany. As of 2022, Meet Kevin’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million.

Meet Kevin Net Worth Update

But how did he make his money?

The one thing that’s well-known about ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWs) – the folks worth at least $30 million USD – is that virtually ALL of them have some part of their fortune in real estate.

Many of the more famous rich people and “celebrity entrepreneurs” actually got their start in real estate. And that’s great for them! Not so much for us…

See, more millionaires are created during recessions than any other part of the economic cycle. Which is cool, except the last real recession was 2008, when real estate prices were in the tank and you could buy a whole neighborhood with $100,000.

Now, though, real estate prices are through the roof, and interest rates are skyrocketing too. So how does the everyday person start building a massive net worth in an economy like this one?

Have you considered Digital Real Estate?

The internet’s been around for decades, but the possibility of actually owning high-value pieces of property ON the internet is fairly new.

In other words, it’s a wide open playing field…but it won’t stay that way forever.

Here’s a quick summary of how Digital Real Estate works:

You invest a little money (maybe around $100) to either purchase or build a piece of “land” on the internet.

You specifically place this “land” in a high-traffic area, where lots of people pass through (just like traditional real estate, it’s all about Location, Location, Location).

The folks who pass through your “land” all happen to be looking for a specific product or service, so you “rent” your land to a business owner who happens to offer that product or service.

The business owner pays you $500 to $2,000 a month to “rent” your Digital Real Estate, because it helps them connect with their ideal customers.

Think of it like buying a strip mall, or an office space, just on the internet, for WAAAAYYY less money and headache.

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Meet Kevin…

Net Worth:

$40 million


30 years old


January. 28, 1992

Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth

American entrepreneur, YouTuber, realtor and investor

Last Updated


Meet Kevin Paffrath, often known as Meet Kevin, is a youthful real estate broker and businessman from Florida, United States.

Since he was 17 years old, he has worked in the construction and real estate industries on a daily basis. While still a UCLA student studying economics, psychology, and writing/debate, he utilized his first automobile to market his services.

He paid $305,000 for his first home, which was much below market value. He refinanced it and used a $550,000 assessment to get a home equity line of credit (HELOC).

He put as much money into stocks as he could and utilized his HELOC to purchase his second rental property. He completed improvements for himself as well as many other people’s homes, earning an average of $350,000 each year.

Kevin’s YouTube channel programming focuses on YouTube videos about the ups and downs of establishing a real estate firm, with a strong emphasis on adding value to customers through design, staging, construction, and concierge real estate services.

early Life

Meet Kevin Paffrath, the well-known realtor, was born January 28, 1992, in Germany to his parents. He was born in Germany and lived there until he was 13 months old. He then relocated to the United States.

His parents split when he was six years old, according to reports. He was thereafter reared by his father. His parents’ divorce put him in a lot of financial trouble. He had a lot of financial problems as a kid. At the age of 17, he relocated to California.

He barely had $1,000 at the moment. Kevin worked at Jamba Juice and Red Robin before starting his real estate career. Meet Kevin Paffrath is a successful realtor and investor today as a result of his hard work and talent.

When it comes to his credentials, he is a graduate. Kevin finished high school at Buena High School, was a good student but skipped some classes just to play video games. After that, he continued his education at ‘Ventura College.’

He afterwards enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he received his master degree. Following that, he began concentrating on his real estate business.

When it comes to his love life, Meet Kevin Paffrath maintains a lovely and opulent life in Ventura County, California, with his wife and children. Kevin Paffrath married his wife, Lauren Paffrath, according to his social media accounts.

In the year 2012, Meet Kevin paid $305,000 for his first house. It was sold for a fraction of what it was worth. Lauren is also a property manager and a realtor which made them have more money than ever.. In fact, they own 22 properties in Southern California.

When it comes to his children, Meet Kevin Paffrath is the happy father of two kids who go by the names of ‘Jack Paffrath’ and ‘Max Paffrath.’ He enjoys spending time with his loved ones.


Kevin worked at Jamba Juice and Red Robin before starting his real estate career. During his high school years, he began to concentrate on the real estate industry.

Meet Kevin founded his company when he was 19 years old. He became a successful realtor at the same age. He began working as a Real Estate Broker with his own realtor firm in 2010. He is the chairman & senior realtor at Meet Kevin at the moment.

Meet From February 2017 through September 2019, Kevin Paffrath served as president of MeetNDone Sprinter for two years and eight months. As a realtor, he has strong ties to a number of well-known real estate agents.

When it comes to his assets, Kevin has a variety of residential and non-residential properties. As an investor, he is constantly thinking about the future and making long-term investments.

Meet Kevin Paffrath is a well-known writer and Youtuber in addition to being a realtor. He is well-known for his YouTube investment videos. Kevin mostly uses his films to discuss the specifics of his investments and his experiences.

According to Techie + Gamers, they don’t have any savings accounts and instead put their money into their business or the stock market. They introduced a construction arm into The Paffrath Organization in 2017, but rapidly realized they needed to conduct real-world business things like hire personnel, buy supplies, and deal with real-world cost margins.

Meet Kelvin Success Clues

One: The world is unfair, so do what you can to fight for freedom.

Two: Financial literacy is the best knowledge you can ever get.

Three: Taking risks is not scary at all, it is actually the bravest thing you can do to improve.

Featured Meet Kevin Best Quotes Of All Time! Quotes

Real Estate Business
"I'm worried that we're really just at the 'lifeboat stage' of the Titanic. We're certainly not at the rescue phase yet."
Meet Kevin Earn
"I'm taking the entire portfolio and I'm trading it, which is extremely risky and I don't advise anybody to do it."
Kevin Youtube
“We don’t have the war chest that Newsom does, so we have to do everything in our power with grassroots and social media.”
"I don’t believe a governor should upset the elected balance of power by single-handedly overturning the balance of power the people voted for."
"Now they literally can't say ‘we didn’t know,' it's almost more apparent now that they're censoring us."
"Here's an opportunity for Californians to pick a free-trial governor for a year."
"Unless, of course, we want to keep seeing billions of dollars going into a funnel and get wasted."

Meet Kelvin Events

Meet Kelvin Events

Meet Kevin Paffrath, who goes by the name Meet Kevin, is a young businessman and real estate agent from Florida, United States.

Since he was 17, he has worked every day in the building and real estate industries. He used his first car to market his services while he was still a UCLA student studying economics, psychology, and writing/debate.

Meet Kevin Paffrath is well-known as a writer, a YouTuber, and a real estate agent. People know him for the investment videos he posts on YouTube.

Meet Kelvin’s estimated net worth is about $40 million as of the year 2022.

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