Kyra Sedgwick Net Worth (2022 Update)

Award-winning American actress Kyra Minturn Sedgwick is worth an estimated $45 million. That is a combined net worth. She and her husband, Kevin Bacon, have been married more than 30 years. She is a daughter of a venture capitalist, Henry Dwight Sedgwick.

Kyra Sedgwick has acquired her net worth through her various performances in films, television, and video. When she was 16, she landed her first television role in Another World, a daytime soap opera. As a result, she was cast in many films, television specials, and home video productions. You may find a star in her honor on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

From 2005-to 2012, Krya Sedwick was most recognized for her role in TNT’s crime series The Closer. When this series was on the air, Sedgwick won a Golden Globe Award for Best Lead Actress in 2007 and a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Lead Actress in 2010.

Also, in 2005 and 2006, she was awarded two Satellite Awards for Best Actress; in 2009, she received a People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Drama Diva.

Kyra Sedgwick Net Worth 2022 Update

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Kyra Sedgwick’s net worth…

Net Worth:

$45 million


56 years old


August 19, 1965

Country of Origin:

New York, United States

Source of Wealth

Actress, Film Producer, Voice Actor, Television producer

Last Updated


Her real name is Kyra Sedgwick, an American actress, film producer, and director.

For her portrayal as Brenda Leigh Johnson in the television series ‘The Closer,’ she is best recognized. As a result of her performance, she was honored with a 2007 Golden Globe and a 2010 Emmy.

In 2012, the series came to an end. Her performance as Madeline Wuntch on the sitcom ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ made her a household name.

The estimated Kyra Sedgwick worth for as of 2022 is $45 million.

early Life

In the Big Apple, she was born on the 19th of August, 1965. In addition to being a speech therapist, Kyra is also an educational and family therapist. Henry Dwight Sedgewick V, a successful businessman, was her father’s primary source of income.

Sedgwick Family

Her half-brother Mike Stern is a jazz guitarist, and her brother Robert Sedgewick is an actress. Six years after the divorce of her parents, she married Ben Heller, a prominent art dealer. To get a degree in theater from USC, Kyra Sedgwick attended Sarah Lawrence College and Friends Seminary for her education.


As a sixteen-year-old, Sedgewick appeared on the soap opera “Another World” as Julia Shearer. This is the adolescent daughter of Liz Matthews’ character, Liz Matthews.

Afterward, she appeared in other television shows, including Miami Vice and Afterschool Special. As Halina in “War and Love” and in a TV version of “Lemon Sky” by Lanford Wilson, she made her film debut.

For most of the 1990s, Kyra was a well-known actress thanks to her roles in films such as “Phenomenon,” “Heart and Souls,” and “Something to Talk About.”

She shared the screen with her husband Kevin Bacon in the films “Pyrated” and “The Woodsman” in 1991 and 2004, respectively.

“Miss Rose White” was a 1992 Emmy-winning television movie in which she starred. In 2003, Sedgewick appeared in “Secondhand Lions” and “The Game Plan” as Mae Colema and Stella Peck. As Batwoman in the animated feature “Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman,” she provided the voice of Batwoman.

Kyra’s most successful role to date was Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on TNT’s “The Closer” from 2005 until 2012. Beginning in 2007, she was paid $300,000 per episode as per Celebrity Network.

“The Closer” ran for 109 episodes with Kyra in the cast. As a lead actress, she was nominated for and won various awards, including a Golden Globe in 2007. For her efforts on “The Closer,” she was also honored with a 2010 Primetime Emmy Award.

TNT announced when the seventh season of “The Closer” concluded in 2012 that it was solely Sedgwick’s decision to discontinue the show. Rather than ending there, “Major Crimes” picked up where the first film left off, reuniting most of the original cast except for Kyra.

The TNT series “Proof” she produced in 2015 lasted only one season. Sedgwick played Madeline Wuntch on the NBC comedy series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” from 2014 until 2020.

Shailene Woodley, Jamie Dornan, and Sebastian Stan also appeared with Sedgwick in the Drake Doremus-directed film “Endings, Beginnings” in 2019. A comedy pilot for ABC titled “My Village” cast Sedgwick in the title character of Jean Raines in May 2020.

Call Your Mother” was renamed and given the go-ahead for the 2020-2021 season by NBC. After just one season, the show was terminated in May 2021.

Success Clues Of Kyra Sedgwick

“I think it’s important to do great work.”

“I do know that I have to work hard for every single thing that I get, really hard, and that’s okay.”

“Whether it be in a small movie or a big movie, I would always be attracted to this role.”

Featured Kyra Sedgwick's Best Quotes Quotes

Kyra Sedgwick Best Quotes
"I think that certainly my choices empower me."
"Shame is such an intense emotion. It just can drive you."
Kyra Sedgwick Best Quotes 3
"I can't get hired in a studio movie. Everything is so uphill."
Kyra Sedgwick Best Quotes 4
"I think it's important to do smaller films because I think that's where a lot of new things are happening."


Kyra Sedgwick is a talented and outstanding lead actress best known for her performance in the show ‘The Closer.’

At the age of sixteen, she landed her first professional acting gig.

After the popularity of ‘Born on the Fourth of July,’ she was cast in more films like ‘Singles,’ ‘Heart and Souls,’ and ‘Phenomenon.’ “The Closer,” which aired for seven seasons, was one of her most well-known works.

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