How Do I Learn Video Game Development?

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How Do I Learn Video Game Development?

Do you like conceptualizing and fantasizing about parallel universes and other farfetched thoughts? 

Is it easy for you to come up with plots and twists and surprise endings? 

Do you love reading oodles and oodles of narratives about adventures and swashbuckling escapades and laser fights? 

If you answer yes, then chances are video game development is right up your alley.

Do you like programming and putting life to your thoughts through designing, testing?

If yes, then you’re good to go!

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With no:
This is so simple, it should be illegal.

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To put it in the most straightforward way, video game development is essentially the procedure in creating a video game. You have an abstract of how a game should be, you let that idea grow, then you program, design, furnish, you document, you produce, and then you test up until the time you have a well-functioning complete video game. 

Surveys say that the gaming and robotics industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. As a result, video game developers are pretty much in demand. The gaming industry needs fresh ideas, new concepts, and out-of-this-world imaginations. The boom in the gaming business is also largely attributed to easier and quicker access to video games. Along with this progress come better opportunities and greener pastures for you.

And the best thing about getting into the game development bit is — you can do it now. You don’t have to have a degree before being qualified as a video game developer. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek higher education. The point here is unlike other jobs out there that require degrees and licenses, this job as a video game developer allows you to just hop right in. 

However, the downside to that is — there are a whole lot of people who are just like you — eager to get into the gaming business and geared up to rev it up with the gamers. So how do you win over the competition? The answer to that is — “learn more.” Go the extra mile and stand out. Burn the midnight oil if you have to. 

First off, to become a video game developer, let us define what “video game development” is. 

Video game development necessitates you to bring your thoughts and ideas into “reality.” In other words, it’s about breathing life into your hushed imaginations. 

Bring it on! Bring it out, loud and clear!

Now this involves coding and programming, designing and testing and producing. 

Now, how do you possibly start to become a game developer? 

It’s easy but you need to be certain that you have a group of programmers, artists, and voice talents on your team. Now, just like any other expertise or skill that you need to work on — you only become the best by grinding it out, finding your weaknesses by failing, and then dusting off and improving yourself. 

These are the stages in developing a video game. Before anything else, you should come up with this one first —  can you guess what it is? 

We call it design, baby. 

Under design is conceptualizing the idea and bringing that idea to life. 

Are you ready to do some pencil-pushing? 

You better be — there will be a lot of writing involved here. Now, the most significant aspect here is writing the hook. 

The hook in the story keeps a person attracted to or attached to something. It’s like the elevator pitches in the gaming industry. Knowing how to share this idea with others and keeping them hooked and sustaining that level of enthusiasm is the key here.

What is the story?

Each game has its own story. It’s important to know the narrative, what emotions are involved here, and what will keep these people, your audience, glued to their chairs. Of course, you need to set the mood of your story. In this case, you need to know what visuals to use, what music and sound to go with it. Then you decide what is the overall theme — futuristic, modern, or periodic times. Finally, know the mechanics of your game.

What does the player do and what is his objective?

The possibilities are endless.  

The next thing that comes after the design is art. This is a no brainer, beautiful visuals can hook anyone. This is particularly important in video gaming. What video game does not have good and jaw-dropping visuals? Invest in people who can provide you with good art. 

Of course, the next thing to work on is audio. The sound is just as significant as visuals — it comes with the whole kit and caboodle. Visuals and sounds are pretty basic — they’re the salt and pepper in video games, one is made for the other. 

Now it’s time to work on Coding. There are different schools for data types and variables. Learn about IDE or Integrated Development Environment and then your code. After that, test your game. Polish it and hone it a bit more. Never rest on your laurels. And finally, market it. 

There you go. It’s not as simple as it sounds but it’s also not as complicated as you probably thought it would be. 

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