Kevin Costner Net Worth (2022 Update)

In the 1980s and 1990s, Kevin Costner was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, starring in films alongside some of the most renowned names in the industry at the time of his career.

Kevin Costner Net Worth

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Kevin Costner…

Net Worth:

$250 Million




January 18, 1955

Country of Origin:

Lynwood, California, U.S

Source of Wealth

Profession Actor, Film Producer, Film director, Television producer, Singer, Musician, Businessperson,

Last Updated


American actor, producer, and director Kevin Costner have about $250 million. When Kevin was at his pinnacle in the 1980s and 1990s, he was one of the world’s highest-paid performers, earning millions of dollars every year. During his career, Costner has won two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, one Primetime Emmy Award, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

early Life

On January 18, 1955, Kevin Michael Costner was born in Lynwood, California. His mother, Sharon Rae (née Tedrick), worked in social services. In contrast, his father, William Costner, worked as an electrician and, later, as a utility executive at Southern California Edison, where he served as president and CEO.

Kevin is the middle name of both of his parents. Even though he would have been the middle child, Costner’s older brother did not make it through childbirth. He was born in Compton, California, and grew up in a Baptist family.

Because of his father’s job, the family moved around throughout California while he was growing up, especially in the north. Mt. Whitney High School was the first high school he attended before moving to Villa Park High School in Orange County, California, where he graduated in 1973.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance from the California State University, Fullerton, was the next step in his educational journey. He moved on to work in the banking sector after that.

At the beginning of his professional career, Cindy Silva was a great support system for Kevin. While the pair divorced in 1994, he credits her for helping him maintain a sense of perspective and perspective. In 2004, Costner married model Christine Baumgartner, and the two now share a 160-acre mountain estate in Colorado, which includes three separate residences.


Richard Burton motivated Costner to pursue acting after graduation. Acting school, odd jobs, auditions, and little money got Costner to Hollywood. After a 1974 film role, Costner started working full-time in the 1980s.

“The Untouchables” is considered Costner’s “big break,” followed by “Dances with Wolves” in 1990. Costner played Eliot Ness, a Bureau of Prohibition agent, in the crime film. “Dances with Wolves” won him Best Director and Best Picture Oscars. His movie star status includes several projects and films.

Costner starred in “Sizzle Beach, U.S.A.” from 1978 to 1979 and it was published in 1981 and 1986. Many thought “The Touch” was Costner’s first picture. In 1983, he appeared in “Table for Five” and “Testament” and a Lisa desktop computer ad for Apple.

Stacy’s Knights featured Kevin Costner, Mike Reynolds, and Andra Millian. He portrayed Will Bonner in 1983 and In 1984, Costner played Jimmy Scott, a serial murder investigator.

In 1985, Costner appeared in “Silverado,” “Fandango,” and “American Flyers.”

Costner was also featured in “No Way Out” in 1987. “Bull Durham” (1988) and “Field of Dreams” (1989) helped seal his A-list reputation. He started Tig Productions with Jim Wilson in 1990. Costner directed and starred in “Dances with Wolves” (1990), the company’s debut production. “Revenge” was also released that year (1990).

After “Dances with Wolves,” Costner made many critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,” “JFK,” “The Bodyguard,” and “A Perfect World” (1993). This series of hits was followed by films that spectators and reviewers negatively appreciated. “The War,” “Waterworld,” and “The Postman” (1997). “The Postman,” which Costner also directed, performed the poorest. Five Golden Raspberry Awards were given, including Worst Picture, Worst Actor, and Worst Director.

He continued to act, appearing in “Tin Cup” (1996), “Message in a Bottle” (1999), “Thirteen Days” (2000), “Rumor Has It” (2005), “The Guardian” (2006), “Mr. Brooks” (2007), “Swing Vote” (2008), and “The Company Men” (2010). Costner was featured in the History Channel miniseries “Hatfields & McCoys” in 2012. 13.9 million people watched the series. Since then, he’s acted in many films and won his first regular TV role in 2018 on “Yellowstone.”

Tatanka: The Story of the Bison debuted one mile south of Deadwood, South Dakota, in June 2004. He believed it would teach Americans about the westward expansion. He invested in Deadwood’s Midnight Star Casino. When he sacked casino managers Francis and Carla Caneva in July 2004, a court-ordered him to pay $6.1 million to buy out his business partners. In 2006, he requested the South Dakota Supreme Court reconsider the verdict after an accountant valued the casino at $3.1 million.

Kevin Costner Success Clues

1. You must choose between wilting like a flower and moving on with the life that has been given to you.

2. Cynicism is noisy. Therefore you have to attempt to ignore it. It’s a given that it’ll happen.

3. When a defining moment comes along, either you define the moment or the situation defines you.

Featured Kevin Costner's Best Quotes Of All Time! Quotes

Quote By Kevin Costner
"Money isn't a major motivating force in my life. Nor is my profession. There are other things that I care more about than being an actor." --Kevin Costner
"Failure doesn't kill you... it increases your desire to make something happen." --Kevin Costner
"If you don't understand your limitations you won't achieve much in your life." --Kevin Costner
"You have to pick the stories that you want to be involved with and the end game is you'd like to be a part of a hit. But I think your moral obligation is to follow your own heart." --Kevin Costner


Kevin Costner Net Worth Is 250 Million

Kevin Costner is one of the few Hollywood actors who has achieved stardom in various films. It doesn’t matter what genre he’s in; the talented actor has done it all and has repeatedly shown why he’s an A-list performer.

He quickly became a household name in Hollywood with his charm and skill, winning several honors and even receiving a plaque on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kevin Costner’s net worth is $250 million in 2022.

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