Grace Kelly Net Worth (2022 Update)

When Grace Kelly wed Prince Rainier III of Monaco, she was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. “The Country Girl” won her an award for best actress in 1954.

As of 2022, Grace Kelly’s combined net worth with the royal family (including their heirs such as Prince Albert ii) is estimated to be $1 billion.

Grace Kelly Net Worth Update

But how did she make her money?

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Grace Kelly…

Net Worth:

$1 billion


53 years old


November 12, 1929 – September 14, 1982

Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth

Royalty, Film, Fashion model

Last Updated


After appearing in numerous important movies in the early to mid-1950s, Grace Patricia Kelly became an American actress. Kelly decided to marry Prince Rainier III throughout April 1956 to become the Serene Highness Princess Grace de Monaco.

She rose to fame thanks to her role in John Ford’s 1953 romantic-adventure film Mogambo, for which she received an award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Her work in the drama The Country Girl earned her the Academy Award for Best Actress (1954).

At age 26, Kelly gave up performing to marry Rainier and started her responsibilities as Princess of Monaco. Princess Grace was to have been the “icy blonde” main actress in more of Hitchcock’s films, but he has been unable to persuade her to come out of retirement.

Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, as well as Princess Stephanie were the three children Grace and Rainier had. Due to her dual citizenship with the United States and Monaco, Grace maintained her connection to America.

A lot of people want to know Grace Kelly’s story, from early life to marrying Prince Rainier III of the Monaco. This article will go over everything about Kelly.

early Life

Grace Patricia Kelly was born to a wealthy and renowned family on November 12, 1929, in Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her dad, John B. Kelly Sr., had been an Olympic sculler who was born to Irish immigrants.

Grace Kelly also had a prosperous brickwork contracting business with a solid reputation on the East Coast. He was the Democratic candidate for mayor of Philadelphia in 1935, and he lost by the slimmest margin ever experienced by the city.

His other siblings were George Kelly, a Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist, screenwriter, as well as director, and Walter C. Kelly, a vaudeville performer who also produced movies for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Paramount Pictures.

Kelly was raised in a quiet, Catholic neighborhood. She was baptised and attended primary school at the East Falls Saint Bridget’s church. She completed her studies at the adjacent private Stevens School, where she took part in theatrical and dance programs, in May 1947.


Kelly accepted a costarring part alongside Cooper in 1952’s High Noon, a Western directed by Fred Zinnemann and shot in Columbia, California, when she was playing at Colorado’s Elitch Theatre at the producer Stanley Kramer’s invitation.

She then went on to star in several more masterpieces, such as “High Society” with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Three of Alfred Hitchcock’s most renowned movies also casted her, including “Rear Window” with James Stewart, “Amy Fowler Kane,” “Dial M for Murder,” and “To Catch a Thief.”

But by 1956, Kelly had made the decision to give up her profession at the age of just 26 in order to marry Prince Rainier and deliver a $2 million dowry to the Grimaldi family, the monarchs of Monaco. At the Cannes Film Festival was where Kelly met Prince Rainier iii of Monaco.

Expert Gemma Godfrey, a contributor to the film documentary Grace Kelly: The Missing Millions, claims that Grace was required to pay a dowry in order to wed Prince Rainier III due to an ancient tradition of the Monaco Royal Family.

Grace Kelly’s total earnings during her five years in Hollywood might have exceeded $1.5 million, or even the equivalent of $15 million in today’s dollars; nevertheless, these profits don’t appear to be included in her will. Kelly said she will continue to act and do fashion model, based on Los Angeles Times, even though she is married.

A slight brain hemorrhage occurred on September 13, 1982, when Grace drove back to Monaco from her rural residence in Roc Agel. After his death in 2005, Rainier was buried alongside her.

Grace Kelly Success Clues

One: A person’s worth cannot be judged only on the basis of his or her appearance.

Two: Emotions should not influence your decisions in life.

Three: The importance of maintaining strong connections with others can’t be overestimated.

Featured Grace Kelly Best Quotes Of All Time! Quotes

Womens Natural Role Is To Be A Pillar Of The Family
"Women's Natural Role Is To Be A Pillar Of The Family."
Getting Angry Doesnt Solve Anything
"Getting Angry Doesn't Solve Anything."
"I was constantly falling in love, and it never occurred to me that this was wrong or bad."
"I don't want to dress up a picture with just my face."
"My husband is a good father, concerned about his children."
"I don't like yelling and fighting, and I can't quarrel."
"Emancipation of women has made them lose their mystery."

Grace Kelly Events

Grace Kelly Events

Grace Patricia Kelly rose to fame as an American actress in the early to mid-1950s after starring in a number of significant motion pictures.

In April 1956, Kelly made the decision to wed Prince Rainier III of Monaco and become Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco. Grace and Rainier had three children together: Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess Stephanie.

She later appeared in a number of other classic films, including “High Society” starring Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. She was cast in three of Alfred Hitchcock’s most well-known films, including “To Catch a Thief,” “Dial M for Murder,” and “Rear Window” opposite James Stewart.

The late Princess of Monaco has estimated combined net worth of $1 billion with the royal family.

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