Habitica Review

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Habitica Review

Have you ever imagined if real life could be like a video game? You could level up, go on adventurous missions, and beat formidable foes. Video games are entertaining and exciting, and rather than forcing yourself to play them, you must allow yourself to stop.

Life isn’t like a video game, but Habitica aims to get it closer. They anchor on the fun that video games give, as well as the many types of encouragement that they provide, to help you achieve your goals and get your life back on track.

In this Habitica review, we’ll take a closer look and see if it’s worth all the excitement.

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Gamified Task Manager App Details

Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android


Self-Direction: Achieving goals, effort, goal-setting, identifying strengths and weaknesses, motivation, personal growth, self-reflection, set objectives, work to achieve goals

Emotional Development: Moving beyond obstacles, persevering, self-awareness

Responsibility & Ethics: Making wise decisions

Tech Skills: Social media

Price: Free

Pricing structure: Free (optional in-app purchases from $0.99 to $19.99)

Release date: December 15, 2015

Category: Productivity

Size: 24.20 MB

Publisher: HabitRPG, Inc

Version: 1.6.5

Minimum software requirements: iOS 8.2 or later; Android 4.0.3 and up

Last updated: July 20, 2017

Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Habitica is a free web tool and app that aims to boost productivity, enhance habit formation, and make your hustle and bustle more enjoyable.

These are all accomplished through “gamification.” It’s a top-level list maker, life, and game coach!

Many of the recurring concepts in Habitica are similar to those of other RPGs: you select a class, complete missions, beat bosses and mini-bosses, collect loot and gold, improve equipment, and raise pets and mounts.

It’s compatible with Android, iOS, and browsers, to allow you to use it almost anywhere. Both Linux and Windows mobile users can use their browser to access Habitica.

More than 4 million Habitican users are currently playing.

Habitica, which has over 4 million users, utilizes in-game incentives and punishment to inspire participants to achieve their assignments.

This app is for everybody, not just for video-game streamers. According to Habitica, more than 40% of their subscribers are not gamers at all!

Since it is open-source, it is mainly run by volunteers, and new updates, missions, and features are added every year.

How Does Habitica Work?

The general premise of Habitica is straightforward: join your missions, and when you mark them as completed, you can level up your character by collecting experience points and gold.

If you fail your duties, your character’s health will suffer.

One of the most appealing aspects of Habitica is the degree to which the activities can be customized. To start a task, just click the “create” button, and you’re all set.

There are three types:

1. To Dos.

These are the tasks in your list that are completed once or not very often. The deadline for these tasks can be modified and checklists can be created.

You will win points and gold when you complete these tasks.

2. Dailies.

These tasks are the things you are scheduled to do every day or on certain days. You can set it to say “every two days” and a pop-up will remind you about it everyday.

If you complete them, you will win points; but if not, your character will suffer a setback. Failure to complete a Daily would have a negative impact on your hero’s health bar.

3. Habits.

You can also list habits, whether good or bad, that you are attempting to shape or break.

When you cross out these habits off your list, you will either win points for good habits or lose wellbeing for bad habits.

With their color-coding scheme, Habitica often allows for the user to easily identify which activities need the most care.

Every task begins as a neutral yellow, and the more often you accomplish them, the bluer they get.

They will turn red if you miss any habits or are late for their deadlines. This allows you to focus on the activities that need the most of your time.

You earn points when you complete tasks., but there are also things you can do for those points, much like in any video game.

You can use these points to buy equipment or create a cool look for your avatar. Donning the “absurd party hat” makes you look like you’ve reached a certain level of prestige.

This kind of motivates you in completing tasks in a fun way.

You can also obtain pet eggs, hatch them, feed, care for, and ride eventually.

The points that you earn enable you to level up. This fully restores your health and allows you to meet “special quests.”

One of Habitica’s qualities is how social bonds or ties can motivate you. You can be with other users via collaborative quests to embark on a quest or journey to battle monsters.

This quest is in a “super-accountability” mode, in that the member’s progress or slack affects the monster. So if for example, you begin to slip off and fail to finish the tasks, your entire team suffers damage.

This is a brilliant way to keep you motivated—after all, you don’t want to let your team down!

Habitica also allows competitions against other users, and if you win, you can get special rewards.

Another part of Habitica’s social aspect is the Tavern where you can join the Tavern chat. While this is not an instant messenger device, and you must refresh to see the most recent post, it does allow interaction with other users.

Guilds are used to discuss particular subjects, similar to threads.

The Tavern also performs another function: it allows you to take a break from your Daily’s tasks.

When you don’t finish your Daily duties, you suffer consequences—but how about on holidays or on instances when you are on a break, what do you do then?

Simply enter the Tavern rest and set certain activities on hold.

The game expands as you progress in Habitica. If you reach level 10, you can enter one of four guilds: fighter, mage, healer, or rogue, each of which has various benefits in the Power, Defense, and Attack stats.

Then from there, the game continues to develop, with new challenges, quests, as well as groups to enter. Occasionally, players must work together to defeat “World Bosses.”

Habitica can be used wherever you are and whenever. The app is available for both Android and iOS systems, and it can even be accessed from the internet too.

If you’re looking for a “companion animal,” you can get tigers, wolves, lions, pandas, flying pigs, foxes, cacti, dragons, and bears.

White, desert, red, black, skeleton, undead, pink, baby blue, and gold are the base colors for the potions that decide an animal’s color.

How Can I Make The Most Of Habitica?

Habitica may be a helpful tool, but there are a few things you can to maximize its use.

The first rule is to not be too optimistic. Daily tasks are wonderful reminders, but if you don’t complete them, they will affect your avatar’s health. So don’t want to add too many all at once!

This corresponds to real-life habit formation. According to research and studies, attempting to start so many habits at once leads to failure. This can be liken to multitasking which is not always a good idea.

Reap the benefits of Habitica’s social aspect as well. We are social beings, and our minds are hardwired to resist disappointing others.

So, ask your family, or friends, or coworkers to use Habitica and join a quest together. This encourages you to see outcomes as you go, giving you an additional boost of inspiration!

Is Habitica Cheap?

Yes, because it’s free! The app is free to download and use. It won’t cost you a dime. 

There are subscriptions for those who wish to support the platform, and these users get exclusive benefits.

You pay a monthly fee of $5 or an annual fee of $48 for this special subscription. Perks include:

  • Access to weekly surprise rewards
  • Option to use gold to buy gems
  • Get longer mission history in tracking your progress
  • Access to special items

Free vs. Premium

I’ll confess that the term “free” is somewhat limiting. Gems are used for a variety of purposes, but purchasing them can be costly. You get far more with a subscription. 

You also get exclusive goods.

With the paid subscription, I earned more with the Daily drop which was a great perk. What’s more, purchasing gems with gold earned is much less expensive.

Gems allow you to purchase more products, participate in challenges, and do loads of other things.

Below are the subscription costs:

  • $4.99 good for 1 month inclusive of a 25-gem cap
  • $14.99 good for 3 months inclusive of a 30-gem monthly cap and 1 mystic hourglass
  • $29.99 good for 6 months inclusive of a 35-gem monthly cap and 2 mystic hourglasses
  • $47.99 good for 1 year inclusive of a 45-gem monthly cap and 4 mystic hourglasses

Habitica Review: Is It Any Good?

This app is likely to inspire teenagers and adults who enjoy racking up points in video games, defeating opponents, and reviewing leaderboards.

Habitica: Gamified Task Manager isn’t the nicest looking app but its classic old-school graphics and content plus straightforward incentive tactics are what keep the players frequently checked in.

This is what most people wanting to make a difference need: constant monitoring, a lot of inspiration, some competitiveness, group encouragement, and a little imaginative fun.

Before downloading to use the app, parents should know what their expectations are for in-app purchases such as this.

And, like in any motivational product, the app’s success is just as strong as the user’s dedication to changing their behaviors.

Habitica Review: Final Verdict

Make the most of your fun—and turn your everyday life into an adventure. While Habitica is less “technical” and has less monitoring than other productivity and time management apps such as OmniFocus or Todoist, it is no less efficient.

The app is free, undoubtedly charming, and absolutely entertaining! Instead of dragging yourself to practice the piano, exercise, or finish a job, you can now accomplish all these while enjoying the process.

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