Keenan Williams Net Worth (2022 Update)

Keenan Williams is a self-made millionaire in the social media industry. Stretch mark and cellulite treatment lotions are among Ko Elixir’s specialties. As of 2022, Keenan Williams’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Keenan Williams Net Worth Update

But how did he make his money?

The one thing that’s well-known about ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWs) – the folks worth at least $30 million USD – is that virtually ALL of them have some part of their fortune in real estate.

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Have you considered Digital Real Estate?

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The folks who pass through your “land” all happen to be looking for a specific product or service, so you “rent” your land to a business owner who happens to offer that product or service.

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Keenan Williams…

Net Worth:

$1.5 million


39 or 40 years old



Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth

American entrepreneur

Last Updated


Social media entrepreneur Keenan Williams is a household name. His current net worth is estimated at $1,500,000.

Ko Elixir, his own skincare company that makes treatments to reduce cellulite and stretch marks, was founded by Keenan Williams. Since Instagram’s launch over two years ago, his firm has dominated the promotion of the social media platform, becoming an Instagram entrepreneur leading to a huge success.

Williams’ path to business was not an easy one for him. He dropped out of high school at an early age in order to get money for his newborn daughter.

As a sales coordinator for an affiliated marketing firm, he promoted women’s skincare products after nearly a decade of retail experience. Before he accepted the position, he had no idea how to advertise skin care products and how to establish a good business model.

He had a hard time getting his head around the industry, but he considers himself to be a quick study.

early Life

A few years later, 1982, Keenan Williams was born. While attending the University of Western Ontario, he earned a sociology degree. Greeting cards Keenan sold to friends and family for $25 apiece were the genesis of his interest in business at a young age and did retail jobs.

After observing how his then-self-esteem girlfriend’s was affected by stretch marks and cellulite, Keenan started the skincare company Ko Elixir. Over 100 factories in China were visited before the correct recipe was identified for Ko Elixir’s stretch mark lotion, not the typical results everyone would expect.

After operating out of his kitchen, requests from all over the world started pouring in. Keenan now employs 40 people and exports his goods to more than 50 nations across the world.

Keenan Williams, like any other adolescent, aspired to be the best he could be and to take advantage of everything that life has to offer.

In his youth, Keenan Williams spent working on what he wanted to pursue that would allow him to be really productive, whether it be in rap music or athletics. Keenan began working to support his family at the age of 18. When Keenan Williams was a kid, he worked as a shoe salesperson at an outlet and as a night shift employee performing various tasks, earning 8 dollars an hour.

Williams had to drop out of college because he had a kid and needed t


Keenan Williams worked for the company for more than a year, learning as much as he could. In the wake of a dispute with his company over payment, which resulted in a payment delay of little over three months, he saw an opportunity to enter the business on his own terms.

His skincare brand, Ko Elixir, was launched in August 2018 out of Williams’ residence. His initial doubts were tempered by a well-executed marketing strategy and great consumer feedback, but six months later, Ko Elixir was a big hit.

He rapidly learned the basics of his web platform, and he had identified a business opportunity. He discovered a hitherto untapped market and snared the attention of the whole industry. As a result, he swept the market with a vengeance because of his enormous fan base. It paid off well for Keenan Williams, a promising young man.

In the first six months of his career as an Instagram entrepreneur, he made a cool $1 million. It’s hard not to be inspired by his path to success.

To get to where he is now, he had to overcome a lot of obstacles. A firm he built from the ground up was the result of his astute use of his expertise. As he worked his way up the corporate ladder, he gleaned expertise from each position he had before using it all at once to become a billionaire.

His income representations and earnings potential are soaring due to his success in his businesses. Since Keenan’s commercial success, he’s been driven to help other aspiring entrepreneurs and share his expertise in the most effective manner possible. Keenan’s skin care company makes up the bulk of his money, but his online courses and online business also play a role.

Keenan Williams Success Clues

One: To learn more, put forth double the effort and do twice as much research.

Two: Start immediately, after you’ve determined what it is that you want to do.

Three: Give away anything that holds you back if you wish to soar.

Featured Keenan Williams Best Quotes Of All Time! Quotes

Aspirational Statements
"Now, I am an 8-figure entrepreneur with so much to gain."
Williams Net Worth Aspiring Entrepreneurs
"If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down."
Williams Net Worth Keenan Williams Net
"I found a skincare product that was bringing me some revenue to leave the hood."
"I had to work twice as hard and research even more to acquire the knowledge.”
"One day, they stopped paying me and stopped my income. That was when I started my own skincare company."
"I knew what I wanted to do, and that was to create a great stretch mark reduction cream that my customers will love."
"I generated $1 million in sales within my first six months and touched $3 million by the end of the year."

Keenan Williams Events

Keenan Williams Events

Keenan Williams is a well-known social media entrepreneur.

Keenan Williams started Ko Elixir, his own skin care company that makes treatments to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks. Since Instagram came out over two years ago, his company has been the best at promoting it.

Because of how well his businesses are doing, his income projections and earnings potential are going through the roof. Since Keenan’s business success, he has been driven to help other people who want to start their own businesses.

Keenan Williams’s net worth as of the year 2022 is approximately $1.5 million.

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