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Homeadvisor Reviews: Why They Really Suck!

We’re going to review HomeAdvisor to decide if it really is the best way to find contractors.

We’ll talk about whether buying leads from them is the right way for you to build your contractor business.

In the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding buying leads in order to generate revenue for your business.

And most important, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made me swear off Home Advisor for good, because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way!

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Table of Contents

HomeAdvisor Review: An Overview

HomeAdvisor is an online resource that can help residents find a dependable home repair or enhancement products in their area.

HomeAdvisor has service providers in several categories on its site, from maid offerings to HVAC fix, and screens each one to ensure you wind up dealing with a trustworthy provider.

Additionally, it backs its platform with a Happiness Guarantee.

Reviews Pros

  • Convenient app
  • Free to use
  • Instant online scheduling
  • Happiness Guarantee

Reviews Cons

  • Does not display all businesses in the area
  • Limited choices in specific locations

What is HomeAdvisor?

HomeAdvisor is the best free online resource for homeowners.

The company can help go with you with an expert in your area that provides the services you need. The website gives estimated expenses for solutions to fully grasp what you should anticipate when requesting quotes.

HomeAdvisor has an internet booking application that allows you to schedule a fixed-price service without picking up the telephone.

Services offered on HomeAdvisor consist of maid services, electrical services, lawn care, plumbing repairs, general contracting, and hundreds of others. Generally, you can reserve any kind of home-related service work through HomeAdvisor.

The company upholds its service with a Happiness Guarantee, promising to make it right if something goes wrong.

So, how does Home Advisor work?

How does Home Advisor work? How can this help Home Improvement Projects?

Using HomeAdvisor’s website, you can look for local contractors for several home repairs or maybe home services. HomeAdvisor pre-screens every single company and its owner to confirm adequate licensing and customer satisfaction.

HomeAdvisor matches you with a contractor by helping and pre-screened you through a series of questions and giving you quotes from qualified nearby contractors.

You can additionally reserve a fixed-price service quickly online. Conversely, you can utilize the search bar to find a local web page for your area and see a list of businesses.

A picture of every organization with related info like providers, phone numbers, and reviews is offered by HomeAdvisor.

As you check options, you can immediately meet HomeAdvisor by live chat or phone.

If you are not even prepared to contact a hometown professional, read through several of HomeAdvisor’s posts about the subject you are looking for. The company’s “Resource Center” area has a library of info about home services and projects.

HomeAdvisor cost

HomeAdvisor is entirely free for homeowners looking for info about professionals and contractors in their area. There’s no obligation to reserve service in case you opt to get quotes.

For contractors that would like to promote their business using the platform, HomeAdvisor charges a membership fee of around $300 annually, plus extra costs per lead (anywhere between $15 to 60).

The actual price is dependent on the business’s location and industry. This particular cost per lead is charged even when the lead does not become a client.

But is it really worth it?

Is HomeAdvisor legit? - A HomeAdvisor Review

Using HomeAdvisor is an excellent method for homeowners to get vetted contractors in their area. Nevertheless, because contractors pay being featured on the site, it does not provide a complete image of all of the local choices.

When looking for a local home repair or improvement provider and wish to read reviews from other customers, we highly recommend using HomeAdvisor.

HomeAdvisor FAQ: Home Advisor Reviews

How much does it cost to be on HomeAdvisor?

Businesses pay to be featured on HomeAdvisor. They spend a membership fee and a price per lead which differs based on location and industry. Homeowners that are looking for an experienced one don’t have to pay.

Is HomeAdvisor trustworthy?

For probably the most part, bad reviews are particular to contractors, not homeowners. HomeAdvisor pre-screens every business on its website and also shows reviews and ratings from prior customers. The company has managed more than a hundred million service requests based on its site.

Is HomeAdvisor worth using?

Yes. Because it is a free website, HomeAdvisor is a great way to start your search when looking for contractors. Of course, regularly ask family and friends for advice and recommendations too.

Is HomeAdvisor free?

HomeAdvisor costs nothing for homeowners to use. It can charge contractors that would like to be showcased on the website.

Let’s continue with this review.

HomeAdvisor Pros and Cons: A Review Findings


  • Enables you to solicit bids within minutes
  • The biggest number of affiliated contractors, over every other matching service
  • TrueCost Guides
  • Keep track of previous jobs into your bank account profile


  • Call-backs from contractors is often spotty
  • Some essential subcategories of work are missing
  • Prescreening isn’t an assurance of quality

How Contractor Matching Services Work: A HomeAdvisor Reviews

Prospective customers are linked by contractor-matching services (i.e., homeowners) with service providers.

They generate profits from recharging participating contractors fees for each qualified lead that they get. Suppose a contractor earns an excellent lead about a homeowner in the area that needs windows replaced, for instance.

In that case, the matching service makes a fee. Lead generation for a charge is a standard plan in the home improvement business.

The profitable nature of lead generation also helps explain why you might have solicited a quote for a task from a seemingly local company but finished up at the HomeAdvisor website.

Occasionally, suppose you look for fixed service. In that case, you wind up at a website for a company that seems to be locally branded – complete together with your city’s name, telephone area code, and photo.

While these might be local brick-and-mortar businesses, they may also be web-only HomeAdvisor affiliates that make a charge by referring you to HomeAdvisor.

Which, once again, makes a lead services charge from referring you to a service provider.

Tips For Using HomeAdvisor in Home Projects

When finishing your service request, be as particular as you can with info about the job.

If you liked a previous service provider’s performance, you could request work once more from the Your Projects menu.

When you’re provided a list of available service providers, click on their names. You won’t just learn more about the company or even individual. Still, often a money-saving coupon is found in this case.

TrueCost Guide: HomeAdvisor as a Content Provider

Most contractor-matching websites are merely a passthrough route to connect homeowners with service professionals. But one important feature we can find on HomeAdvisor that really encourages lingering is its TrueCost Guide, which spans many kinds of projects.

The TrueCost guide gave a brand new and very precise method for homeowners to compute the expense of different home repairs and enhancements.

What is the price to remodel a kitchen area?

Suppose you have something like Remodeling Magazine’s well-known Cost vs. Value Report. In that case, you receive numbers that are solid from more than 150,000 industry respondents, such as real estate appraisers, sales letter representatives, and brokers.

HomeAdvisor’s price estimates use surveys from actual project expenses as reported by HomeAdvisor members. Put simply, the moment the task is finished, the price is put into the price Guide. Not merely that, but these are also actual project expenses, not estimates.

Together with the Hanley Wood data employed in Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, you’ve to hold out an entire year for brand new expenses being tabulated.

Additionally, the information is from real estate professionals, not really building industry professionals.

As an outcome, HomeAdvisor’s TrueCost Guide comes with a real-time estimating application which is usually the latest and constantly influenced by actual costs.

HomeAdvisor's History: A HomeAdvisor Review

In this review, let’s see the brief history of HomeAdvisor.

Contractor matching services are available and go constantly. But HomeAdvisor may be an exceptional company that remains around more than twenty-one years later on.

HomeAdvisor started out as ServiceMagic. At the moment, Microsoft had the domain name but stored it parked and inoperable. ServiceMagic acquired the brand-new domain name.

Ultimately, ServiceMagic started to experience problems on each side of the homeowner/professional business structure. Thus, it was sometimes making several modifications, and plus that here, a name change.

In 2004, ServiceMagic was acquired by IAC/InterActiveCorp. Afterward, the company transformed its name – domain and most – to HomeAdvisor. For a company that does almost all its business online, a domain name change is instead a great action.

Speaking on the Spruce, Brooke Gabbert, the now-former Director of Social Media and Public Relations at HomeAdvisor, declared both “service” and “magic” not reflected the company’s goals. It was implicit that ServiceMagic’s experts will offer “service,” so there was no requirement to incorporate this particular term. “Magic” was a totally different issue.

Based on a season of industry analysis, Gabbert stated that the company realized that homeowners didn’t wish magic performed on the homes. Instead, they wanted solid, hard work.

In 2017, HomeAdvisor merged together with the popular contractor referral website Angie’s List. This merger led to the development of ANGI Homeservices Inc.

Should You Use HomeAdvisor? - A HomeAdvisor Reviews

Frequently, the most effective way to employ a house solutions provider is via a recommendation from a good friend, relative, or neighbor who has had a good experience. It is worth using a few methods, although matching solutions are a unique method to diversify the process.

For homeowners, the HomeAdvisor service is free. Even if you decide not to use HomeAdvisor, it has a great deal of valuable information through its reviews of trade experts plus its TrueCost Guide.

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