Easy College Majors (2022 Update): Which One Makes Good Money! The ALTERNATIVE Really Got Me Thinking!

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Updated: January 20

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Easy College Majors (2022 Update) Easiest Ways To Make Money!

Easy College Majors: Overview

If you’re looking for some easy college majors in 2022, you’ve landed on the right page!

What makes up an easy college major, you might ask. Is it having less time in laboratory classes or fewer math classes? Perhaps you prefer classes that involve lots of writing.

What’s easy and difficult depends mainly on your preference. I love writing, but if you ask me, I don’t like the idea of dissecting random animals in a Bio lab.

Towards the end of this article, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the easiest college majors in 2022 and other online alternatives.

But most importantly, you’ll be shown a system that many investors have used to build their own business to over $40,000+ per month in mostly passive income.

Table of Contents

The 16 Easiest College Majors – 2022 Rankings

#1 Psychology Major

#1 Psychology Major A Psychology major is an excellent choice if you enjoy helping friends analyze texts and understand their inner motivations. Psychology majors can study the psychology of people and learn how they behave in society and culture. This can lead to interesting conversations at the dinner table.

Psychology Major Pros

  • This major can lead to many career options, including working in a lab or clinical setting.
  • Psychology is, by default, about people. This means that you can work in a social setting.
  • A psychology degree can offer a variety of transferable skills such as communication and analytical skills.

Psychology Major Cons

  • A lot of statistical analysis and research is required for psychology degrees.
  • You will need to further your education to become a psychologist.

#2 Criminal Justice Major

#2 Criminal Justice Major “For Truth and Justice and the American Way!”  A Criminal Justice degree may be the best way to be a superhero if you’ve ever found yourself saying this line with Superman.

Criminal Justice Major Pros

  • Criminal Justice can be a rewarding field that allows you the opportunity to assist others hands-on.
  • There are opportunities for high-paying jobs with the potential to earn $55,000+ per year.
  • Criminal Justice majors don’t usually need to read or write a lot.

Criminal Justice Major Cons

  • The criminal justice field can be highly stressful.

#3 English Major

#3 English Major An English major is a good fit if you are a person who is constantly engrossed in a book or if your friends come to you for recommendations. English majors are trained to read great literature and analyze it in depth.

English Major Pros

  • You will be encouraged to read many books as part of your education.
  • There are rarely any major research papers!
  • A major in English can open up a wide range of careers, including a museum or insurance writer, or even the FBI!

English Major Cons

  • An English major may feel overwhelmed by the many career opportunities available. If you don’t have the right skills, it can be challenging to narrow down your career.
  • Writing and reading are essential requirements for an English major. An English major can take a lot of time because you need to read and write multiple books.

#4 Education Major

#4 Education Major You can change the world by becoming a teacher. Teachers have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing relevant information and leading thoughtful discussions on large-scale issues. There are many education majors, including:
  • Special Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education

Education Major Pros

  • Most of your coursework will be based on educational theory. This simple science can simplify complicated subjects and make them easier to learn.
  • Hands-on nature education can be an excellent match for those who hate desk work.
  • Required SAT scores are amongst the lowest for undergraduate degrees.

Education Major Cons

  • Teaching students is a full-time job, sometimes with no pay.

#5 Religious Studies Major

#5 Religious Studies Major If you are intrigued by the movement and philosophies of various world religions and like to discuss issues that have no clear-cut answers, you might enjoy a Religious Studies degree.

Religious Studies Pros

  • The majority of content is graded on the ability to argue a point and not on whether you are right or wrong.
  • It can be very mind-opening to learn about other cultures and religions and help you better understand your own life.

Religious Studies Cons

  • It is common for this degree to not have a clear goal. This can make it challenging to find a job after earning your degree.

#6 Social Work Major

#6 Social Work Major A major in Social Work may be the right fit for you if you’re eager to help others and you want to wake up each night knowing you made an impact on the world.

Social Work Major Pros

  • This major does not require much knowledge in mathematics or physical sciences. This can help make the coursework more manageable.
  • An internship is a requirement for majoring in social work. This can help you make great connections that will lead to career advancement after graduation.

Social Work Major Cons

  • A major in social work also involves majoring in violence and family trauma which can sometimes get stressful.

#7 Sociology Major

#7 Sociology Major Sociology majors allow college students to observe and collect data about human behavior.

Sociology Major Pros

  • Sociology readings are usually in the form of journal articles. They are short and sweet, and to the point.
  • Studying social connections can help you succeed in people-oriented fields like Human Resources.

Sociology Major Cons

  • Georgetown University has found that the unemployment rate for sociology majors is at 9.9%.

#8 Communications Major

#8 Communications Major Communication majors are encouraged to examine their perspectives and their impact on how they interact with the world. This allows them to study power imbalances, gender, culture, and politics in the context of the messages our society is sending. It can be a great experience.

Communication Major Pros

  • You can immediately apply the theories learned in class to your daily life.
  • Communication is a hands-on degree that can help you express your creativity while fulfilling educational requirements.

Communications Major Cons

  • A Communications major’s starting salary is usually relatively low. This can make it difficult to swallow if you have to borrow a lot of money for your degree.

#9 History Major

#9 History Major Many people consider History an easy subject because the facts are already known, and we can simply interpret them. Therefore, you only need to order the events and comprehend the overall story of History.

History Major Pros

  • The majority of coursework is written and read. There are no technical writing or lab reports that require heavy work.
  • This major will help you to develop excellent critical thinking and research skills.

History Major Cons

  • A graduate degree is usually required for most careers in History.
  • Many of your resources will probably be translated or in the original language. This can make studying difficult.

#10 Health Major

#10 Health Major It was common to cough into your elbows before it became standard practice, constantly with a bottle of hand sanitizer, and be able to tell the difference between germs or bacteria. A Health Science or Health Administration degree can help you assist others without going to nursing school or medical school.

Health Major Pros

  • Flexibility is vital if you are interested in further education in healthcare.
  • Healthcare is a growing industry with many potential job opportunities.

Health Major Cons

  • The Health Administrator program may have high expectations for students. This means that you will need to work hard to succeed in class.

#11 Liberal Arts Major

#11 Liberal Arts Major Typically, you will see the theoretical Liberal Arts juxtaposed with the practical STEMs if you Google Liberal Arts. This theoretical aspect can make a Liberal Arts degree more accessible than the tech-heavy STEM degrees.

Liberal Arts Major Pros

  • Liberal Arts can help you develop critical thinking and emotional intelligence skills to make your resume attractive to potential employers.
  • Liberal Arts can be a great way to get into a higher-level graduate program like medicine.

Liberal Arts Major Cons

  • According to AACU, a Liberal Arts degree earned directly out of college will earn you $26,272 rather than the $31,183 that might be earned by a professional degree.

#12 Creative Writing Major

#12 Creative Writing Major A major in Creative Writing is an excellent choice to write poetry, plays, and personal essays. This major provides opportunities to examine existing work, create new jobs, and get feedback to help improve your skills.

Creative Writing Major Pros

  • You might find your homework assignments the same as what you have been doing for years.
  • Writing and communication skills are crucial in almost all professions. They also make a difference in your daily life. ).
  • This major will help you develop your artistic and creative talents in a more marketable way.

Creative Writing Major Cons

  • Writing can be tedious and time-consuming, even for those who love it.
  • Writer’s block is something that everyone experiences, but creative writing majors will need to overcome it to meet their deadlines.
  • This major is a large part of the critiques. Professionally, you will need to feel comfortable giving positive feedback and receiving it.

#13 Anthropology Major

#13 Anthropology Major Are you interested in the History and evolution of humanity? An Anthropology major will allow you to explore cultural History and social relations. You may also travel to study archaeological remains and learn more about humankind.

Anthropology Major Pros

  • You can learn skills in education, advocacy, research, and business – all of which are valuable in many professions.
  • You might get to travel the world. It is more likely that you will have the opportunity to travel, meet new people and immerse yourself in new cultures.
  • This major will help you communicate and relate with people and teach you how to adapt to different environments. It can be pretty gratifying.

Anthropology Major Cons

  • Travel is a con. It can be exhausting and long-lasting.
  • It can be physically taxing. Sometimes, digging may be necessary for hot climates.
  • Because projects are ongoing and sometimes don’t have a clear conclusion at the end, it can be hard to measure success.

#14 Linguistics Major

#14 Linguistics Major Do you know the difference between soda, pop, and coke? Why is it that we use the word feet instead of foots? Why are there different accents in each region? A Linguistics degree might be the perfect fit if you enjoy learning about language, dialect, or the vernacular.

Linguistics Major Pros

  • Language skills are highly sought after in all areas.
  • There may be opportunities to travel the world and meet new people.

Linguistic Major Cons

  • This field is very narrow, so there aren’t many career options.
  • Certain career paths for graduates of linguistics require a higher degree or license.

#15 Music Major

#15 Music Major Music is a passion for many people. However, you must be realistic – teaching, writing, and engineering are all viable options if you wish to make a living in the music business.

Music Major Pros

  • There are more chances to share and explore your passion.
  • This major will provide many opportunities to learn from and create with others and network professionally.
  • It can improve your patience, confidence, and tenacity.

Major Cons of Music

  • Like other artistic fields, music can be hard to find steady work.
  • Some people find it more enjoyable to turn a hobby into a full-fledged profession.

#16 Humanities Major

#16 Humanities Major You might have interests in many areas, including literature, art, music, and philosophy. A degree in the Humanities will allow you to explore many areas and open up new career possibilities.

Major Humanities Pros

  • These studies will help you improve your communication, critical thinking, and analysis skills. This is a valuable skill for both personal and professional life.
  • This degree is flexible enough to help you find work in almost any industry.

Humanities Major Cons

  • While you may acquire a wide range of skills, it is impossible to develop the specific technical skills required for a particular career. Some people may require on-the-job training.
  • To get the best job, you may need to obtain a higher degree or license.

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