14 High Income Skills That Make
Great Money In 2021

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In a post pandemic world, everyone needs to have skillsets that make money. With the job market as it is, now more than ever it is important to have a specific skill set like these that can make you consistent income, every single month.

There’s always the option to go to college and learn a high income skill. Everyone knows doctors, lawyers, and learning to be a software engineer can be lucrative…but college takes a lot of time!

Most people argue if debt like that is even worth it to get into since you can’t really have the same in class learning experience anymore.

Luckily, you don’t need to go to college to learn a high income skill anymore. In fact, a lot of these high income skills that we are going to share with you can be learned from the comfort of your own home!

Just like our #1 recommended high income skill, digital real estate AKA local lead generation!

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Table of Contents

What Are High Income Skills?

Let’s just start off with skill.

What is a skill?

Well, there are actually two types of skills: hard and soft.

A hard skill is something that you can do like typing, whereas a soft skill is something like leadership or communication.

Now for the high income part.

What Is A High Income In 2021?

If you were to ask a handful of people around you what a high income is, they would probably say something along the lines of six figures.

In fact, having a six figure income is really considered the gold standard. Simply put, people feel like they’ve made it once they can say they have a six figure income.

Unfortunately, most jobs don’t pay too much over six figures…even if you have a college degree. You need to be equipped with a high income skill so that you are not capped in your earning potential.

So now, what is a high income skill?

A high income skill, by the definitions we’ve laid out above, is a hard skill that you can learn to do and earn six figures a year.

The Best Way To Earn Money In 2021

Before we get into the best ways to make money in 2021, we want you to get full disclosure…

Some of the high income skills we are about to show you might be shocking, you might have never thought of them.

Some of them might down right piss you off because of how easy they are to learn and how much money they make.

One things for sure though, if you’re ready to change your life and your income, then you have come to the right place.

We are going to give you a list of 13 high income skills that you can learn without a college degree AND our #1 RECOMMENDED HIGH INCOME SKILL IN 2021.

The Science And Math Behind A Six Figure Income

Let’s just use the base line of $100,000 and begin working backwards. Don’t take out your calculator, this ones on us.

If we take 100,000 and divide that by 12 we’ll get 8,333.33. That means that number right there is what you need to earn each month to hit six figures.

Now let’s take that same number and divide that by 160 (the average working hours in a month).

That brings us to the number 52, which is how much you would need to earn per hour to earn six figures.

Many of the high income skills you’ll find on this list are centered around being an entrepreneur. That is because it’s easier to charge $52 for a product or service, than to go and demand that from your boss.

On top of that, there are just so many different tax advantages you have with your own business. Even if you just want to start a side hustle, it will be extremely beneficial to your bottom dollar.

Where Do You Go To Learn High Income Skills?

Of course college is always an option, but we really don’t recommend college in 2021.

In fact, why would you even want to pay 50k a year to learn online? Sounds like a scam if you ask us!

There are many areas we can recommend going to learn high income skills. 

Let’s start with YouTube!

YouTube is one of the best places you can go to develop high income skills because just one YouTube channel can have 100’s of informative videos

Anything from affiliate marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, content creation, public speaking, even software development! 

YouTube literally has anything and everything you could want to learn and develop high income skills online.

Another option that is available and be free or paid, depending on how much skin you want to have in the game is online courses.

Online courses can be hit or miss to be honest, some are really bad and downright scams, and others like the one we recommend for our #1 high income skill are the real deal!

It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re picking the right online courses to join, regardless if they’re free or paid.

You want to have the most relevant information and learn the skills that allow you to charge top dollar for your products or services.

Shift Your Paradigm: Breaking The 9-5 J.O.B Programming And Becoming An Entrepreneur

What do Dan Lok, Bob Proctor, Grant Cardone, and Jim Rohn all have in common besides a high net worth? They all had a just over broke, hated it, and started creating their own products and services. 

They’re also on the list of high income entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but some aren’t really willing to put in the work it takes to get there. One thing is for sure though…

All those entrepreneurs I just listed were able to successfully stop trading their time for money and start earning more time and more money.

You can too! Imagine a life where you have no boss, no slow coworkers, and no pointless meetings. 

Would it sound crazy if we told you it is entirely realistic? 

Well, it is. 

All these high income skills we will be going over, if done right and well, will lead to you quitting your job, earning more money, and having more time!

Let’s Get Started!

The Top 14 Best High Income Skills In 2021

The skills are not presented in any particular order excluding our #1 recommended high income skill that will will help you earn five figures per month or more! 

At the end of each section we have attached a related skills section for some of the skills that go hand in hand. Occasionally some of the skills won’t sound like they go together…

That is because as an entrepreneur, you will have to get used to doing everything yourself first before you can hire out.

If you want to skip at any point to a topic that interests you, please refer to our linked table of contents.


Copywriting isn’t just like your papers from high school over books that made absolutely no sense and had no practicality. No, copywriting takes skill and actually serves a purpose in the real world. It’s purpose is to sell. 

If you can write in a way that engages your target market, then you’re golden! Copywriters with skills in conversion are in high demand as well. 

If you can write things that make people want to buy, everyone is going to want a piece of you!

You can learn everything you need to know about the copywriting industry here.

Where To Learn Copywriting Skills?

There are many different companies online that teach five figure per month copywriting skills. These companies often provide training through modules, videos, and even practice examples. 

When deciding on your copywriting training, make sure that there are plenty of examples of success throughout that program. 

After all, if you want to start an online business in copywriting, you want to learn from people who get results!

Where To Find Copywriting Clients?

No business succeeds without clients right? Exactly. 

Even though copywriting is a high income skill in high demand…people aren’t going to come out of the wood work to hire you unless you let them know what you do.

One of the best ways to get clients for copywriting is by posting on gig sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Another great option is to join copywriting groups on Facebook.

People are looking in these groups all the time to find good copywriters and you could potentially land a six figure client right out of the gate!

Pros And Cons With Copywriting


  • no college degree or high school diploma needed
  • high income and ability to charge per month retainers
  • training available everywhere


  • work will be inconsistent at first
  • not infinitely scalable
  • not a passive skill set

High Income Skills That Are Related

Content Creation/Content Marketing, Online Course Creation, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Podcaster, YouTube Creator, Real Estate, Public Speaker

Content Creation And Content Marketing

Content creation or, as it’s referred to in the marketing industry, content marketing, is where you as an individual have the skills to produce content on a platform that sells something.

This is pretty much just blogging but with a business/affiliate marketing twist. You create content that is entertaining and informative, yet at the same time advertises for a product. 

One of the best parts about this is that you aren’t paid per product you sell…although you can be…but instead are paid for the content you write about it!

Just because you create content though, doesn’t mean you’ll get paid money. You have to have a money interest associated with it and content to market with or else all you have is a hobby…

Where To Learn Content Creation / Content Marketing High Income Skills?

This is one of the easiest ones to learn because you can find great examples all over the internet! 

Whether that’s blogs, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube…you can find content marketing examples to learn on all sorts of platforms!

There are some courses on the specifics like content marketing for social media or blogs…but for the most part you can find courses that encompass everything.

Where To Find High Income Level Clients Willing To Pay?

One of the best places to find clients willing to pay for content marketing would be social media!

Although blogging and vlogging on YouTube are the most common go to’s in content creation, there is a huge opening for content marketing on social media for small businesses!

You could fit this perfectly!

Some small businesses are also looking for content creators on Fiverr and Upwork As well.

Take that Mark Zuckerberg!

High Income Skills That Are Related

Copywriting, Online Course Creation, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing

Online Course Creation

Something else that has become trendy lately is that of course creation. There are many different platforms that allow you to create courses, but the content is most important at the end of the day.

Creating a course requires skills in many different areas: content writing, public speaking, ability to train hard skills, and ability to use soft skills.

This is a good industry to get into as well, with the job market becoming increasingly grim…now more than ever people are flocking to online courses to learn high income skills that are worth good money.

Search engine optimization is one of the best online course creation industries to get into because of how high paying that service is!

If you are able to land clients for several thousand dollars a month by providing search engine optimization, you can expect to be able to charge high ticket closing course cost!

Course creation is also one of the easiest ways to make money because it is a form of passive income. 

You might have to make updates here and there, but for the most part, once your training is complete, you have a passive income asset that can work while your sleeping!

Where To Learn Online Course Creation High Income Skills?

The best part about this high level income skill is that most of your knowledge will come from your own experiences!

For example, if you are a really good copywriter, you could create a copywriting course that teaches people your process of becoming a $100,000+ per year, giving them a short cut to success!

This can’t really be a side hustle though…you have to be an expert!

How To Sell Your Online Course?

One of the best ways to sell your course is to have a blog to go along with it. It helps if you’re a sales funnel expert, along with some really solid SEO. There are a lot of other courses out there, and yours won’t be bought unless it’s seen.

Feel free to promote on your social media pages as well!

High Income Skills That Are Related

Copywriting, Content Creation/Content Marketing, Web Designer, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, software development, mobile app development, audio production audio production, video editing, video production, software engineering.

Graphic Designer

Becoming a great graphic designer is another high level income skill that you don’t need to go to college for!

Some graphic designers are known for making well over $100,000 per year, with some making millions!

In the graphic design industry you are pretty much making any kinds of designs imaginable for small business and their advertising.

If you have basic web design and web development skills alongside with your artistic expertise, you’ll be a shoe in for this industry!

Where To Learn Graphic Design High Income Skills?

There are several different courses on the internet that teach graphic design. However, most them only teach how to navigate different tools and apps that make your graphic design come to life.

However, all the web development and mobile app development skills don’t matter unless you have some creativity. This is probably the most important part.

Although you can make money with just these skills alone, it really goes well if you have a digital marketing company and offer this as an additional product or service.

This would also make a great high income side hustle for those currently in high school or college.

How To Sell Graphic Design?

Etsy is a great website on the internet known for people who sell graphic designs. Another great option is to prospect for clients on Upwork, Fiverr, and Facebook.

High Income Skills That Are Related

video production, web design, web development, social media management, software development

Web Design

Web design is among the top of high income skills today! Every business in every market needs some sort of web presence. If you can learn to build different types of websites, you’ll be a hot commodity and compensated handsomely for it!

Making money by creating websites is becoming easier every single day. Gone are the days where you have to be a programming expert with knowledge of cloud computing.

Today you are able to create great looking websites for cheap, and quickly might we add thanks to platforms like Weebly and Word Press where there are software developers behind it to take care of the code for you.

Where To Learn High Income Web Design Skills?

There are many different courses online and most of them now are related to digital marketing. One of the ways we recommend however is by learning from free videos off of YouTube!

How To Make Money With Web Design?

You can find clients on all sorts of platforms. Literally all kinds. Someone somewhere is always looking for a website to be built.

Pricing is entirely up to you. You can charge retainers, one time fees, payment plans etc. One thing is for sure though, this is great for those who want anything from a side hustle to full on passive income.

Many web designers make well over $100,000 per year.

High Income Skills That Are Related

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, software engineering, cloud computing, software developer

Web Developer

A web developer is the kind of high income skill that very valuable because it takes a high level of knowledge in coding. 

Having hard skills in web development is very lucrative, you can earn money well over the six figure mark.

If you can code in languages like CSS, HTML, and Javascript…then this one is for you!

Where To Learn Web Development Skills?

One of the best places you can go to learn coding would be codecadmy and skillshare.

You can learn all sorts of languages and the price to do so is not expensive at all!

How To Earn High Paying Money Clients

Small businesses are always looking to hire a web guy. Networking is key, but you have to still go out and look for these clients most of the time by yourself.

High Income Skills That Are Related

Web Designer, Software Developer, cloud computing, programming,

Software Engineer / Developers

This is another highly sought after skill. The ability to take ideas and turn them into apps can be extremely useful…not to mention lucrative!

If you want to learn all things programming and software engineering, then get started in the software developers market today!

Where To Learn This Skill?

Codecademy and skillshare would be another great option to learn these skills at require knowledge at a deep level.

How To Start Making Money?

The best way would be to network with your small business friends or friends at a big corporate company. You could quickly become the go to guy earning the big bucks!

High Income Skills That Are Related

coding, programming, communication, marketing

Social Media Marketing

If you’re looking for some easy high income skills to make money fast, then look no further!

It has been around in some form for nearly 15 years! Can you believe it? It has become today’s news paper in a lot of ways.

That being said if you are on the younger side, this could be easy as 1, 2, 3, and second nature. This is probably the type of skill that pisses the older generation off the most.


Because of how much money is in it. We’re talking an average of at minimum $500 a month to run social media advertising for a small business.

How To Learn More About Social Media Marketing?

There are many different places online to learn such as blogs, courses, YouTube videos, and more!

How To Make More Money With Social Media Marketing?

The harder you work at it and the more clients you attain, the more money you will make. It’s also a good idea to start offering other products or services alongside your digital marketing agency.

Another great way is to make posts on social media for free for a potential customer, bring them business, and prove your worth up front!

High Income Skills That Are Related

Copywriting, Content Creation/Content Marketing, Online Course Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

But wait, aren’t most affiliate marketing things scams?

Although many things are scams in the affiliate marketing space, not all of them. Many people do in fact make good money with affiliate marketing…they just pick obscure niches people wouldn’t think about.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

There are courses with training everywhere on it! Make sure you do your due diligence and pick a company that is reputable.

Also, don’t fall for the YouTuber with a YouTube channel who sells a course with no real life experience who works a dead end job on the side.

Before deciding to move forward with affiliate marketing, we highly recommend you check out our piece, Top 5 Reasons Most Affiliate Marketers Fail.

How To Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing?

One of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing is by dropping affiliate links in your blogs or even YouTube videos if you go the vlog route. 

Something most affiliate marketers don’t understand is that it does take work.

Can you make more money with affiliate marketing than drop shipping? Yes, but don’t just try it for a month and give up…you’ll it regret for the rest of your life!

Be ok with honest hard work. All you have to do is get a click to sell a product, remember that.

High Income Skills That Are Related

Content Creation/Content Marketing, Online Course Creation, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

In this case digital marketing could be anything online that is directly related to bringing in businesses more money.

You could do Facebook Ads, Google Ads, video production, audio production, video editing, SEO, and even more!

Options are endless which is why it is such a big money industry with more and more people entering it every single day!

How To Learn Digital Marketing?

There are courses and video everywhere online that teach you how to make money with digital marketing.

However, you must have some common sense as to which courses are scams or not. Sometimes people don’t mind pretending to be something or someone else if that means you’ll give them money.

That being said, YouTube and skillshare is full of great videos!

Also, if this is something that interests you, you can check out our #1 recommended business of the year!

How To Make More Money With Digital Marketing?

One way that has helped people scale their careers tremendously with digital marketing is by running ads, learning SEO, and building more websites!

High Income Skills That Are Related

Content Creation/Content Marketing, Online Course Creation, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing

Email Marketing

This may be a little old, but there are still some big budgets which is why it falls on this high income skills list.

This isn’t something we would recommend for a beginner because the click through rates are low and it’s hard to see success at the beginning.

However, if you can refine your skills, you can quickly have businesses eating out the palm of your hand because of how well your emails are proven to convert!

How To Learn Email Marketing Skills?

There are many different old school courses, books, and videos that can be helpful in getting your campaign off the ground.

How To Earn More Money With The Email Marketing Skill?

A great way to make more with email marketing is by getting more clients. Normally your email system will cost a certain amount per client, so the more clients you have the more your income scales.

Side Hustle Skills Related To Email Marketing

Content Marketing, Online Course Creation, Digital Marketing


Another high income skill is creating a podcast. You can have topics and audio related to anything. Just like Joe Rogan!

It is a booming industry and a great way to start making money. We recommend learning this skill and public speaker skills before someone else does and starts making money before you!

How To Learn Podcast Skills?

We recommend learning from the greats like Joe Rogan and Logan Paul. Podcasts like these have millions of viewers!

How To Make Full Time Money With Podcast Skills?

A great way that many podcasters earn is via ad revenue. Once they receive a certain amount of views, ads, especially on YouTube, can earn you more money than a 9-5 easily.

Skills Related To Podcasts

Audio production, video production, set designers, graphic designers, thumbnail designers, soft skills like being a great public speaker.

Real Estate

Being able to own, rent, and flip properties is a skill that is worth a lot of money to a lot of different people. It’s also one of the easiest business models to build wealth in.

Real estate is one of the business models that has generated money for the wealthy since the dawn of time. The reason being is that this skill allows for leverage.

You leverage a property that makes money for you month in and month out with some maintenance here and there.

There’s also no doubt that you can earn hundreds of thousands per year from it.

So what’s the downside?

Once you get to a certain point and own a lot of properties, it can become like a second job. No one wants a second job or anything that feels like a full time job once you reach a certain level of income.

But that’s what real estate can become…a second full time job.

Another thing that is tough about it is the cost of living in some areas. You can be forced to accept rent payments less than the property is worth and more so, the government can tell your tenants that they don’t have to pay.

It’s a great skill to have unless the pandemic/recession way of life gets in the way.

However…there is one high income skill that applies all the principles of real estate but with none of the downside…

Our #1 High Income Skill Recommendation - Digital Real Estate

It’s really simple actually and doesn’t take a whole lot of work.

The first thing you’re gonna wanna do is build a website for something like a tree service business in town. Nothing crazy, the design doesn’t have to matter too much.

Next you’ll apply some SEO and get that bad boy to rank on page one of Google in just a couple months.

After you’re ranked, calls will start coming in with people asking for a tree service contractor to come take care of their tree issues.

But you’re not a tree service guy or gal, so what do you do?

Call a contractor in town and give him or her the free leads of course!

Any business owner will appreciate you passing off good business to them and definitely open up their minds to what you have to offer.

After you send them some good work that they make more money on, you call them up and say…

“Hey Jim, how are all those tree removal jobs coming” and he says “Great man, hey I appreciate you sending me all the extra business my way, maybe we can work out a deal!”. 

“Great” you say, “How does $1000 a month sound?” “Sounds good to me!” says Jim, and bam there you have it, you’re first deal closed!

Now it’s just rinse and repeat.

Is it really that easy though?

In some cases it’s actually easier. Sometimes they feel bad about not paying a referral fee and ask to pay you anyway.

But do you see the big picture here? The more of these you have up, the more money you’ll make. It’s way cheaper to scale compared to real estate as well! 

We’re talking $12 a year for a domain name and $8 for hosting.

Imagine having 10 of these sites up for just $1000 a month each? That’s six figure’s of cash flow!

It’s hard to find a high income skill that is easier and more passive than that!

How To Learn Lead Generation Skills?

Along with this being our #1 high income skill recommendation we have also found a course we recommend to go along with it.

This course teaches you how to use SEO on locally set up websites to get them ranked at the top of Google and generating calls for the local business you are partnered with.

Our review team has found this course to be extremely well put together and teaches all the skills necessary to really help a small business owner get more work in the door.  

What kind of skills will you be learning in this course?

  • how to build a lead gen website
  • how to pick a perfect market
  • sales skills
  • SEO
  • and much more

These lead generation skills have led group members to so much income it’s really hard to believe. It is the norm in this training to be able to leave your job and make more money than your 9-5 soul sucking job within just 6 months of following the process.

We love coming across high income skills and courses like this because it means regular people can find ways to work not as hard yet become more valuable with work like this as opposed to their stupid job they hate.

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