KWFinder Review 2022: Best Keyword Research Tool?

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Updated: December 01

By: Scam Risk - Expert Reviewer

KWFinder Review 2021: Best Keyword Research Tool?

good keyword research tool is a must if you’re serious about creating a solid online presence.

But it’s not easy.

You have many options to choose from.

Google’s Keyword Planner is just one of many tools available to help you find the right keywords.

It solves a problem that many of these search tools don’t solve.

Premium tool providers don’t really understand what marketers actually need. They will offer features and metrics, which may seem great, but they are not really helping.

People then fall for it.

This is especially important for people just starting out who don’t clearly understand what they need.

This KWFinder review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Table of Contents


What I Liked
  • Perhaps the most intuitive UI among most keyword tools on the market
  • Excellent keyword analysis tool for keywords with low SEO difficulty
  • Multiple research options for unique keywords
  • Offers fast, high-quality customer support
  • Affordable
The Good


What I Didn't Like
  • Heavy users may be subject to extremely strict request limitations.
  • Keyword results are limited, which also affects the import feature.
  • The SERP Checker preview can't be customized.
  • It is not ideal for competitor research.
The Bad

This review will go over KWFinder to see if it really is the best keyword research tool out there.

And at the end, I’ll answer some of the most often asked questions regarding KWFinder and keyword research in general.

But most importantly, you’ll see the exact step-bey-step system that many others have used to grow their own successful online business to more than $40,000 a month in passive income.

This system made them swear off SEO for good, because it uses some of the same skills but in a much more powerful and profitable way!

What Is KWFinder?

What Is KWFinder?

Mangools developed KWFinder.

It’s one of the excellent SEO tools for keyword search.

Its simplicity is its first priority. The user interface is intuitive and seamless. There aren’t many features that you don’t need.

But innovation is not the only thing.

KWFinder is a valuable tool for keyword research. It can produce tons of keyword suggestions, with monthly search figures and a very accurate keyword difficulty rating.

It offers advanced keyword research features, including filtering results and analyzing the SERP.

It is not an ideal tool for all however.

Let’s look closer and see if KWFinder can be worth your investment.

How Well Does It Perform For Traditional Keyword Research?

Search for your seed keyword.

Once you have found the search terms used by your target audience, then analyze the results to identify the one that is the easiest to rank and which has the highest potential traffic.

This traditional keyword research was simplified.

KWFinder is a master at this. Most times.

To get started, enter a keyword seed and create a list.

You’re able to do everything, from keyword difficulty score to volume and even a search engine optimization (SEO) analyzer.

Provides keyword difficulty score to volume and even a search engine optimization (SEO) analyzer.

It’s a simple tool that can be used to search for long tail keyword research.

There are some limitations. For example, the maximum number of results displayed:

KWFinder maximum nmber of results displayed

We’ll also talk about them in a few moments.

But, overall, you’ll still be able to perform traditional keyword research on your own.

How Well Does It Perform For Competitor Keyword Research?

Competitor Keyword Research It is when you let another person test the water before you decide to jump in.

It basically involves looking at what keywords your competitors rank for. This allows you to target keywords that are gaining popularity. With all other things being equal, it will be possible to produce better content surpassing theirs.

The reverse of competitor research is possible.

If you find a strong foothold in a topic, then you can target other keywords.

Can KWFinder be of assistance?

The answer is yes and no. You can search keywords for domains, which is a great way to get started.

The keyword they are ranking for will also be shown.

Keywords you are ranking for is provided.

But it’s not the most complex system. It doesn’t offer the same level of detail as Ahrefs.

Ahrefs can calculate keyword intersect and find every keyword your competition is ranking for.

But that’s not the only problem. Because KWFinder only gives you a limited view, it is impossible to get the complete picture.

KWFinder Review: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

This was KWFinder in a glance.

Read on to get the whole picture.

I looked at every aspect of KWFinder, from the interface to customer service, in this KWFinder Review.

First Impressions Of The User Interface

First Impressions Of The User Interface

KWFinder uses a simple and intuitive design. We must have a good design for all tools. However, it is particularly refreshing to see this in a data-based environment.

It’s easy to look through every bit of data.

But it’s much more than a good color combination.

The dashboard is easily understood. Ahrefs (or Pro) will provide you with a wealth of data:

Longtail Pro provides a wealth of information.

KWFinder offers only the most basic, which is important because this tool is for beginners. Each of these design choices is not only aesthetic but also provides a decent learning curve.

KWFinder will be a delight if you are just starting.

They don’t follow the trends. You can toggle a dark mode too.

Dark mode

Although it’s not revolutionary, it does show Mangools is committed to a great user experience.

Quickly Discover Keyword Competition Level

It doesn’t really matter what keyword research you do.

The bottom line is that you want your competition to lose, and you want to land a 1st-page position.

For all keyword tools, it is crucial to calculate a single keyword complexity score.

This metric lets you know how difficult it’s going to be to rank a phrase. KWFinder gives you more than an indication number. It is also packaged to put things in context.

KWFinder's SERP Checker

The color-coding makes finding low-hanging gems easier than scouring through a list.

But there’s one caveat.

This metric is only available to KWFinder.

Easily Evaluate SERP Competition Strength

The Search Engine Results Page or SERP is Google’s first page of results when you search for a keyword. You must have the data necessary to rank high, as machines cannot measure everything.

One example is brand recognition. This could help to calculate conversion rates for the top place.

KWFinder’s SERP Checker preview proves to be a valuable tool.

KWFinder's SERP Checker

It provides basic information such as domain authority, backlink count, and page authority.

However, the best is the LPS (Link Profile Strength).

Link Profile Strength

Mangools came up with this measure to gauge the competition’s backlinks.

The higher the number is, the more difficult it will be to overtake it.

You can view SERP from important search results using the SERP Checker app. It runs independently from KWFinder.

SERP Checker app

This dashboard is where the real action will take place. You can select a set of data by pressing the “Manage Metrics” icon.

KWFinder Dashboard

This can be used for customizing your data columns. This is important for manually reviewing competition for keywords.

The system can be improved. A customized SERP overview from KWFinder would significantly improve workflow. It is currently broken down, so if your goal is to use the powerful features offered by the SERP Checker, it will be difficult.

The Joys Of Multiple Research Options

Multiple Research Options

KWFinder’s numerous research options are perfect for anyone who is having difficulty finding profitable keywords.

Here’s how you do it:

By entering a seed keyword, you can get basic search results. You can click Autocomplete (or Questions) to get pre-filtered results based on the type of content you want to create.

Let’s see how they work and what the options are.

Related Keywords this is the main list from all keyword tools.

Autocomplete pulls up data using Google’s autosuggest. Google uses this feature to try and guess what you want to type in:

Autocomplete pulls up data using Google's autosuggest

UberSuggest performs the same thing, but they pull a broader data set.

This is why it’s possible to stick with other software for autocomplete keywords and then import terms to get metrics like keyword difficulty.

Make sure you don’t overfill spreadsheets. KWFinder has a limit to imports.

The Questions tab pulls up data if you add prefixes for your keyword such as:

  • How…
  • What
  • Where…
  • When
  • Which…
  • Whose

But “Answer The Public,” another tool, does it better. That is at least in terms of the number and quality of suggestions.

Get The Full Story With Data Aggregation

Google has over 300 ranking criteria.

Data aggregation plays a vital role in this.

To accurately assess the viability of your keywords, you will need all the information at one time.

KWFinder is a powerful keyword tool. It unites all of this data in one place.

KWFinder unites all of this data in one place

You get a complete authority profile, including social reach and link profiles.

Many tools offer this feature.

KWFinder can do all this on one screen. However, it does so with a minimalist interface.

Get A Handle On Your Results With Easy Filtering

KWFinder allows the filtering of results based on a couple metrics:

KWFinder allows the filtering of results

This is by no way revolutionary. Filtering will be a feature of most tools.

It’s also well constructed. All filters are saved. You can also turn them off if you need to for follow-up searches.

You don’t have to be disappointed if you don’t find the value in these filters. These filters are easy to use. We have a tutorial section that will help you.

A Helping Hand With Live Chat Support

While we are used to receiving great support via online tools, it is not always an expectation.

KWFinder doesn’t disappoint here.

They offer a rich, comprehensive, and well-written knowledge base, as well as a live chat.

We tried it out on two occasions. We received quick, helpful responses both times.

This shouldn’t be the main criteria when selecting a keyword tool for research.

But, it is nice to know that you can always reach out for support in some way.

Request Limitations: Are They A Problem?

KWFinder uses a request limits system to limit how many data requests can be made.

It is, however, not a problem. Mangools’ resources become more constrained when you request data. This increases your costs.

You can’t fault them.

You shouldn’t ignore it.

It is essential to understand how these limitations affect your research process. So let’s do some digging.

This is the way KWFinder limits your data request requests:

KWFinder limits your data request requests

But what are these numbers really referring to?

Keyword lookups are, for example, the number and detail of keywords that can be broken down. This simply refers to how many keywords you have access to the aggregated dashboard.

We signed for the basic package, which allows you to perform 100 keyword searches every 24 hours.

The limitations of this tool weren’t an issue when it was tested.

It’s worth noting that 100 search results per day can be more than enough if you pay attention to the keywords you’re researching.

You will need data about the SEO difficulty scores that correspond to your capabilities and available resources for that to happen.

It doesn’t mean, however, it is impossible to do. You might be tempted, especially if this is your first attempt at learning.

In these cases, KWFinder could prove to be restricting.

Capped Keyword Results

The biggest problem with KWFinder’s search engine is its inability to show all related keywords.

Capped Keyword Results

Depending on your plan and search terms, there are either 200-700 results per search.

This can make it difficult to search for low-competition keywords.

To make things worse, you will find more results from market competitors for the exact searches.

Ahrefs keywords Explorer returned over 40.000 search results.

This is somewhat annoying if you want to filter your results.

A further restriction is applied when you attempt to import your keywords. This seems a little too strict.

You can upload files in batches with 200 entries.

While it’s not too tricky if you are just getting started, more experienced webmasters might feel restricted.

Who Is it For?

The KWFinder tool has two options: SEO or paid search campaign creation.

It allows you to create manual lists of keywords based on their search volume and history, estimated cost-per-click in paid search, and SEO difficulty.

The tool works well with high-volume keywords in high-volume markets. However, KWFinder does not work well with niche keywords. Or data sources that are small can cause data to become unreliable.

Paid search marketers will probably not be interested in this tool, as it does not offer any additional functionality beyond the Google Keyword Planner. This tool will still be useful for SEOs who need to regularly research keywords.

Is KWFinder Right For You?

KWFinder can be used to optimize search engines for beginners. They are special software because of their interface, accuracy, data aggregation, and overall quality.

However, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Ahrefs provides similar data, with a lot more.

There are better alternatives if you’re an agency. Experienced SEOs will benefit more from the other tools.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should abandon KWFinder.

Let’s do this.

Beginner Bloggers

KWFinder makes it easy to start your career.

If you write it all down:

  • Ease of use
  • Beautiful Interface
  • Color Coding
  • Helpful Data
  • Intuitive Dashboard

Clearly, KWFinder has been created for beginners.

This tool was created to be accessible to entry-level marketers, even though it does not have advanced metrics.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t try this tool.

That is just shooting yourself in a bad way.

It’s not enough to just wrongly assess three SERPs. You could lose a whole month producing content for search terms that are too competitive.

Budget Bloggers

KWFinder is the best option if you’re boostrapping. KWFinder offers a highly competitive price.

KWFinder offers a highly competitive price

If you pay KWFinder every month, you’ll spend between $29.90 & $79.90.

Ahrefs’ most expensive plan can be found to be significantly cheaper than Ahrefs’ most affordable plan.

Spend a year to save hundreds and possibly even 40%.

Even without this discount, KWFinder’s pricing policy is still competitive.


From $29 per month

keyword research tools

From $37 per monthkeyword toolFrom $99 per month

good keyword research tool

From $40 per monthgreat keyword research tool

From $99.95 per month

search engine optimization

$149 one-time fee

If $29.90 is still too much, you can sign up for the service for a month, and you could use it daily. One month is sufficient to create a massive spreadsheet of keyword data.

Do not forget to download your entire membership before it expires.

High-Level Marketers

KWFinder is a restrictive tool if you have an agency or are a professional webmaster searching for the gimmick of all search results.

However, it is worth a shot.

The interface is easy for anyone, regardless of their level of skill.

To perform competitor analysis, advanced data aggregate, and actual bulk imports, you’ll need to validate the information with SEMRush.

It is a major bummer that can cause chaos in your workflow.

There are many other options. Ahrefs does everything KWFinder does.

If you find this review interesting, we recommend that you check out Ahrefs.

Bottom line, if your market is already established, you might give it another shot.

It’s not the best SEO software you would use to do advanced research. However, it can be helpful when you have a data request.


KWFinder could have some limitations.

Even for this review, it wasn’t hard to hit a roadblock. Most noticeable is the keywords cap. It can prevent you from progressing as you explore keyword difficulty and search volume.

Filtering your results is a challenging task.

KWFinder does an excellent job.

It’s a powerful keyword research tool that allows you to quickly locate long-tail keyword ideas.

You’ve also got everything beautifully laid out in a seamless interface.

It’s a great keyword research tool for beginners.

Final Verdict

KWFinder is one the most powerful keyword research tools available.

It has a beautiful interface, powerful features and a seamless design that make it an excellent choice for beginners bloggers.

Even experienced webmasters will find value in it.

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