Is Wellesley College considered an Ivy League College?

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Is Wellesley College considered an Ivy League College?

That’s a good question. 

Wellesley College is an exclusive women’s liberal arts college in a town west of Boston called Wellesley, in the state of Massachusetts. It was originally a member of the Seven Sisters College, which is a group of the best women’s universities in the northeastern side of the United States. 

Now, we all know that the term “Ivy League” has a highly intellectual ring attached to it. Mention the name Harvard and jaws drop and eyebrows raise. Mainly because that person is wowed and blown away. Ivy League is a term for highly esteemed and highly discriminating universities in the United States of America. 

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But do you know how this all began?

There are quite a number of fictitious tales circulating around regarding its origin. But it’s time to set the record straight. First off, check out the book, Football: The Ivy League Origins of an American Obsession, written by Mark F. Bernstein. 

The preface says that the term “ivy” was first used by a sportswriter in the 1930s. Stanley Woodward’s article referred to a group of universities as “ivy colleges”. Later on, another sportswriter,  Caswell Adams for the New York Herald-Tribune coined the term “Ivy League” to refer to the ratings of the top 10 “teams” in the fall. Later on, in 1945 right after WWII, an Ivy Group Agreement came on the scene presiding over inter-college football. Then in the 1950s, that Ivy Group Agreement included all variety sports. 

Their history is quite interesting, to say the least. And yes, quite significant to the higher education of the United States. As these Ivy League universities started to become popular and drew more investments, the degree of performance, as well as admissions to these universities, have become more rigorous and challenging, especially recently with the advent of their computer programming and video game development courses.  

When the 60s rolled around, these so-called Ivy League universities obtained an all-round good name for bringing out degree holders with elevated educational performances and social status. Up to this day, these Ivy League schools continue to keep that standing and are among the highly-ranked colleges in the United States.


Specifically, the following schools in the United States of America are legitimate and original Ivy League Universities: 

  • Brown University in Rhode Island
  • Columbia University in New York
  • Cornell University in New York
  • Dartmouth University in New Hampshire
  • Harvard University in Massachusetts
  • Princeton University in New Jersey
  • The University of Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania
  • Yale University in Connecticut


These universities in the United States started out as an association of exceptionally competitive athletic universities,which later had a strong reputation of highly academic graduates and are among the top-ranked universities in the United States of America. Later on, Stanford University and Caltech both in California and M.I.T. in Massachusetts, both of which are renowned for their studies in robotics, joined these universities in a similar standing and social esteem. Although technically they are not Ivy League colleges, they are nonetheless part of the cream of the crop of top American universities. 

Now, back to our question —Is Wellesley College an Ivy League College? 

The quick answer to that is technically, no. But if the question is changed to “Is Wellesley College at par with the Ivy League Universities in the United States?” Then the quick answer to that would be, yes.

Here’s why.

Wellesley College, just like other Ivy League universities, is highly selective. One of the requirements to get in is to be part of the highest-ranking students in your class. Wellesley College requires an almost straight A standing and you must have at least a 3.97 GPA. In order to get in, one must show the capability to shine and be proficient in an academic challenge. 

Aside from its high standards of admissions akin to Ivy League schools, Wellesley College is quite an expensive and prestigious university in opulent New England. It boasts of highly accomplished graduates. Its professors are among the ranks of Nobel Prize candidates, Pulitzer Prize awardees, and knighted professors. 

If you want to hold public office, gain a strong point and privilege in research, be ahead of the curve in innovation, run a top corporation — in other words, if you want to be a bigwig in whatever industry you choose to be in, your best option is to get in a university which is considered an Ivy League College. Wellesley College is definitely one of them.

Along with the Ivy Leaguers, Wellesley College has been historically known and recognized for its quality education as well as being one of the top producers of high achievers in the country. 

Furthermore, what makes Wellesley college a cut above the rest is its strong shared connection among the students. This includes a formidable network of alumni. They also lay out a strong sense of communal relationship. Compared to bigger Ivy League schools, it is easier to feel comfortable and at home in this college.

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