Eddie Murphy Net Worth (2022 Update): The Success Professor

Worldwide Box Office actor and stand-up comedian Eddie Murphy stood on top of the world for years. From Saturday Night Live to Beverly Hills and Shrek, Eddie Murphy’s net worth of $600 million is the proof of that.

Eddie Murphy Net Worth
But How Did He Make His Money?

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Eddie Murphy…

Net Worth:

$600 million




April 3, 1961

Country of Origin:

United States of America

Source of Wealth

Actor, Stand-up Comedian, Singer, Screenwriter, Television Producer, Voice Actor, And Film Producer

Last Updated


Eddie Murphy is the sixth highest-grossing American actor of all time. He has been doing stand-up comedy since he was a teenager and became a well-known member of Saturday Night Live.

He starred in several blockbuster movies like Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, The Nutty Professor, and Shrek.

Eddie Murphy usually makes $20 million per movie, and he has easily made more than $300 million from his salaries and royalties so far in his career. As of 2022, Eddie Murphy’s net worth is $600 million.

In 1993, Eddie Murphy married longtime girlfriend Nicole Mitchell, but unfortunately, they split up in 2006, and Eddie reportedly paid Nicole $15 million to settle their divorce.

Eddie Murphy dated Spice Girl Mel B for nearly a year back in 2006. They have a child together, Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

After splitting up with Mel B, he went out with businesswoman Tracey Edmonds in 2008, and he has been with model Paige Butcher since 2012. Eddie has had ten children with different women.

Eddie Murphy still stars in a lot of family movies, including comedies and dramas. In 2019, Netflix paid Eddie $70 million to make a number of comedy specials.

early Life

Eddie Murphy Net Worth

Eddie Murphy’s real name is Edward Regan Murphy and he grew up in the part of Bushwick in Brooklyn. His mother Lilian worked as a phone operator, and his father, Charles Edward Murphy worked as a transit cop and did stand-up comedy on the side.

Eddie Murphy was only eight years old when his father died. He and his older brother Charlie Murphy lived with a foster family for a while when their mother was sick.

Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby both impacted Eddie Murphy’s love for comedy as a teen. He joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1980 when he was 19 years old.

At the time, the show lost all of its original stars resulting the show to decline, but Eddie Murphy was a big hit, and he took the show to a whole new level. Eddie stayed with SNL until 1984.


Eddie Murphys Net Worth

Eddie Murphy first appeared in the movie 48 Hrs in 1982 while he was still on SNL. He then made a string of hugely successful movies, such as Trading Places, the Beverly Hills Cop films, Coming to America, and Harlem Nights.

In the 1990s, Eddie Murphy’s popularity at the box office went down, but after a string of failures, Eddie Murphy came back and won the big screen again with The Nutty Professor in 1996 and Dr. Dolittle in 1998.

After the first movie’s success, Eddie Murphy released The Nutty Professor II in 2000. He also starred in a string of family-friendly movies like Mulan, Shrek, and Dreamgirls.

Eddie Murphy won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor and a nomination for the Academy Award for his role in Dreamgirls.

He has also produced some of his own movies, like Vampire in Brooklyn, Life, and Harlem Nights.

Eddie Murphy salary was only $4,500 per Saturday Night Live show in 1981. The next year, his pay per episode went up to $30,000.

By 1984, he made his first big paycheck of $1 million for the movie Best Defense and another $14 million for the first Beverly Hills Cop movie in the same year. He then earned $8 million and $15 million for both Beverly Hills Cop II and Beverly Hills Cop III, respectively.

In the following years, he kept getting the bag, making Eddie Murphy’s net worth rise higher, earning him $16 million for the first The Nutty Professor movie and $20 more million for The Nutty Professor II.

How Does He Do It?

Eddie Murphy's Net Worth

Eddie Murphy Success Clues

One: learn how to deal with stress.
Two: do your own thing — everybody’s journey is different.
Three: keep it rolling.

Featured Eddie Murphy's Best Quotes Of All Time Quotes

"All inspiration comes from a higher power. The body is a shell. The creative spot is from God – You hear voices, everybody does. When you get older, you refer to it as intuition."
"All men are sculptors, constantly chipping away the unwanted parts of their lives, trying to create their idea of their masterpiece."
"You can’t let the good things people say make you feel too good, because you’re going to let the bad things make you feel bad."
"I’ve always had confidence. It came because I have lots of initiative. I wanted to make something of myself."


In summary, Edward Regan Murphy and success just go well together. As of 2022, Eddie Murphy’s net worth is $600 million.

Eddie Murphy’s career is a story of great success that is rooted in hard work and determination. He has wanted to be a comedian since he was young, and from where Eddie Murphy is standing right now, I’d say he definitely achieved it — and a successful one too.

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