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IM Creator Review 2021: Is It The Best Website Builder For You?

IM Creator (XPRS), a free website building tool that comes with a WYSIWYG editor, offers many advanced features to launch and manage various types of projects.

This system is designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who require professional portfolios and web designers involved in developing websites for non-commercial and commercial use. If you are a professional web designer, it’s going to help you in creating impressive eCommerce websites, landing pages, and blogs for your clients.

This review will go over IM Creator to see if it really is a good website builder for your site.

You’ll learn whether website building is the right online business for you.

And at the end, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding IM Creator and website building in general.

But most importantly, you’ll see the exact system many others have used to build their own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made them swear off website building for good, because it uses some of the same skills but in a much more powerful and profitable way!


  • Even without signing up, you can build a website.
  • Appealing responsive templates. An opportunity to add to the website your code.
  • The variety of stripes allows for easy customization of sections.
  • White Label model with practical features and low price
  • Get a free premium license for non-commercial projects
  • Quality Knowledge Center.
  • Powerful eCommerce engine.


  • Artists, students, non-profits, and students are not eligible for the free plan.
  • The website building process may seem complicated at first.
  • You cannot upload your fonts.
  • eCommerce only allows one item per customer.

Table of Contents

Ease Of Use

IM Creation is a website-building tool that offers one of the most user-friendly visual editors. This advanced technology called, “Stripes & Polydoms,” looks quite futuristic for those who have not seen this type of website design before. All the projects launched using IM Creator have responsive blocks – a variety of flexible structures and functionalities. A website can be created by just changing the appropriate stripes and setting it up.

This process is much more straightforward than standard drag-and-drop web design. This system does not have any separate elements widgets, which can be confusing for many users. Automatization is possible because there are already-made blocks. It is impossible to make anything wrong here.

Signing In

Registering with the system is easy. All you need to do is key in your email, password, and nickname. Once you have completed the registration, you will be taken to the dashboard. You can then select a template from which you can customize it.

The interface is easy to use, and the ergonomics top-notch. However, the editor has a lot of options, icons, as well as other elements. The editor is fairly simple, but you need to pay attention when using it.

That is why you could miss menu access, switch options, and other important information. Most settings panels have tabs. IM Creator is a bit more complicated and complex than you might realize.

Template Editing

IM Creator is great at flexibility, functionality, and the feature-set that it offers. As I have already mentioned, the main functional element in this website builder is a stripe. Every page is made up of a variety of responsive blocks and can contain varying content.

Each stripe is unique, depending on its purpose. The design and compatibility between these blocks are what make IM Creator an excellent tool for building websites. They can be combined and edited to give you maximum flexibility.

Going Live

It is generally considered one of the most user-friendly and well-structured systems. This system is ideal for novices. It takes about 1-2 hours to explore the site. It is important to note that IM Creator can quickly get you the result you need.

Your website can be published the same day it was built if you want. Its web page design approach ensures reliability and protection against any errors.

It will look good no matter what. Don’t forget to connect the domain and preview your site before you go live.

You can view the preview mode to see how it works on tablets, smartphones, and desktops. You can choose the mode that will allow you to see the screen in a larger size.

Features & Flexibility

IM Creator is a great WYSIWYG website builder whose web building process uses a brand and style approach. It offers advanced features that allow you to not only customize your website but also help promote it.

Customization And Styling Tools

The website builder increased the speed of website construction by 30%. Developers also added functions to increase the customization.

To add additional stripes, activate the button, “+,” between adjacent blocks. A beautiful animation will be displayed, as well the list with all the available stripes. These are grouped by the following categories: header, projects, services, features, gallery, pricing, team, article, text block, bio/cv, blog, forms, slideshow, social, call to action, testimonials, logos, maps, widgets, elements. Every category includes up to ten block realization options.

Editor areas are further divided into sections. The items you’ll be presented with will be based on the block and the type of element you clicked. There are many variations.

For example, you will see that some blocks include a “+” icon, which allows you to click on it to access the “Add a new element or item” menu. From there, you can add videos, icons, and links as well as blank containers.

You can click on a specific element to see a menu that allows you to choose an overlay color, add a hyperlink, or get to the section settings – a menu offering a variety of options in each section, namely:

  • “Settings” provides a range of section elements (button and subtitle), allowing you to configure the alignment and vertical block positions or activate full-screen height.
  • “Slideshow” allows you to specify the slideshow duration as well as autoplay.
  • “F/X” allows users to choose between 11 effects for passive elements as well as a mouse hover. You can also select a filter or shadow factor.
  • “Pro” lets you choose the maximum stripe or content area width for each element in a section.

High-level menus are also available here. The settings of these menus can have an impact on the whole website or individual pages. A “Website style” settings icon can be found in the left-hand corner of the screen. This icon allows you to create new web pages or edit existing ones.

Widgets And Integrations

IM Creator allows you to connect multiple social media profiles to your website. Even better, you can customize your social media buttons to match the overall design of your project.

The “stripes” category is also helpful in adding the Google event listing, SoundCloud audio player, OpenTable reservation request form ( that makes IM Creator a very interesting solution to restaurants), PDF viewer, as well as connecting Facebook comments.

It means blocks can be added to this section, which haves different functionality than the standard elements (text and images, video, etc.).

Multilingual Projects

The website builder comes with a multilingual tool that allows you to create different site versions in any language. This goal is achievable without the need to incorporate any special widgets or plugins. You just need to choose the languages that you wish to use and start creating them.

If you have any queries or don’t know how to get started, IM Creator offers a tutorial to help you create and customize a multilingual website.

IM Creator SEO

Websites created with IM Creator have a clear code and are easily indexed by search engines. You can expect good promotion opportunities if you have a website built with this service. These factors depend on the system (speed of work and validity of web pages, correct out-of-the-box settings, etc.

Each web page can be set up to search engine visibility. You can add title, description, keywords, and upload favicon. Connect Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. You can connect a domain to the website, but only after you upgrade your premium subscription.

Blog and Store, apart from the sections that differ in the content displayed, are particularly interesting. These are stripes that can be used to change the type of your website.

These are functional units that are not connected and are more extensive than others. It is sensible to go into detail about their characteristics.

IM Creator Blog

You have 5 options when it comes to the news feed structure. Each one looks visually appealing with a title, description, and full publication button. There are many options for their design, including different positions and visibility.

A video or other media can be added to the content field (the section where an image is automatically inserted by default).

IM Creator eCommerce

Select the appropriate stripe from the drop-down menu and add it directly to the page to add an online shopping cart. The show window design options are available in 9 different variations, just like other sections.

To activate Store Setting, click on any stripe. This is the same principle as the rest IM Creator sections.

Visual show window setup works in the exact same way as the rest of the stripes. The section menu allows you to access the Store Dashboard.

The IM Creator Online Store is simple. They look great, and it’s easy to add products or edit them. These windows provide basic currency, payment, and shipping settings. This works well for trading platforms that have a limited product range. 

For example, you could create several pages and add product sections with 2-3 display screens to each. Such an e-store will function and look great.

  • A powerful blogging engine
  • Functionality built-in for merchants
  • Advanced customization feature

White Labeling

IM Creator White label tool is perfect for professional web designers, hosting companies, resellers, and white labels. It’s for those who intend to use all the website builder’s features to start their own businesses. The White Label licensing model gives unlimited access to all website builders’ resources.

IM Creator offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for users who decide White Label doesn’t suit them. The system is also protected by an SSL Certificate, which guarantees secure payments.

Design & Templates

Templates are probably one of the strongest IM Creator points in terms of customer generation. 

The website builder is currently offering professional themes for various niches that are modern and visually appealing. The platform collaborates with some of the top web designers.

Template categories are the following: service, business, art/designs, health/wellness photography, restaurants/food, eCommerce/retail, fashion/beauty, Weddings, music/video, lodging tech, reseller.

While all IM Maker templates are scalable and responsive, design customization options can be powerful and versatile.

Customer Support

The IM Creator editor header has a “Help” link, which allows you to activate tips, view a brief instructional video, or contact the tech support team by leaving your email for feedback.

The service offers a high standard of customer support. Live chat support and 247 email support are available. Everything you need is here, and it works at a reasonable level.

IM Creator utilizes a ticketing platform that allows users to submit support tickets for system developers when they experience difficulties or want to solve system-related problems. Once the query has been reviewed, a support agent contacts the user with the best solution.

The average response time is around 12 hours. This is quite remarkable considering that IM creator currently powers more than 11 million websites worldwide.

You can also download an informative and helpful user guide. This provides details about all system features. 

You can this feature in only a few website builders.

  • Assistance is available 24 hours a day.
  • A vast knowledge base.
  • Chat with live chat and get tips.

Plans & Pricing

There are two major types of IM Creator plans available. This is for casual users who are looking to create their own projects. You can choose from three main packages.

  • Students, artists, and non-profits receive a totally free plan that includes unlimited hosting, themes, and eCommerce tools without ads.
  • Premium account costs $8 per month, which offers the same features and benefits as the previous plan, but on a monthly basis.
  • Unlimited License $350/year It includes some White Labeling options for resellers and other services for organizations.

Plans that are only for White Labeling clients are the second option. These include:

  • A Standard White Label plan costs $350/year and includes unlimited licenses, an integrated report, tracking, user control, etc.
  • A Host it Yourself plan costs $2500 per year and includes API access, editor-style control, custom strips, and much more.
  • A Servers control plan for $25,000. This plan includes servers’ ownership, login APIs, and a custom website builder copy placed on your server. It has all the features of the previous two plans.

It is essential to also indicate the eCommerce billing nuances. All sales profits will be accumulated into your plan’s inner account. Stripe charges a 5% commission to the IM Creator for each payment transaction.

Website Examples

There are so many features and tools offered by this website builder that you will want to check out some live site examples created using IM Creator.


IM Creator is a powerful WYSIWYG website creator that offers excellent value for money. This service is designed to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. It also works well for artists, students, non-profits, and others who want to start a website. The platform includes an eCommerce engine with powerful features, blogging options, various responsive templates, and extensive design customization tools.

This system is appealing to people who are practical and gives value to the result more than anything. The creation of web pages using stripes indeed suggests certain website similarities. But they are simple to launch and look perfect on mobile devices.

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