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Local Sales Hero Review 2021: Is Josh Osbornes Course Worth It?

You might be coming here after seeing a Facebook or YouTube ad for Joshua Osborne and his Local Sales Hero course and you’re wondering if it’s legit.

Well is it?

In my opinion, the Local Sales Hero course is worth it and it’s an easy and affordable introduction to making your first $5,000 online.

This program doesn’t break the bank either.

Coming in at just $497 dollars…it’s literally cheaper than one car payment for some people.

But the price isn’t what makes this little program so special…

What makes this course so special is the skills that you are taught and their worth.

You can make anywhere from $5,000-$50,000 PER MONTH with what Josh teaches in Local Hero.

Of course, he notes that all results will vary…but he’s seen more than enough people reach those numbers to be able to safely assume that it’s a reasonable expectation if you put in the time and effort.

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What Does Local Sales Hero Offer?

So what do you get in the Local Sales Hero Joshua Osborne provides?

You get Josh’s, and his private coaching groups, 6 steps to close local businesses!

You’ll learn things like his prospecting method, how to identify ideal clients, how to be the SOLUTION to their problems… plus so much more.

In the video, Josh notes that he wanted to sell this Local Sales Hero course at nearly $3,000!


The members of his private coaching group encouraged him to drop the price so that people who don’t fully believe in the reality of making money online, won’t break the bank to get that belief.

After some bantering back and forth, Josh agreed to finally price it at $497.

Beyond just the video training though, Josh offers a private Facebook community with his top coaches for finding and closing deals.


You might be shocked at that value add right there, because most digital marketing groups charge THOUSANDS for similar masterminding.

In that group you’ll get access to some of the people that had the best results with this system along with some hands on coaching.

Sales is a great skill to have because everyone knows that at the end of the day, no money is made unless a sale is made…and that goes for everyone. The mom and pops, all the way to Amazon.

Business owners see the value in having something like this…but often lack the time and resources to figure it out themselves.

The Logic Behind Map Pack Hero

With Local Sales Hero, you can quite literally BECOME THE HERO for local small businesses.

Let’s use the roofing business as an example. The average roof costs about $10,000. The profit after all is said and done is typically $5,000.

Let’s take the keyword “roofing indianapolis” with 300 searches per month.

Statistically 40% of the search volume goes to that very first listing.

But let’s just say it’s an off month and you only get 10% of that. 30 calls.

If your working with a good roofer, odds are his close rate is 33%.

Following that math… 300 x .1 x .33 = 10

That’s 10 new roofs you helped him put on this month. That’s an extra $50,000 in profit you put in his pocket.

Do you really think that any reasonable roofing contractor is going to put up a fuss about paying you a measly $500?

But let’s just say the first guy you send all these calls to is A LITERAL IDIOT…speaking from personal experience there is ALWAYS a SMART BUSINESS OWNER out there ready to pay for leads.

Especially high qualified, hot leads, like the ones you’re providing.

As you can probably tell from this Local Sales Hero review…I think buying this course is a no brainer.

The value is there…

It cost’s less than a car payment…

Business owners are always more than happy to pay if you can provide them with high quality leads…

And you can easily scale this little thing out to more than $5,000 per month on autopilot.

Think about it, the worst thing that could happen is you at least learn Josh’s EXACT methods of landing high paying clients AND receive the ability to communicate with coaches if you find yourself struggling.


And if you’re afraid about fulfillment…Josh will literally buy the deals you land from you!


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