Garrett J. White Review (2022 Update): 5 Tips To Become A Warrior

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Garrett J White Reviews

Garret J White Reviews: Thoughts on Garrett J White

Prepare to be surprised. This is going to be a shock to most of you as Garret J White’s programs are the most brutally honest and comprehensive training I’ve come across with.

Everyone is born a warrior with huge ambitions, yet most of us become knocked down and swamped by life’s pressures and challenges, suffering silently and unsure of how or if you will be able to break free and be the person you aspire to be.

Garrett J. White is the creator of several successful programs called Warrior Week and Wake Up Warrior, to name a few. He also authored the Warrior Book, a book about business and marriage.

Now, I want to be completely up front in my review, so… 

This Garrett J. White review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


Garrett shows us in these programs, with his straightforward, ruthless approach, how you can overcome the lies forced upon us to believe in order to escape the person we were, and ultimately walk into our own great destiny.

“You want a better life? A better marriage? You want a bigger life for you as a father? You’re going to have to literally f*ckin’ let go of who you believe you are right now.” – Garrett J. White #men #manhood #masculinity #dreams…

Table of Contents

Who Is Garret J White?

Garrett J. White is the Wake Up Warrior Movement’s founder, the author of a best-seller Warrior Book, the program creator of Warrior Week, and the host of leading podcasts, i.e., Warrior Wealth, Warrior On Fire, and Date Your Wife.

After the banking crisis in 2008, what began as a longing to break free from the bonds of his own failures in life quickly evolved into the birth of a Global Movement in 2012.

The business world is rapidly evolving, thanks to Garret’s Warrior Movement people now have a choice, the Warriors Way, to change the course of their lives and truly become successful.

Garrett co-owns DKW Styling Salon and BMS Training systems in the beauty industry with his wife Danielle. They live in Laguna Beach, CA with their three children Parker, Bailee and Ruby.

From the words of Brad Bailey, President, Navy SEALS Fund

“As an observer, I’ve been privileged to witness a transformation of several students of Wake Up Warrior. During my last trip to speak about our work with the Navy SEALs Fund, several introductions from the group have turned into friendships. The work that Garrett, Sam and the WUW team are doing with men is truly life-changing and I encourage anyone that seeks to take their life and business to a higher level to look seriously at this program. I’ve personally witnessed men gain confidence, clarity and control of their lives by learning to tell the truth about what really matters.
As well, with the financial support WUW has given the Navy SEALS Fund, we’ve been able to help dozens of former SEALS and their families. Our commitment to these men focuses on assisting our teammates with PTSD/TBI treatment and financial assistance when dealing with the physical and psychological trauma from a life serving their country. We could not do this without the continued support from WUW.”

Products And Programs

Warrior Week

Warrior Week Boot Camp

Warrior Week is the flagship event program of the Wake Up Warrior Empire. Warrior Week is unlike anything else on the planet. It’s is one of the most transforming events in the world today, developed particularly for business-focused guys who want more out of life.

Warrior Wealth

A lot of people recognize Garrett J White as Wake Up Warrior’s founder, a program for married businesspeople who want to have it all, but few are unaware that he used to work as a successful banker.

You will now be handed gold by means of lessons and tools he trained top businesses to make, develop, and keep money.

In fact, this system is one of the best ways that I’ve found to create over $40,000 per month in passive income.  

Be The Man Challenge

This includes a free seven-part training series which uncovers the 7 Pits that haunt, Plague, and Suffocate married business men who have children, which ultimately wrecks your marriage, family, body, and business.

This training program will show you how you can break free from these seven pits and live the life you want and deserve.

Warrior Con

Warrior Con is the only conference that is completely dedicated for the business elite to predictably increase in their lives the following:

  • Business profits
  • Passion in marriage
  • Purpose in life

It will definitely change, free, and put your life on fire with more certainty and confidence. Being surrounded with 1,999 elite business men will influence you to make the bold commitment to produce, create, and expand. There’s just nothing else that’s better than this.

Warrior Book

This is the answer that all married businessmen have been looking for. Used by over 17k family and businessmen worldwide, it will uncover the secret to having a successful and exciting marriage – and business.


How Much Is Garrett White Worth?

It’s only a little taste of his offers. He has an estimated net value of about 13 million dollars and is continuously growing.

What Does Garrett J White Do?

He is the creator of the Wake Up Warrior Movement, author of Warrior Book, and host of the increasingly popular podcasts namely Warrior On Fire, Warrior Wealth, and Date Your Wife. 

Where Does Garrett White Live?

Together with his wife Danielle, Garrett runs the DKW Styling Salon and the BMS Beauty Training Systems. They are currently living in Laguna Beach, CA with their three adorable children.

Closing Thoughts

Garret J White is 100% legit.

In fact, this dude has walked the talk.

I’m excited to continue on this adventure with the Warrior King company. He is, in my opinion, the best go-to guy of married business people looking to improve their lives. There’s just no one else that I’m aware of who does it better than Garret. And you would be hard-pressed to find anyone. 

The Be The Man and Wake Up Warrior are two of his movies that are strongly recommend for you to watch. They’re accessible online.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime look into Garrett’s work.  You really don’t need any more proof of this because there’s already a ton of other reviews out there.

However, check out this system that many entrepreneurs have used to build massive amounts of passive income in a relatively short period of time. 

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  1. Ive recently had someone posing as Garrett tell me to send him a direct message. Im almost sure its a scam..Does he ever engage with his fans theough messenger?

    • From my experience in the online space with different gurus…my GUESS would be it’s an employee of his running his account.

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