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Have you been a bargain hunter searching for a means to cut costs while filing taxes? In that case, FreeTaxUSA offers up among probably the lowest price tax application products in the industry.

The tax program nonetheless costs money (unlike the utterly free tax software program from CreditKarma). However, it is a simple option with good usability for all but the most complex filers.

It is significantly less easy to use than H&R Block or maybe TurboTax, though it comes with a good user interface at a great price. Could it be right for you?

We explain why competent tax filers (especially those with complex returns) should think about FreeTaxUSA. Please find out how FreeTaxUSA compares to the very best tax shows this season.

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Table of Contents

Who is FreeTaxUSA?

FreeTaxUSA, a low-cost tax preparation software for both federal and state tax returns.

TaxHawk, Inc runs the business. It began in 2001 and was created by a team of CPA and professional application developers.

The organization is an original member of the IRS Free File Alliance plus an authorized IRS e file provider. It’s appropriately filed vast numbers of federal tax returns with the IRS.

Every year a group of tax analysts upgrades the applications to add the newest modifications in federal and state tax codes.

When the application is updated, it experiences precise assessment and an endorsement process with both each state and the IRS.

Additionally, the pricing is light and does not have hidden costs.

Still, one more benefit is the fact that FreeTaxUSA has just two versions, Free and Deluxe.

Unlike many other popular tax prep software companies, they generally have 4, 5, and even more versions. Tax filers will find the more significant number of version and their associated charges being both perplexing and intimidating. Not any of which is present with FreeTaxUSA.

Who runs FreeTaxUSA?

FreeTaxUSA is an online tax preparation website owned by TaxHawk, Inc.

Established in 2001 by a group of CPAs and a team of professional software developers, FreeTaxUSA is one of the fastest-growing tax websites online today.

How much does FreeTaxUSA cost?

When you check out the main page, something may quickly confuse you. It looks as three plans are featured by FreeTaxUSA: advanced, premium, and simple, which is not the situation.

The site is merely showing that whether your tax situation is simple, premium, or advanced, you will nonetheless file your federal return shipping for totally free.

It is mirroring the offerings usually provided by some other tax prep sites.

Are you a homeowner? It is free.

Are you self employed? It is free.

Do you’ve rental income? Effectively, you find the picture.

But regardless of the company’s name, federal tax returns are free.

State tax returns cost you an additional $14.99.

You will have the choice to spend $6.99 for the Deluxe edition. This improvement will permit you to access a couple of whistles and bells, like priority customer service and audit assistance.

Deluxe might be worthwhile in case you have a complex tax situation or perhaps if this’s your very first time submitting online.

How FreeTaxUSA ease of use compares to other tax software

You may run into internet customer reviews where computer users grumble about FreeTaxUSA not truly being free since you’ve to cover state returns.

Here is the point, although: You are now most likely going to spend much less with FreeTaxUSA than many big-name tax prep businesses in case you’ve to file several tax forms.

Nevertheless, TaxAct, TurboTax, and TaxSlayer extend plans that are free with no cost federal and state return shipping in several instances.

Therefore, if you qualify to file because of their no-cost plans, there is simply no need to invest cash with FreeTaxUSA.

Plus, TurboTax, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer have much more advanced user interfaces, which means you can wind up spending much less and get a far more convenient experience in case you are eligible for free filing.

A current application on the arena, Credit Karma Tax, provides free filing for each federal and state return shipping for most tax situations; you have to have a Credit Karma bank account to begin.

What it does not handle, nonetheless, maybe a deal-breaker for several individuals, such as disallowing returns for individuals who earned income in a state they do not live in and part-year state returns.

Is FreeTaxUSA legitimate?

FreeTaxUSA is a reliable and IRS approved e-file provider with more than forty-three million tax returns filed and counting. Their service allows customers to file federal taxes at zero charges to you. Or even attempt their Deluxe program providing for $6.99. Owners can import from Tax Act, H R Block, and Turbo Tax. They have acquired an A+ rating from BBB and a history of outstanding customer support.

What are FreeTaxUSA Advantages?

Allow me to share the fundamental advantages of utilizing FreeTaxUSA to prepare and e file your income tax returns.

FreeTaxUSA cover complex tax situations

With contending tax preparation software applications, you often need to purchase top quality edition to be able to deal with self-employment (Schedule C), rental real estate (Schedule E), capital gains transactions (Schedule D), and the different K-1 types related cash flow sources.

But FreeTaxUSA can deal with those on the Deluxe and free editions.

Unlike with the majority of the additional main players in the tax program game, the types you are able to access with FreeTaxUSA do not differ by version.

The enhanced version is exactly about extra assistance rather compared to extra forms. This means that you are able to probably receive all of the tax forms you require submitted from the totally free choice.

FreeTaxUSA Have Free Support

According to the review of mine, I will say that FreeTaxUSA offers very little priority customer support.

You are able to look for assistance topics on the Customer service page or even reap the customer service email feature.

In case you pay for the Deluxe Edition, you are able to furthermore obtain cost-free assistance through talk calls or even find out if the solution for your question is in the Q & A database.

Reliability Guaranteed

Like additional online tax preparation software applications, FreeTaxUSA guarantees the reliability of the tax calculations.

They will pay the interest and penalties if you are evaluated by the Irs having any outcome of an estimation error in their software.

Inspection Assist

The Deluxe version of FreeTaxUSA supplies Audit Assist, giving a chance to access audit experts who could respond to yours if you want to be administered by an Irs audit.

Additionally, it allows you to use the Audit Center, which happens to be a data source of info you may locate useful during the inspection process.

The Audit Assist device is a lot more restricted than those provided by far more costly providers. Based on FreeTaxUSA’s disclaimer, Audit Assist does not cover state returns, and also, it does not provide you with a representative who’ll correspond straight with the IRS.

You will continue to need to complete the job, though the pros will aid you craft replies to the Irs, understand what documents to gather, and help you know what measures to shoot subsequent.

They provide you with permission to access the FreeTaxUSA Audit Center and with audit specialists who could respond to your specific questions.

The Audit Center offers info regarding how you can react to the particular Irs notice you get and how to respond to both an Irs letter or maybe an Irs audit.

Additional tax planning software provides much more audit representation, but for a considerable steeper price tag.

Should you move through an inspection, you might nonetheless have to work with a representative. Nevertheless, if you are at risk that is low for an assessment, paying an additional $ 6.99 to use this feature can provide you with plenty of peace of mind.

FreeTaxUSA offers what I believe would best be called restricted audit protection through their feature is Assisted by Audit.

This particular assistance can be obtained just in case you buy the Deluxe Edition.

FreeTaxUSA Security

FreeTaxUSA encrypts your personal information on their site.

Additionally, security is conducted by them, and privacy verifications through SecurityMetrics, Norton, and Trust.

Online Account and Backup Rollover

FreeTaxUSA will back up your finished returns online, despite the free edition.

The cost-free edition will additionally instantly have the previous year’s info over to your current year’s taxes if you use the application 2 decades in a row.

Even if you did not file with FreeTaxUSA the previous year, you might be ready to import several of the tax information from an additional service.

This season, the software program rolled out a brand new element that provides a PDF import of your respective previous year’s tax returns.

I tried using the PDF import choice when looking at this year’s program. It was easy to use and smoothly uploaded the personal information of mine and my previous employer info.

This certainly saves a while.

Cheap State Returns

As with many tax preparation software program solutions, you will need to pay extra to e file your state tax return. This is not unusual.

Though the cost of filing express return shipping with FreeTaxUSA is pretty small. You will just need to spend $14.99 to file your express earnings according to your federal tax return info and also additional information you give the year.

Ease and interface of use

The user interface for FreeTaxUSA is much less elaborate than that of various other, costlier programs. It’s precisely the same simple characteristics, although incorporating a tracker to your estimated refund because you go and tabs for the different areas of your return.

Unlike other program choices, FreeTaxUSA will not permit you to bounce in front of the meditation process.

You will need to go as a way, although you can do a prior segment to initiate additions or changes when you enter a little info in an area.

Notice out of the screenshot above, I can’t choose something apart from “Personal” until that area is completed.

This is not a big problem so long as you intend to file the taxes of yours all at the same time. If you are similar to me, you might opt to stick in every type as you get it.

You would have a much tougher time doing it effectively with FreeTaxUSA.

But at the very least, you would not miss some areas on the taxes of yours.

FreeTaxUSA Disadvantages

FreeTaxUSA doesn’t promote itself as being most things to other individuals. Here’s a summary of the tax circumstances that they do not support, taken from their website:

  • Overseas work revenue (Form 2555)
  • Nonresident alien comes back (Form 1040NR)
  • Customers or simply preparers residing outside of the Country when they file the taxes of theirs
  • At-risk limits (Form 6198)
  • Archer MSAs (Form 8853)
  • Casualty or maybe theft gain or even loss for a company or even revenue-producing property
  • Donations of value property that is high more than $5,000, for example, collectibles, equipment, or maybe real estate

I provide the business a great deal of recognition for what it is worth, creating a summary of the tax circumstances that they do not support.

Limited Customer Support

With this particular software program’s free model, you can email support and obtain your question answered within the internet discussion board.

In case you buy the Deluxe version, you will get used to the webchat support.

Pay to Amend

A lot of FreeTaxUSA’s extra services cost extra, although the prices are too small. You will need to pay extra to fix an error or maybe omission on the tax return of yours in case you move through the Free version.

In reality, you will need to spend $14.99 for limitless amendments in case you file utilizing the Free version.

Nevertheless, in the claim you filed initially under the Deluxe model, you will get unlimited revisions for totally free.

FreeTaxUSA Pros and Cons


  • Totally free Federal / Cheap State Returns
  • Audit Assist Available
  • Easy and quick Software


  • Only some Tax Situations Available
  • Limited Customer service Options

Is FreeTaxUSA actually free?

Free is the title of the software program. Therefore it has got to be free. Right? Not really.

With FreeTaxUSA, Federal Tax Filing is really free for each situation.

Whether you are a business owner, an edge hustler, somebody with pupil loans, somebody that itemizes, or maybe somebody with an HSA.

If you’re filing a personal tax return for the Irs, FreeTaxUSA is actually free.

The “gotcha” is with express submitting. State filing expenses $ 12.95 per state go back.

Although this is not insanely costly, the only individuals who get truly no cost filing reside in and function in zero earnings tax American states.

Does FreeTaxUSA Have Easy Navigation?

FreeTaxUSA’s navigation is a hybrid car between guided plus self-guided navigation. When compared to a few considerably more costly services, FreeTaxUSA feels a tad clunky.

You will need to know where you can enter different bits of info on one’s own. Having said that, it comes with help bubbles through the software program.

These bubbles have additional info that may assist owners in entering the necessary information.

Despite several of the clunkiness, FreeTaxUSA is a really usable application considering the price point. For instance, FreeTaxUSA features a “Where do I enter” website link on the program’s good side.

This strong list provides information and links about where you can enter each topic and form I might think of.

The credits and deductions section and the other sections are usually additional guides that many people will find valuable.

FreeTaxUSA’s most effective Navigation attribute is its “Summary” section that lists all of the info you entered in one frame. This could allow it to be simple to find out if you have unintentionally missed any essential information. Owners can also use the navigation bar at the upper part of the application to go to various areas if they have forgotten a thing.

Knowledge Articles

FreeTaxUSA serves up related knowledge posts in a best Issues link on the display screen’s right side.

The application also has a search function for discovering related articles.

The posts themselves tended to be a suitable length. Most included links to related sections.

The library of the posts’ depth and knowledge articles is extraordinary given the lower price of submitting through FreeTaxUSA.

How was FreeTaxUSA User Experience?

Accordingly, most of the customers and users were satisfied with the service. They said that they are doing the tax return with FreeTaxUsa. It was a great knowledge in using it. And the customers believe they got the largest refund that they had not gotten along with other tax preparation firms. They said that the price was exceptional! It had been much, a lot less expensive compared to any other company.

Which is better TurboTax or FreeTaxUSA?

Doing taxes is not everyone’s idea of… | by R

FreeTaxUSA and TurboTax offer DIY audit assistance, which means you get help to learn how you can react to the IRS.

Nevertheless, FreeTaxUSA only provides its Audit Assist item in case you spend on the Deluxe model. TurboTax has a far more powerful version because of its third-party service called MAX

Is FreeTaxUSA Approved by IRS to file Federal Tax Returns?

FreeTaxUSA is an authentic member of the IRS Free File Alliance plus an authorized IRS e file provider. They have correctly filed large numbers of federal tax returns with the Irs.

Is FreeTaxUSA really free?

The Free Edition provides you with a vast majority of FreeTaxUSA’s functions you will need for filing. The federal filing doesn’t cost anything, while state returns cost $12.95 per state. While this alternative isn’t entirely free, it is nonetheless less costly than other tax software programs. FreeTaxUSA Free supports most major taxes forms

How Long to get a refund or tax return from FreeTaxUSA?

In case you did not choose direct deposit or perhaps if your direct deposit info was inaccurate, you would generally get your refund check within three to four days. In case you mailed your tax return rather than e filing, you will generally get your refund in six weeks or even more.

How Do I Contact FreeTaxUSA?

Email Priority Customer Support.

The best method to contact FreeTaxUSA is actually by emailing customer support right at

Who can use FreeTaxUSA?

In case you are a U.S. citizen or maybe a resident immigrant, you can utilize the FreeTaxUSA application to file Form 1040. In case you are a nonresident alien, you will have to file your return by using different software.

Does FreeTaxUSA do business taxes?

FreeTaxUSA supports all tax forms for business plus business expenses… This assistance includes totally free use of the internet planning tool, no-cost e-filing, and free printing of your business taxes in case you qualify.

Does FreeTaxUSA Support Crypto Investments?

FreeTaxUSA supports computer users aiming to file crypto investments, though it does not make the process simple.

Before entering info about trades, owners will have to use Coinbase or maybe a similar website to search for their price conversions between USD and cryptocurrency at the time of the purchase.

This may be clunky, particularly in case you are an impressive amount crypto trader.

You may discover healthier value by using a TurboTax software program that enables you to import your crypto transactions.

Can I Get My Missing Stimulus Check Tax Credit?

Did not obtain a stimulus check this season (or maybe you believe you are underpaid)? FreeTaxUSA causes it to be painless to state your Recovery Rebate Credit that retroactively provides filers the money of theirs in the form of any tax credit. It will ask about stimulus checks and compute the proper credit on yours during the credit area.

Who Should Use FreeTaxUSA 2021?

FreeTaxUSA maintains its role as a high tax software solution for bargain hunters.

While it is not entirely free, the function is excellent, particularly if you have many income sources.

You cannot import forms that help make it a little more troublesome than H & R Block, TaxSlayer, though it is also a lot more affordable than the competition.


Here are several usual questions we are about FreeTaxUSA:

Is FreeTaxUSA Legitimate?

Yes! It is a favorite tax software program planning business that has been in business since 2001.

Is FreeTaxUSA actually free?

For Federal tax returns, indeed, it’s entirely free for all types and also filings. Nevertheless, they actually do charge $12.95 for express return shipping, plus they have different upsells.

Does FreeTaxUSA provide some support type?

On their Deluxe strategy, you can obtain priority help for assistance with your tax return. Nevertheless, they do not provide some “done-for-you” services.

Is FreeTaxUSA better compared to TurboTax?

It depends. FreeTaxUSA is less expensive in cost than TurboTax, but TurboTax has free files too. The important difference comes right down to ease of use and also to obtain the support you need.

Review Bottom line

Overall, FreeTaxUSA is a reliable online tax preparation software program, so the cost is undoubtedly among the very best in the industry. Simply be conscious of the program’s limits, such as the shortage of phone assistance and the restricted nature of audit support, so it does not support the tax situations.

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