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Investing Daily Personal Finance Review (2024 Update): Is Jim Fink The Best Coach?

By: JosiahOct 03, 2023Stocks and Trading
Investing Daily Personal Finance Review ([year] Update): Is Jim Fink The Best Coach?

This review will go over Investing daily personal finance to see if it really is the best Options trading newsletter out there.

You’ll learn whether Personal Finance is the right online business for you.

And at the end, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Investing Daily Personal Finance, and options trading in general.

But most importantly, you’ll see the exact system many others have used to build their own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made them swear off Options Trading for good because it uses some of the same skills but in a much more powerful and profitable way!

But before I get into all that…


This Investing Daily Personal Finance review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

  • Weekly market updates and trade recommendations are included
  • It walks you through the entire options trading process step by step
  • Personal Finance Premium includes both print and digital copies
  • Only options, limited focus
  • It may be too mild for aggressive risk profiles

Why Listen To Us

My name is Josiah, and this is my Dad, Joel.why listen us

Together, we make up the team here at Scamrisk.

If you’ll let me bother you for two minutes, I’d like to quickly explain why I’m even here writing this review.

In early 2020, I had just graduated from college & had no real career prospects.

I knew I was destined for something more, but I had no clue how I was going to make it happen.

I had this sinking feeling in my gut all the time… like the “big man upstairs” had accidentally given me the version of life where I’d be mediocre forever, instead of the one where I was, ya know – happy & fulfilled.


I had fiddled around with some different online businesses in college:

Some random MLMs, a bit of affiliate marketing, a (failed) dropshipping store or two, all the usual suspects.

Even my dad had been involved in MLMs back in the day… selling knives & other random nonsense people (probably) didn’t need.

All I really wanted was to find something that was going to actually work for me.

Maybe those things had worked for others, but for me it all turned up a fat “0” in the bank account department.

So I searched! And searched… and searched… and searched…

And eventually, I somehow stumbled upon a program that promised to help me build an income online (read about it here if you’re curious).

I didn’t really want to be “rich”.

The thought of making a reliable $5K per month & not having to worry about clocking in to a 9-to-5 ever again was all I needed.

Sure, there were people in the program doing high-6 and low-7 figures per year… but that wasn’t what I was out for.

I just wanted to provide freedom for myself, and if I was lucky, take my family along for the ride.

Fast forward a few days and a few phone calls & I was enrolled!

Here’s the first “money making website” I put up:

why listen us gif

I built that site in 2020, and it still makes me $1,500 per month. It’s a basic 5 page website I built based on a template the program provides.

The best part to me? My dad and I get to do it all together!

So between the:

  1. Ease of reaching $5-$10K per month in income online

  2. Straightforward-ness of the system to do it

  3. Fact that I get to do it w/ my family

Is why I recommend local lead generation as my #1 business model for making money online.

Sure, it takes some work and dedication – but anyone that tells you that there’s a business out there that requires no work is selling you a lemon.

I’m not saying you need to sign up for the same program I did, but I would definitely recommend giving the business model a peek!

You probably discovered Investing Daily for the same reason you might have come across any other financial newsletter, stock trading service, or investment program:

Because you want more money in less time.

And chances are, you want to quickly multiply the money you do have (as opposed to waiting months or even years to see a decent ROI).

This is a really exciting promise, and it’s probably why the financial publishing and training industry is worth billions of dollars.

The problem is, because the idea of doubling, tripling, or 10X-ing your money in a few minutes to a few days is so enticing, there are a ton of shady characters in this space.

But, putting that aside, let’s say every investing guru and “financial expert” on the internet had the best of intentions.

Even with proprietary algorithms, a room full of supercomputers, and a team of rocket scientists, most of these experts would be lucky to get it right 20% of the time.

Now sure, we’re talking about asymmetric bets here, so theoretically the winners should more than make up for the losers.

But in order to make that happen, you can NEVER miss out on an investment. With a 20% success rate (speaking optimistically), one missed winner could turn a profitable month into a loser.

That’s a lot of pressure and a lot of stress (not to mention a lot of losing) with not much certainty.

Passive Income

But what if there was a way you could build a passive income stream that’s actually passive?

An income stream that doesn’t require:

  • Constantly monitoring your phone for buy/sell alerts
  • Obsessively watching charts and movement
  • The emotional roller coaster and angst of hoping one winner can cover the last 8 losses
  • Gambler’s odds (20% chance of success is worse than the odds of winning at Blackjack)

An income stream that brings in consistent revenues every single month (from a couple thousand dollars to well over $10,000)?

An income stream you could actually build in your spare time, and grow as large or as small as you want to, without having to spend hours a day monitoring charts, trades, and alerts?

Still Getting Paid

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out Digital Leasing.

However, if you’d still like to know more about Investing Daily, keep reading.

What Is Investing Daily Personal Finance?

Investing Daily Personal Finance What Is Investing Daily

Investing Daily's Personal Finance is a comprehensive newsletter offering expert investment advice and options trading strategies for consistent income. Guided by stock market veterans like Jim Fink, you'll learn valuable insights and real-world investing techniques. The service includes weekly market updates, bonus reports, and a solid satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you stay informed.

Start boosting your financial knowledge with Investing Daily Personal Finance and confidently navigate the stock market for long-term success.

In this Investing Daily Personal Finance break-down, we look at the company. Personal Finance is one of Investing Daily’s premium research services, along with Mayhem Trader and Options for Income. This is an old-school research service.

Company History

Personal Finance has been around for 44 years, and the overall web mood for has been relatively positive.

Utility Forecaster, Investing Daily’s second-oldest service, has likewise lasted for 29 years.

Stability is rare in retail research. Unreliable or useless services would have trouble surviving that long without rebranding.

Investing Daily is a US-based private firm. As a result, they follow strict U.S. consumer protection and ethics laws, allowing you to join with confidence.

Investing Daily has been around for decades, and Personal Finance is their longest-running premium service. It’s hard to beat that.

Who Is Jim Fink?

Investing Daily Personal Finance - Who Is Jim Fink

Jim Fink works at Personal Finance. His Options for Income and Velocity Trader are other Investing Daily programs he manages.

Fink has been a diligent worker ever since he graduated from Yale, an Ivy League university.

He's also a graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Columbia Law School, and the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

That’s a lot of degrees for any workplace wall. Fink is clearly a smart cookie, but how are his trading skills?

As you could expect, he has a stellar trading record. He began trading options over 20 years ago and became so adept at it that he went full-time and the rest is history.

Although he isn’t the most well-known financial figure, there are plenty of nice Jim Fink reviews online. Many of his followers laud him.

Personal Finance’s popularity is a testimonial to Jim Fink’s stock-picking prowess.

Along with Personal Finance, His publications include Jim Fink’s Options for Income, Velocity Trader, Jim Fink’s Inner Circle, and Radical Wealth Alliance.

Investing Daily Finance Newsletter Chief Analysts: Jim Pearce And Stephen Leeb

Investing Daily Personal Finance - Jim Pearce and Stephen Leeb

Jim Pearce is the Managing Director of the Investing Daily Wealth Society and Chief Investment Strategist of Personal Finance. He is also Investing Daily’s Director of Research, leading our whole analyst staff.

Born and raised in New York City, he has worked for major banks, brokerage houses, and financial advisors since 1983. Jim has a B.A. in Business Management and a CFP from the College for Financial Planning.

Here are some of Jim’s Publications:

  • Personal Finance
  • Systematic Wealth
  • Income Millionaire
  • Radical Wealth Alliance

In addition to The Complete Investor and Real World Investing, Stephen Leeb, Ph.D.

Dr. Leeb got his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at Penn. He then earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in psychology from the University of Illinois in just three years, a record.

Investors Business Daily, The New York Times, USA Today, Business Week, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal regularly quote him. Dr. Leeb appears regularly on Fox News, Bloomberg, CNN, and Neil Cavuto.

With his books and investment advice, Dr. Leeb has successfully predicted the secular bull market that began in the 1980s, the tech stock crash, and the rise of real assets such as oil and gold (Defying the Market: Profiting in the Turbulent Post-Technology Boom), and the surge in oil prices titled The Oil Factor.

His national bestseller, The Coming Economic Collapse: How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs $200 a Barrel, accurately predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis and the vicious economic cycle that required massive government stimulus near-zero interest rates, and massive government spending.

What's Inside Personal Finance?

Investing Daily Personal Finance - Inside Personal Finance

Personal Finance has several subscription tiers, but here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the best package.

  • My Options Strategy Manual
  • Personal Finance Newsletter
  • Your First ‘Easy-Beginning’ Options Trade
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • My Quick-Start Online Video Program

Personal Finance Newsletter Review

The core of the program is the Personal Finance newsletter. This is where you’ll find the most recent trade ideas as well as the week’s most important market news.

Unlike many of its competitors, who merely follow the newest fads, Personal Finance scours the market for hidden gems.

These undervalued possibilities can often result in significant rewards. Best of all, Personal Finance’s trading tactics may outperform the market even when it is in free fall.

Between 2000 & 2010, the S&P 500 was on a steady slide for roughly ten years, during the stock market’s biggest crash since 1929.

During this historically terrible era, Personal Finance users had the potential to gain nearly 70%, demonstrating the service’s ability to perform in the worst possible market conditions.

These proposals have the potential to lead to consistent gains in the options market every week. You may be cashing in every week with a bit of work and luck.

My Options Strategy Manual

When you join Personal Finance, you’ll also get Jim Fink’s My Options Strategy Manual as part of the current promotion.

This research is similar to Larry Fink’s options trading bible. He reveals and sets out his options trading system in great detail inside.

Subscriber will discover everything you need to know about options trading, plus a lot more. Fink walks you through his system step by step so you can comprehend everything from start to finish.

Fink’s Options Strategy Manual will have you trading options like a pro in no time.

Your First ‘Easy-Start’ Options Trade

The world of options trading can be overwhelming at first, but it begins to seem a lot less daunting once you make your first deal.

Fink has included an extra recommendation and blueprints to assist you in the transition. They hope this will guide you about stock prices and a high success rate.

When you sign up, Fink will immediately give you one of his top picks: a stock options tip that you can start trading immediately. He’ll take you through the process of the deal, detailing it for you in several separate steps.

To save time, you can keep your day moving with shorter doctor visits because the appointment won’t take longer than 9 minutes if everything goes well.

A single trade can help eliminate your worry about options trading forever. This tutorial helps beginners get started in the market.

My Quick-Start Online Video Program

Fink’s comprehensive quick-start video program is based on his more than 20 years of trading experience.

This program includes all of Fink’s most powerful options trading secrets and demonstrates how to use them in your portfolio.

Fink made millions by trading options for consistent income using the same strategies. Best of all, it is simple enough for even the most inexperienced beginners to quickly grasp.

Suppose you attend these courses and pay close attention. In that case, you will come away with a plethora of new trading techniques to add to your arsenal.

What Does The Internet Have To Say?

What Does The Internet Have To Say

I couldn't find any customer reviews on Reddit or the BBB... but I did find one review on Truspilot...

The most bad customer service ever. I subscribed to Velocity Trader Service from this company for the very nice promise in sales page of about more than 90% trade in profit. After I bought the subscription for $ 995 for 1 year I go inside and I saw that result are totally different from what promised, 1st closed trade have a lot of loosing trade and winning trade do not cover the lost one. Second they have open position for more than one year on lost that they roll each option expiration so they can take the lost not catabolized upon "ONE DAY", if ever will happen, they can close it in profit, so you will carry big loss for long time. Last one when I ask for a refund they say, this product if not refundable ( for sure you are cheater so do not refund customer) even if I clim it before 7 day that is the law, any purchase online have at least 7 day money back no question asked, but looks they do not follow the law. Very bad experience, I have all email with customer service that show my sincerity. - Allessandro Nardaggio

Now, this is just one single review, so take it with a grain of salt.

Is Investing Daily Personal Finance A Scam?

Scam or Legit

Alright, time for the $1,000,000 question: is Investing Daily Personal Finance a scam?

No, not technically. You can 100% make money with it, but it’s not NEARLY as simple as Jim wants you to think it is.

With financial products, you need to understand that you are taking a very big risk.

So while it’s entirely possible that you hit the big leagues and retire to a vineyard… the path to get there is so stressful, it might just shave a decade off your life… IF you even get there.

A friend of mine actually writes advertisements for one of the largest financial program advertisers in the world… so believe me when I say: most of the awesome numbers they use in their ads & landing pages are borderline false.

What they conveniently leave out are the dozens of losing bets and trades that came before the big win you’re reading about.

Now, most people don’t have the emotional bandwidth to stick out 3 months of back-to-back losses before (hopefully) getting a big win.

I’d rather use that 3 months of work (in my spare time) building Digital Rental Properties, and then collect a handful of nice little $500-$2,000 checks every single month afterward (AKA passive income).

And the cool part is that you can do it in a lot less time than 3-months (I personally did it in my first 2 weeks of being a Digital Landlord).

You can do it from anywhere in the world, so it’s a genuine “laptop-lifestyle” business.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Some of my friends are Digital Landlords that run their 6-figure businesses from:

  • Camping trips at national parks
  • Beachfront in Hawaii
  • On the road in a camper-van (with a pet pig!)

Saying Goodbye To Our Jobs

They focus on living an enjoyable life first, and focus on income second. All thanks to this program.

They can take weeks or months off, and money keeps rolling in.

Living happily is the top priority.

If the thought of living perpetually at your dream vacation spot interests you, being a Digital Landlord might be for you!

How Much Does It Cost?

Investing Daily Personal Finance - How Much Does It Cost

Personal Finance is now available in three distinct subscription categories as part of the new agreement.

You get a digital subscription to the weekly newsletter service in the Basic bundle, but that’s all you get for your money. The bonus reports indicated above are not included in this bundle.

Standard is next. Honesty is told, this service isn’t the ideal solution for you right now! A print and digital membership to Personal Finance is included, but the reports aren’t.

A print & digital subscription to Personal Finance and both extra reports are included in the Premium package. You’ll also receive a bonus.

In the past, this package would have cost $199, but now you can get it for just $79.

For $49.00, Basic includes a digital newsletter subscription only. For $79, you can get a digital and print membership and four additional reports in addition to the standard subscription.

Money-Back Guarantee

Investing Daily Personal Finance - Money Back Guarantee

Investing Daily Personal Finance has a firm money-back guarantee that should give you peace of mind in the integrity of the program.

While other programs only offer as much as 30 days, Jim takes his program to the next level with a full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

To get a refund, just give their support line a call… even if you’re past your 90 days, they’ll prorate you on the rest of your time in the program.

To be honest, very few other programs do this. This really goes to show how much they believe in their system.

Personal Finance can be purchased with confidence because it is backed by one of the best satisfaction guarantees in the industry.

With this sort of protection, you can sleep soundly knowing that your money is well spent.

Final Thoughts

Investing Daily Personal Finance Final Thoughts

Investing Daily is a fantastic service that has a lot to offer both stock market veterans and newcomers.

These reports contain a wealth of options trading knowledge. This information goes far beyond what you could learn from browsing the internet, and it’s all laid out straightforwardly so you can pick it up quickly.

Adding options to your arsenal can significantly increase your financial firepower. Fink’s system is designed to generate consistent weekly gains, which means you could cash in weekly if you execute your cards correctly.

What do you have to lose with one of the best money-back guarantees in the research industry? In the worst-case scenario, you can return it for a full refund within 90 days. Even the bonus materials are yours to keep!

With packages starting at $49, Investing Daily Personal Finance is affordable to even the most limited investing budget.

Personal Finance ticks all the boxes if you want to learn how to trade options. It has a stellar reputation, an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee, a track record of success, and a reasonable price point. What isn’t to like?

Are there alternatives to Investing Daily?


Yes, there are plenty of other business models to choose from if you want to pursue making money online. Here are just a few:

What Is Our #1 Recommendation For Making Money In 2024?

Digital Leasing

I’ve personally tried all of the major online business models:

  • I’ve traded crypto & purchased a bunch of fancy “insider stock tip” newsletters
  • I’ve sold fidget spinners through Amazon FBA
  • I’ve drop-shipped a toilet-bowl putting green on Shopify (pic below)
  • I’ve sold women’s health supplements via Clickbank affiliate marketing

And I made money with all of them, so trust me when I say: there is no “perfect” business model.

That being said, my #1 recommendation for making real money online is, hands-down: being a Digital Landlord.

Whether you’re a complete newbie, or you’ve been around the block before but have never had that “big win” to propel you forward, becoming a Digital Landlord is for you.


1)Time: If you’ve got a spare hour-or-two each day, you can do this. If you want to drop everything and go all-in, you can do this. More time obviously means faster results, but even putting in a few hours per day is enough to see real success.

And because of that flexibility, you don’t need to trade your time for money. Once the income starts, it’s recurring.

That means you can take a month off, travel the country, pursue a passion project, chill on the beach, or charter a boat across the world.

But you can only do that once you’ve created an income stream that doesn’t require YOU to be there all day, every day.


2) You Own & Control EVERYTHING: When it comes to the markets, nothing is in your control. You have zero influence over market-shifting macro-economic trends.

The number of people that have ACTUALLY beat the market consistently can be counted on one hand.
Why pour your soul into a business that you realistically have zero control over?

When you’re a Digital Landlord, you literally own all of the assets, which means you have ultimate control.

Feeling Blessed

3) It’s Effectively Copy-Paste: Here’s my favorite part: once you have your first Digital Rental Property up, you can literally copy-paste another version of it and find another willing “renter” in a few days. DOUBLING your income doesn’t get much easier than that…

If you wanted to double your income in the markets, you would need to make twice as many winning trades, or double your profit on each trade. And I can guarantee you that’s a lot harder than a few clicks & a phone call.

Scott Lead Gen

4) Make Money Helping Real People: When you make money in the markets, you’re not really helping anyone but yourself. There is a loser on the other end of that trade.

But when you’re a Digital Landlord, you’re helping solve REAL problems that people are ASKING for help with:

Small local businesses around the world need one thing: customers. Without them, their business would fall apart. If we can provide those customers, they’re going to be really happy – and they’re going to pay you for it.

You’re helping a struggling mother or father put FOOD on the table for their families, put their kids through college, or simply live life a little bit more comfortably.

Having this type of impact on the world is what will help you sleep soundly at night.

Lance Lead Gen

So, the rest is up to you. You could keep looking at other programs like Investing Daily, which might make you money if you luck out.

You could keep researching and researching for the next few months (or few years), never making a concrete decision.

OR, you can look deep inside, think about those dreams, hopes, & desires, and make the decision to ACTUALLY make it happen, just like it has for thousands of other students before you.

Making a fortune while actually helping real people that need it.

If this sounds like you, click here to see how it all works.

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