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Jobs In Real Estate Industry: What Looks Good in 2021?

15 Different Types of Jobs in Real Estate

Do you want to work in real estate?

This is a lucrative industry where multiple career opportunities are available. You can choose roles that either require a license, a degree or neither one… depending on your preferences and skills.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “real estate?” 

I’m guessing you’re thinking about homes, buildings, commercial spaces, and offices. This guide will give you a detailed background of each possible career path you can have in this field.

The real estate market is a great place to get started with your career because it’s thriving field where making massive income is possible.

Being real estate professionals are a high-paying job. But contrary to popular belief, it isn’t limited to buying and selling properties only. There are several other job opportunities in real estate that you might be unaware of.

If you’re considering working in real estate, you should be aware of all the career options available so you can get on with the perfect career path that’s fit for you. Among the most  popular real estate jobs on is sales, although this isn’t the only one.

We recommend that you do extensive research and find out for yourself what choices you have out there. 

A real estate agent is one of the most common jobs in the market. It’s a pretty huge sector where it provides a lot of opportunities for those who want build a career around it. Requirements for each role varied by state.

A real estate professional may or may not require a license, depending on the type of work. Based on this, there are three types of real estate jobs you’ll find in the market:

  1. Real Estate Jobs where you need a license
  2. Real Estate Jobs where it’s a good idea to have a license
  3. Real Estate Jobs where you might need licensing in more than just real estate

These are the career paths you can choose from.

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Table of Contents

Real Estate Jobs in Which License Is Required

If you have a real estate license, you can apply full-time for any of the following:

1. Real Estate Agent (aka Realtor)

What do you do when you want to sell your home or purchase a new one? You reach out a real estate salesperson to do the job, whose main role is to help you buy or sell your property.

They act as middlemen for buyers and sellers to come up with an agreement. With a real estate salesperson in place, the entire process often goes smoothly.

There are two types of sales agents: a residential real estate salespersons (Residential properties) and a commercial real estate salesperson (For properties in the commercial sector).

A real estate salesperson typically works hand in hand with a real estate broker and is licensed.

They assist clients who want to sell their property, listing it for sale, marketing it, and attracting prospective buyers.

They also aim at properties that they believe will suit the needs of their clients who are looking to purchase a home.

Real estate salespeople are paid on a commission basis.

How Much Money Do Real Estate Agents Make?

The average realtor earns $42,246 a year. But  since it is a commission-based job, the income range is quite broad. Some real estate agents make a few thousand dollars a year, whereas others make millions.

2. Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is in charge of managing real estate deals and negotiating between buyers and sellers and are licensed.

One of the advantages of having a license is that they can operate on their own or run their own brokerage business.

They employ estate agents or real estate salespeople to show properties to potential clients or to list the client’s property.

When a buyer expresses an interest in a specific property, the real estate broker takes over the job from there.

He goes through the arbitration process until all sides agree to a selling price.

He then finishes the paperwork, along with the contract, and supervises all transaction operations.

How Much Does A Real Estate Broker Make In The USA?

A real estate broker earns an average of $59,321 annually, according to The range of their earnings, like agents, is broad.

A broker who runs their own profitable brokerage with multiple agents performing many deals has the potential to earn millions.

Similarly, a broker who does not sell several properties in a year would not make any money.

3. Real Estate Property Manager

A real estate property manager is in charge of the property and the tenants, both financially and physically.

A property manager should be well-versed in the area’s rental properties.

A property manager’s duty is to set fair rent rates depending on the information collected.

He will also be expected to supply the homeowner with monthly financial reports.

They must be able to comprehend income taxes, financial statements, budgeting, and profit and loss statements.

The property manager must therefore ensure that the tenants are entirely happy with the property.

It is also their responsibility to keep the property in good condition. They have connections with builders and maintenance firms, so any repairs required by the property can be handled immediately.

They also keep track of all the activities that the tenants participate in. They guarantee that residents pay their rent on time.

They must have exceptional management and communication skills.

How much money does a real estate property manager earn?

Managing real estate is a lucrative business. People like to buy it but don’t really have the time to take care of it. A regional property manager earns an average of $104,900 per year.  That is much higher than what an average agent and broker make.

4. Leasing Agent

A leasing agent is typically the first point of contact with prospective renters. They assist homeowners with finding renters, ensuring that the property is always occupied.

Furthermore, they do a background check on new tenants to ensure they have a clean record. Leasing agencies are also responsible for developing and implementing marketing campaigns to target prospective tenants.

How much does a leasing agent make in the USA?

Leasing agents in the United States make an average of $30,758 per year, which is less than what a property manager earns.

5. Real Estate Attorney

Real estate attorneys do all of the legal work required to close a deal. Although it is not necessary to employ an attorney to make a contract, it is a smart practice for buyers to do so. This is what they call a “conveyance.”

To guarantee that buyers are getting what they want to purchase, the attorney verifies the title, review paperwork including contracts, and check the surveyor drawings.

How much do real estate attorneys make?

A real estate attorney’s annual wage is, I’d say, reasonable, about  $148,697 per year. Those who  deal with commercial real estate can make money far more than that. Earnings are lower than those that live in smaller towns and often deal with suburban conveyances.

Real Estate Jobs in Which License Is Recommended

1. Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

The real estate transaction coordinator acts as a go-between between the buyer, real estate agent, mortgage brokers, and escrow firm.

Real estate agents employ them to supervise the sale process. They efficiently manage administrative duties, ensuring  that all paperwork has been done and signed. Once completed , all files are given to the broker, who finalizes the deal.

They often alert the real estate agent to contact the previous client 30 days after the transaction was completed.

They are also in charge of removing the property from the listing once it’s been sold – that is if the client is a seller.

They also keep a client database where all client info are stored.

2. Real Estate Assistants

Real estate assistants are crucial in any real estate transaction.

They do the administrative duties, allowing the broker and agent to concentrate on attracting potential customers and marketing.

They are in charge of all documentation, filing, correspondence, phone calls, and everything in between that provides support to the agent and broker.

They assist the broker and agent with legal paperwork, as well as assist clients provide phone support to clients that involves any concern or issue regarding the documentation.

If clients want to clarify about any documents, real estate assistants are there to provide what they need.

3. Showing Assistant

A buyer would not consent to purchase a property based solely on the photos or videos. A customer would want to check other properties to come up with an informed decision.

Showing properties to clients can be a time-consuming process. As a result, a showing assistant is often employed to do the job. They show clients around the house and inform them what they need to know. 

If a showing assistant is licensed, he can negotiate prices and even make a deal. They cannot, however, perform any of the two duties if they are not licensed holders.

4. Real Estate Financial Analyst And Consultant

A financial analyst and consultant in real estate is a valuable resource to all real estate companies.

They do industry trend research and analysis, making valuable forecasts about the market’s future.

Companies make acquisitions and revenues based on these forecasts. Real estate analysts offer important facts and recommendations on investment decisions.

5. Real Estate Investor Or Entrepreneur

To earn a considerable income, you can try pursuing to be a real estate investor or entrepreneur.

To make money in real estate is riskier than most income-generating opportunities. You can lose loads of money if you put it on the  wrong properties.

These guys purchase and resell land and property to get higher profit. If the investors can, they will spend to improve the property, which would inevitably raise its selling value.

6. Real Estate Marketing Specialist

How can people find out about your real estate agency? How would you attract customers if you don’t have a marketing strategy?

Real estate businesses, like any other, need publicity to make their presence known. A real estate marketing specialist is in charge of a real estate agency’s marketing.

They are in charge of creating marketing content, managing social media, developing written publications, creating web content, preparing promotional newsletters, and managing the brand overall.

The company’s market value is determined by how good their marketing plan is. And so, you could say that the work of real estate marketing specialist is challenging.

7. Real Estate Developer

A real estate developer, as the name implies, develops properties. Lands that are located at either neglected areas or prime locations are bought by a real estate developer to  develop them into residential towers, four-bedroom homes for households, or commercial property and office buildings.

They are constantly engaged in land development and construction. They even buy old or foreclosed properties and renovate them.

To make their vision a reality, they must collaborate with architects, planners, and contractors. And once the construction is done, the newly developed property for lease or sale.

Real Estate Jobs in Which Other Licenses Are Required

1. Real Estate Appraiser

A real estate appraiser is somebody who determines the real estate value before it’s sold, mortgaged, taxed, or insured.

They conduct an assessment of the property’s physical condition, location, and the competitive prices of comparable properties in the market.

They calculate the property’s value based on their assessment. But  if you want to work as a real estate appraiser, you must first become licensed before you can practice.

Appraisers may focus on residential, or commercial properties or both, depending on their preferences and skills.

How Much Money Do Real Estate Appraisers Earn In The USA?

A commercial appraiser makes an average of $101,603 per year while a residential appraiser makes an average of $54,390 per year.

2. Real Estate Escrow Officer

The qualifications for being a real estate escrow officer are highly stringent. They are the experts in charge of closing deals, acting as a neutral party in the process.

To be a real estate escrow officer, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have an apprentice
  • Be a qualified specialist by obtaining a license
  • Have an escrow training

Managing money on a wide scale is also one of the skills you need to have to be successful in the role.

3. Real Estate Inspector

Some errors in the process can go unnoticed when buying real estate. This might lead to future issues for all people involved: the buyer, seller, and agent.

Hence, a meticulous assessment of the property is crucial to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Before a contract is signed, a real estate or home inspector carefully performs an on-site inspection and inventory to list down any physical issues the property may have.

To become a real estate inspector, one must have sufficient knowledge and training because it involves technical knowledge of all aspects of the property, from roofing to electricity.

4. Real Estate Loan Officer

 You must have extensive knowledge of finance, loans, and real estate if you are to pass for a real estate loan officer since their main role involves assisting the buyer obtain a loan.

You must be registered and meet the requirements required to become a real estate loan officer.

Other non-licensed real estate jobs include real estate lawyers, attorneys, and  title officers.

With so many different jobs available in the real estate sector, I’m confident you can find a career that matches your skills.

How much does the average real estate loan officer earn in the USA?

This caught me off guard. I expected it to pay more because it is a work that demands various experience and skills plus it’s a job that involves the bank. The annual salary is $46,399.


What Job Makes The Most Money In Real Estate?

The following are the highest-paying real estate careers:

  • Home Inspector
  • Real Estate Lawyer
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Commercial Real Estate Agent
  • Property Manager
  • Corporate Real Estate Manager

Can You Make A Lot Of Money Being A Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents who are new in the field are expected to sell fewer properties, hence earn less too. The average real estate agent makes $45,990 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but the income range is pretty massive. One-tenth made less than $23k, and the other ten percent made over $110k.

Is A Career In Real Estate Worth It?

This is a tough career if you don’t have the proper training and work ethic, but it can also be very fulfilling if you choose to fully commit to the job.

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