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There’s no denying the fact that Grant Cardone knows how to sell, he’s an international salesman, a real estate guru, and the best-selling author of seven books including, The 10x Rule. 

With a net worth of $300 million dollars, why wouldn’t you do everything that Grant says to do?

He makes a ton of money doing what he does best –  and that is selling and generating investors.  

He’s living the lifestyle that most people you want to live – flashy cars, endless money, a beautiful wife and he’s giving you plenty of opportunities for you to do the same through Cardone Capital, and Cardone University.

Bottom line Grant is a guy that most people want to be like. He has money, owns a ton of properties, gets financing from other people and from what it seems like he barely losses.

We wouldn’t know because the financial information for Cardone Capital can’t be found on his website or the internet. Most big-time investors would have a difficult time handing over their money for this simple fact.

So are you just being sold a pipe dream? 

If you do a simple search online about Grant Cardone you’ll find a ton of information about him.

Some people claiming he’s a scam and that Cardone Capital is a scheme. While others saying his business model is a great investment. 

You’ll find that there’s a class action lawsuit against Cardone Capital as well. 

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Who Is Grant Cardone?

So what’s the story with Grant Cardone? 

Grant is a 62-year-old self-made millionaire and one of the greatest sales coaches in America.  He’s the CEO of Cardone Capital and has closed $350 Million in real estate deals.

You often see videos of him in front of jet planes, driving fancy cars, and surrounded by beautiful women. His picture is plastered across the internet. 

Growing up his family was from Louisiana and he was raised by his mother after his father died, he grew up with his twin brother Gary Cardone and three other siblings and he learned it took hard work to earn money.

Now living in Miami with his family and actress wife, Elena and Sabrina his 11 year old daughter, and Scarlett his 9 year old daughter.

He has earned his money by building a successful sales coaching business that he started when he was 29 years old. 

This business model has helped many people and thousands of businesses both large and small improve their sales process and generate more money.

As a professional sales trainer, he went on to build a real estate empire and has written over 6 books and several courses making him a ton of money. 

Grant has a stellar success record.

But that wasn’t always the case. His life wasn’t always so glamorous. 

Grant had a history of drugs and failure. You can hear him often speak about this from college days are filled with drugs and failure, but he found his way to success.

His one of Grant Cardone’s quote is, “Cash flow is King”. 

He often states that college is a scam, unnecessary, and will put you in debt. 

I happen to agree with him. We’re conditioned to do things in a specific order – Graduate Highschool then go to college. Get married then have children.

You can be successful without going to college. 

I used to tell myself this 20 times a day, because it’s true!

Author & Speaker

  • The 10X Rule
  • The 10X Rule Quotes
  • How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate
  • The Closer’s Survival Guide
  • Sell or Be Sold
  • Sell to Survive
  • Real Estate Investing Made Simple
  • Be Obsessed or Be Average
  • If You’re Not First You’re Last
  • The Millionaire Booklet

You can find these books selling on Amazon and his website along with MP3’s and apparel.

Can Cardone Capital Make You Money?

Cardone Capital has an impressive real estate portfolio. 

It’s a simple crowdfunding business model that raises money for real estate investment opportunities from non-accredited and accredited investors.

And with a small investment of at least $5,000 for unaccredited investors and a minimum of $100,000 for accredited investors,  you have yourself a great long-term investment plan.

Essentially you become partners with them owning real estate properties and you’ll get part of the rental payments.

Essentially you go into an agreement and you are partners with income-generating properties. 

That’s great!

They claim that you’ll double or triple your investments.

But with the aggressive fee structure, this doesn’t seem likely. But we’ll get to that later.

Oh and currently there’s a class-action lawsuit against Cardone Capital. 

The suit claims that they ignored the warnings from the SEC lawyer and misleading his investors.

What Are The Benefits Of Cardone Capital?

One of the biggest upsides to investing in Cardone Capital is you’re investing in already vetted properties. 

You’re given real estate investment opportunities that you normally wouldn’t have access to. So you’ll be able to start receiving money every month when Cardone Capital collects from rental payments with monthly cash distributions.

And because it’s a real estate investment you’re able to write off depreciation on your taxes. 

What Are The Down Sides?

Cardone Capital is a fairly new company only opening up in 2017, so there’s not much information about them, and they won’t share their financial information.

One of the biggest downsides is the fee structure. It’s very aggressive and seems to be more in the favor of Grant Cardone taking 35% out of everything with a management fee of almost 3%. 

And on top of that, there are some hidden fees a 1% annual fee and a 1% acquisition fee that is never mentioned. 

Cardone Capital And Their Class Action Lawsuit

Basically, he’s facing allegations of misleading his investors by promising them at least a 15% annual return that never happened. 

Cardone Capital is also being accused of violating federal securities laws in a suit filed in federal court in Los Angeles. Allegedly they made false and misleading statements while omitting important facts bout a deal totaling $100 million.

Just watch some of his video’s and you’ll hear him make promises. Make sure to read the comments on his videos and check out the people he tags.

What Is Cardone University?

Cardone University is by far one of the best sales training courses out there that you can purchase. 

Grant himself literally lays out everything you need to do in order to grow your business.

And it’s only  $97 a month. That’s a deal because there’s a ton of value in this!

But if you’re like most people putting it all together isn’t so simple. 

So you continue trying to gain more knowledge so that you can hopefully figure it all out.

And pay for another month, so that you can take another class, watch more videos, look for more advice, and stalk his YouTube videos and social media accounts.

Hoping that this guy will help you finally be your own boss and make a boatload of money.

But you never actually get started.

The things he says makes perfect sense and he makes it look so simple, doesn’t he! 

So then why is it so hard? And immediately the word scams comes to mind.

There’s actually a good reason for this!

You were sold a dream – over delivered on promises that aren’t necessarily false, but just not obtainable for most people.

But this isn’t necessarily a scam. After all, he’s providing you with valuable information that you can use to generate more money, right?

He painted a beautiful picture of what your life could be like by signing up for his courses, buying his books and watching his YouTube videos. 

His business model is to sell you a dream, a dream that most people want. 

And in order to get that dream, you just have to buy his program.  

Genius! But, that doesn’t make it a scam.

Scams are described as dishonest.

Anybody can make money online and that’s a fact. 

And he’s providing you with the ability to do so even if he’s painting a picture that isn’t exactly obtainable.

You take these classes and you’re left on your own to figure out all of the information that you just read. 

What Separates Grant Cardone From Tai Lopez and Dan Lok

At first look, they are all pretty much the same. 

They are selling knowledge so that you can one day become the CEO of your own business, increase your profits, and minimize your losses and live life the way you want to be filled with freedom. 

So basically they are trying to sell you some type of knowledge to start making money online or offline. 

They offer you something of value.

Unfortunately, their business model is to sell you information, it isn’t necessarily to make you money.  

You’re getting something for your money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s going to be cash flow.

The biggest difference is that Grant promotes working hard to get the things that you want. 

Grant is also a friend of Russell Brunson who has the same belief in working hard to build something your proud of without having to go to college. Grant even uses Brunson’s funnel methods to sell his books.

There's Money In Real Estate

It’s true! The real estate business is a lucrative business. We all know that there’s money in it. It’s part of why Cardone Capital is so enticing. 

You have the ability to do nothing but invest money and start making money.

After all, if you tried doing this on your own you’d need the funds. 

That means you’re financing money in order to purchase a home. If your credit isn’t good you’re paying a high interest rate.

You can very well be stuck paying this loan back until you sell the home.

It’s a risky business if you aren’t backed by investors or have a ton of money to risk.

Again it’s why investing in Cardone Capital looks like a great deal. You only need limited funds for a market that you know has great returns.

But you have no say on the purchase of the home, the sale of the home, and how much of the funds you’ll receive. 

Be sure to carefully inspect the fee structure 35% + 3% + 1% + 1%= not so much on your return.

It won’t be easy to find this on their website.

But you get monthly cash distributions so it must be good.

The Bottom Line: Grant Cardone Review - Conclusion

While Grant does have a long history of scams and controversy surrounding him, none have been found creditable. 

So, should you stay away from Cardone Capital, 10x Rule or Cardone University?

The facts are simple, in order to make money people need to put in the work. They need to be taken by the hand to be shown how to do it.

Many of us are sold on the dream of being the CEO without having to put the work in. Living a life where we have the time to do whatever we want whenever we want.

We don’t want to work more than a few hours a week and take trips to Miami to enjoy time with our family. 

Just read the responses on the post and videos. People want to live like he does!

I mean…. why wouldn’t you?

But if it seems too good to be true it usually is. 

He’s living the life that you want!

You’ll go into debt trying to achieve this type of life buying one program after another and investing in anything that might help you to achieve it based on a dream.

I have a friend who will try any program out there and he’s literally putting himself in debt doing it. 

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t make money alongside of Grant Cardones and his other investors. 

But how much are you making and how much are you losing?

As with any investment opportunity, there are no guarantees. And with this one being a long term investment with a company that won’t reveal their financial information, well you cannot expect to become debt free any time soon.

Now for the same goes for purchasing a monthly subscription to Cardone University or attending his 10x growth conference.  

Will you have the same cash flow and capital that he does simply because you took his class or attended each conference?

Probably not.

But is it possible? Sure anything is possible, right.

Are you really willing to invest $5,000 in properties that you’ll never see? 

Do you really want to take loans out with high interest rates in the hopes that it’s a good deal?

I think we’re in agreement when we say “No” to both of those questions. 

Listen you don’t need to go to college in order to be the CEO of your own company, or to build a successful website, be the author of your own book for that matter or even be the president.

The one thing that you need is a realistic plan. You can write your own story!

This Is Still One Of The Best Ways To Make Money Online?

It’s not easy sifting through the thousands of different ways to make money online. 

We know we’ve done it! We pick apart each one to see if it’s a scam or if it’s possible for you to make you money! 

And we still believe that digital real estate is the best way to make money online and not go into debt doing it. 

Let’s face it, we’re not all salespeople like Grant Cardone. He’s a born speaker with a gift to sell.

And most of us don’t have the capital to start a business like Cardone Capital either. 

So taking a class of his or watching his videos isn’t going to give you the sudden ability to sell.

With digital real estate there are no phone calls to make nor do you need to make any pitches to people. You literally build a website that will generate leads and you earn money from these leads.

Every business needs leads to be successful. But most of them don’t know how to get them.

That’s where you come in.

You focus on getting the leads for local businesses and they can focus on closing the deals on their own. 

It’s a win-win!

So let’s say, you build a simple website for a roofing company in your town that generates only 20 leads a month.

Roofing leads sell for $500-$2000 per lead.

That’s $10,000-$40,000 per month from one website. 

Now imagine doing this with 10 sites just like this.

That’s $100,000-$200,000 a month!

You can do this again and again in different cities across the country and with different markets by simply repeating the same process – build a website, do some SEO to rank in Google and start getting the responses that will generate you money.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to build a website or get listed in the search engines. 

That’s where BAM comes in. This program literally takes you by the hand through the entire process and if you get stuck on something there’s someone ready to help.

With live calls every Monday and Wednesday helping you to stay on track and work towards your goal there’s no reason you cannot build your digital real estate business within a few months. 

This group is filled with like-minded people and they become a friend who’s ready to help you whenever you need it.

They become your people!

Just recently one of the students made 40K in just 8 months! 

Can you imagine?

But that’s not normal, most will make 10K a month!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by checking out the responses this program has gotten already, and the results people are getting. Click here and check it out for yourself

Here’s the best part,

  • No need for financing to get the business up and running.
  • No huge capital needed to get started.
  • You won’t go into debt building a successful business.
  • Extremely low risks. 
  • No high interest rate loans to take out!
  • Potential to build unlimited wealth.
  • It doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge or web design experience

Are you ready to start building your own business and write your own story? Click here! 

We can’t expect to become Grant Cardone and own a company like Cardone Capital. But you can be taken by the hand and shown how to build a business of your own without theories. 

Who knows, maybe with digital real estate you can scale quicker than Grant Cardone himself! Don’t be like my friend buying everything he thinks will get him closer to living like Grant Cardone.

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