Dotcom Secrets Book Review (2022 Update): Everything You Wanted To Know!

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By: Scam Risk - Expert Reviewer

DotCom Secrets is more than just an online marketing book. This is a step-by-step manual of some of the best strategies that will help you to generate traffic and convert them into sales.

It’s designed for you to take action with your online marketing efforts. 

This book may have been created in 2015, but its evergreen content so is still relevant today and will continue to relevant for decades to come. 

It was given the tagline, ‘The underground playbook for growing your company online.’

And it is exactly that!

If you’re looking to build an online company, grow your current company, or determine who your target market is then this book is a must-read. 

You’ll be amazed at the ideas that start going through your mind as you read it.

Fair warning – you’ll need to read this book more than once to fully grasp the concepts within the book.

It’s almost so simple that it leaves you wondering why you hadn’t thought of it in the first place.

This Dotcom Secrets review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Pros: What I Liked

  • Awesome Introduction For Marketing Online
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Reputable Leader
The Good

Cons: What I Didn't Like

  • You Will Be Upsold
  • Market Is Saturated
The Bad

Table of Contents

In this Dotcom Secrets review, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of the program. 

But before that, let’s ask ourselves: Is affiliate marketing even a worthwhile business model?

On the one hand, the promise is great…

You don’t have to create products, worry about fulfillment, customer service, or bad reviews. 

Your only job is to get the right customers in front of the right offer, and take a commission when they buy.

And – theoretically – you can do it all in an hour a day from the beach.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, not really. Driving traffic (that’s internet speak for getting customers) is single-handedly the hardest part of the entire marketing process.

Later in this review, we’ll talk about all the different skills you need to drive traffic successfully.

For now, let’s just say the promise doesn’t really match up with reality. 

At best, affiliate marketing is a job. You’re working for someone else, selling their products, and at any time, they can change your commission structure or block you from selling their stuff entirely.

In this business, you don’t really own or control anything. Since – for the most part – you’re driving traffic (again, the hardest job of all) and sending it to someone else, you don’t even get to keep the customers, who are the most valuable piece of the puzzle.

At worst, affiliate marketing is a pyramid scheme. There are certain – ahem – programs that charge you a monthly “membership fee”, under the guise that you will learn how to be a “wealthy affiliate marketer”. 

Once you join, however, you find out the only way to really make money is by being an affiliate for that program. 

That’s pretty much the textbook definition of a pyramid scheme.

Now, let’s say you really want that hour-a-day-work-from-the-beach lifestyle. 

beach laptop

What if there was a way you could build a passive income stream that’s actually passive?

An income stream that doesn’t require:

  • Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours before seeing your first dollar
  • Doing all the hard work of driving traffic to only get a tiny commission
  • Running your business on someone else’s terms

An income stream that brings in consistent revenues every single month (from a couple thousand dollars to well over $10,000)?

An income stream you could actually build in your spare time, and grow as large or as small as you want to, without having to spend hours a day testing, tweaking, and risking your money in the hope you can finally start making sales?

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out Digital Real Estate. 

Still Getting Paid

This is like taking all the good parts from affiliate marketing (however few there are), and putting aside all the bad.

However, if you’d still like to know more about Dotcom Secrets, keep reading.

Who Is Russel Brunson?

Russel Brunson is without a doubt one of the most successful marketers. 

At the age of 12, he loved reading junk mail and listening to TV commercials. He has the same passion today, and believes in the power of teaching others in order to find success. 

His journey to where he is today wasn’t filled with success stories. He’s failed and he failed a lot but they have been the building blocks for his success.

Russell shares these failures with you. 

He created his very first product while in college, “How to make potato guns”. 

He started making sales, and using Google advertising to generate a good income for a college kid.

Then Google changed their algorithm and his business was gone. It cost way too much in advertising to make a profit. 

This was just one of the many setbacks he experienced. 

But then he figured it all out.

Today, Russell Brunson has sold just about everything you could think of from coaching products, books, t-shirts, supplements and more. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in marketing – Dan Kennedy, Grant Cardone, Dan Lok and the list goes on and on. 

He’s helped other online businesses grow their business and enter into his Two-comma club through the use of these techniques and ClickFunnels.

He’s one of the co-creator of ClickFunnels. This company was founding in 2014 and is already worth over $400 Million dollars. The most amazing part of this is that they built this $400 Million dollar business without loans. 

It was self-funded.

And he shows you how you can do this yourself.

Russell Bruson believes that the way to make money is to teach others. And he has a unique gift of helping even the difficult things make sense.

What Is Dotcom Secrets?

This isn’t just another “how to” internet marketing book. It’s a blueprint to becoming an entrepreneur or building your own company from scratch.

DotCom Secrets teaches you advanced online marketing techniques that will help you to increase conversions and increase the value of your leads through sales funnels.

But there’s so much that goes into creating a sales funnel. And Russell will take you through the whole process and the psychology that goes into building the funnel with real examples, proven email marketing strategies and how to best utilize the traffic you’re generating.

His marketing strategies are evergreen strategies and will work for any business regardless if you are selling a product or service. So you don’t have to worry about purchasing this book that is several years old. 

The idea behind his methods is simple and won’t change ever. 

The ultimate goal is to uncover a problem within the market and solve it with your product. 

And find your dream client so you know what they want so that you can provide them with exactly that.

But he does more than just tell you this. Russell Brunson will actually walk you through various samples of how to achieve this and provide you with the step-by-step process to do it.

He even explains the science behind it. 

Then he goes a step beyond.

You won’t just sell one item to your customers. The more you sell the more you make and the way to achieve this is with upsells and downsells

This maximizes the amount of money you make on a single customer.

These are the EXACT strategies that he uses for every single business he has… It’s called sales funnels.

And one of the marketing strategies he uses with DotCom Secrets and all of these books is, “Free Book Plus Shipping”.

Here’s how this offer works,

The product is FREE to your customers. It’s what will attract them to your website.

But during the process, the secret ingredient that makes this so successful is.… the Upsells!

They are designed to encourage people to buy more. 

Since they are getting something for free and only pay the shipping fees, they are more likely to purchase something else. 

Come on who doesn’t want FREE things.

But just because it’s FREE doesn’t mean they’ll scoop it up.

This is where Russell Brunson and his marketing skills really shine through.

No matter what you sell you want to add value to your product or service.

He shows you step-by-step how you can do this with example after example.

Who Will Benefit From DotCom Secrets For?

You should read this book if you’re looking to start a business or wanting to grow a business that you already have.

It’s a great book filled with proven strategies that will remain relevant forever.

You’ll read it over and over again, and after every time you read it you’ll have a flood of new ideas.

Do you need this book to be a successful entrepreneur?

Probably not.

If you enjoy trying to figure things out on your own and to wait a few more years filled with many marketing mistakes, product branding mistakes, and using the wrong email marketing strategies then by all means go for it.

But if you want to become a successful entrepreneur sooner and build an online business without wasting a ton of money on avoidable mistakes, or marketing to the wrong customers then by all means go for it.

With DotCom Secrets you’ll gain insights and strategies that will double or triple your sales with your existing products and services.

Russell Brunson knows that many people start off wanting to start a business, but they give up too soon. He addresses the difficulties and he talks a lot about his marketing and business mistakes.

Let’s face it; it’s not easy. It’s why you’re still searching for books that will help you to obtain your own business or grow your existing business.

There’s so many things that you need to learn – new skillsets, buy fancy tools and learn all the secrets to get customers and get traffic.

You eventually give up.

This book, DotCom Secrets, is not about theories or what-ifs.

It’s about putting what you’re learning into action. This is truly what I believe separates all of Russell Brunson’s books from others. He’s the creator of books designed to help new entrepreneurs, existing business owners, and internet markets find success.

So it really doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you’re an expert.  This book will walk you through the steps of starting and growing a profitable business.

What Is The DotCom Secrets Book Pricing

DotCom Secrets is priced using the exact strategies he teaches. 

He gives it away for FREE!

It’s likely you’ve seen this strategy done. Free product and you ONLY pay shipping!

So you’ll be able to get DotCom Secrets Book for $0.00. 

You only pay $7.95 US shipping or $14.95 for international shipping. 

You’ll get to see his successful 2-step Free plus shipping funnel in action. You’ll learn how he adds value to his FREE offer just as he teaches in the book. 

A Russell Brunson DotCom Book Guarantee

This is taken directly from Russell Bruson’s website: “I 100% guarantee that you’ll love this book, or I’ll return your shipping fee and let you keep the book anyway. That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I’ll give you back your money with no question asked.”

That’s a pretty strong guarantee…. don’t you think?

Where Can You Buy Dotcom Secrets?

With just a quick search on Google you’ll find a ton of people promoting his book, and you’ll be redirected to his website to get it.

But you can also purchase a paperback edition of DotCom Secrets on Amazon for $11.34. 

Or find it on Kindle for $8.69.

Can You Make Money From Dotcom Secrets?

DotCom Secrets isn’t just a book.

Every story in it adds value to your experience.

Every page offers you a recipe to get started.

I suggest keeping a notebook close by when reading it so that you can jot down the flood of ideas.

When you start implementing the marketing strategies he outlines in the book to your existing business you’ll find that you’re selling more products or services almost instantly. Because one of the concepts he discusses is finding your dream clients. 

Your ideal client is the one who will get the most from using your products or services. And when you identify them you can start attracting them.

It cost a lot of money to advertise, and it’s a waste of money to market to people that aren’t necessarily going to make you money.

Don’t worry he’s going to show you exactly how to find your ideal client. 

What's In The DotCom Book?

The book is split into five clearly defined sections, which walk you through the process step-by-step.

Section One Ladders And Funnels

Secret #1: The Secret Formula

The book starts out helping you to understand where you want your business to go, and who your customers and clients are. Understanding this will allow you to better serve them.

The secret formula is composed of four simple questions,

  • Who are your dream clients?
  • How do you find them? 
  • How do you attract them without being pushy?
  • What benefit will they get from your business? 

These questions will all be answered.

Secret #2: The Value Ladder

By adding value to your customer and clients you’ll start to build a sustainable business because they are getting so much more for their money that it’s almost silly for them not to buy.

The value ladder is an important step. Russell spent a lot of time dissecting these steps. And he lays out exactly how you can find your dream customer from the starting point of your ladder to the sale. 

The goal of this value ladder isn’t only to make you more money it’s always designed to provide your customers with a customized solution.  

Each step of the ladder is a higher price point with additional products and services.

Secret #3: From A Ladder To A Funnel

This is where the good stuff starts to happen.

Suddenly everything will start to make sense. You’ll begin building your very first sales funnel and you’ll understand the psychology behind it.

This is more than just selling a product. It’s about creating a system on autopilot doing the sales for you. 

But it doesn’t happen overnight. He discusses how to build your sales funnel and how to start tweaking it until it becomes the high-converting sales funnel you need to double or even triple your sales.

Sales funnels have changed the way online sales are done. it takes the customer’s behaviors and puts them through the necessary steps of your value ladder so they willingly purchase.

Do you see the power in this?

Secret #4: How To Find Your Dream Customers

Identifying your target market allows you to serve them effectively. 

This is often the most difficult aspect of marketing, but knowing how to effectively define your target market is essential because your finding people that are ready to purchase your product or service. 

In this book, you’ll learn the strategies that will get a customer to stop in their tracks and visit your page and be put through your sales funnel.

This is just one of the skills that you’ll learn to master in DotCom Secrets. And Russell makes it simple.

Secret #5: The Three Types Of Traffic

Okay no matter how much value you add, or how good your sales funnel is without traffic to your website it’s pointless.

If you build it they will not come.

You’ll learn what the best type of traffic its so that you can transform your business.

Section Two: Your Communication Funnel

This is not a section you’ll want to skip. You’re about to learn how to make that sale through proper communication.

Secret #6: The Attractive Character

An “attractive character” is a crucial part of your funnels.

This attractive character is a person who understands your target audience, they’ve been in the same place they are right now. They will also tell a story about how the idea of this product solved their own problems so you are now helping them solve theirs.

Becoming successful at your attractive character is the key as a business owner. And when you become successful at this you’ll find that your list of qualified customers continues to grow with people that are eager to buy what you’re selling. 

When creating this attractive character there’s going to be three main components you must keep in check:

  • The Elements
  • The Identity
  • Storylines

Russell will show you exactly how to create an attractive character. He’ll show you how to identify and effectively communicate your stories so that they will sell more products and services.

Secret #7: The Soap Opera Sequence

This “secret” will help you to create a bond between your target audience and the attractive character through email. 

The Soap Opera Sequence is basically a series of email sequences that will be used to build this relationship. Although Russell isn’t the creator of this method and credits Andre Chaperon who is the creator of Autoresponder Madness for the Soap Opera Email Sequence.

In this section, Russell shares the five email templates that he uses and has helped him to become the internet marketer he is today. 

So let’s take a look at how the Soap Opera Sequence works. It gives value to your subscribers, with irresistible storylines that hook them.  Everyone loves stories and by turning your email sequences into a bunch of stories designed to sell you do just that.

Secret #8: Daily Seinfeld Sequence

You’ll hear Russell Brunson say this often, “the secret to keeping your subscribers happy to hear from you every day is using the Seinfeld email format.”

This is an email style that creates excitement. It’s done through storytelling and sharing part of your life and telling stories about what has happened with you builds a connection.

You’ll learn how to be strategic and purposeful with these stories because it’s a powerful way to build this connection and sell.

Basically, these stories will lead back to your product and service.

People love stories and when you are strategically telling these stories to circle back to your product or service it’s a win-win situation.

You’ll learn how to draft your own daily Seinfeld sequence emails and learn when you should send them to your customers.

He even gives you his daily Seinfeld sequences and other scripts that will help you!

Section Three: Funnelology

You may have thought you learned everything you needed to learn about sales funnels in the other sections, but there’s so much more. That was just a taste of what you’re about to learn in this section of the book. 

You’re about to learn exactly how to create a funnel, the best way to manage them and how you can tweak them to ensure you are getting the best results.  

You’re about to learn the strategies and tactics that will help you to build a high-converting funnel again and again.

Secret #9: Reverse-Engineering A Successful Funnel

With internet marketing, you understand that you should never try to reinvent the wheel. You should only build on what is already works. This is where so many business owners go wrong.

Russell will show you how to reverse engineer the companies within your market so that you can find the same success they have in half the time.

This is powerful stuff you’re getting from this book! 

Your taking an already successful funnel and tweaking it to be better.

The most common mistake that most entrepreneurs make when they are building their sales funnel, is trying to re-invent the process. 

Refrain from doing that, and follow the path that Rusell lays out for you. He’s giving you the secret to leveraging what other businesses are already doing and showing you how to make it better. In essence, your copying people who already have a successful funnel and taking their, Demographics, Ad copy and copies, Traffic sources, Offers and Landing page.

Be sure that you are not copying word for word what they are doing. This will only lead you to trouble. When you’re reading the book Russell will help you build on what is working.

You’ll learn how to reverse all these elements to work for you. Russell Brunson will show you exactly how to do this in this section of the book.

Secret #10: Seven Phases Of A Funnel

You’ll uncover the secret to creating the perfect page, offer and traffic to make sales. 

It’s likely you’ll read this chapter a few times. 

Russell Brunson will help you to fully understand everything you need to know when it comes to building your sales funnel, and getting visitors and leads to trust you. 

Take your time to understand these seven phases of a funnel.

Secret #11: The Twenty-Three Building Blocks Of A funnel

You’ll be able to perfectly craft your funnel using these building blocks.

The DotCom Secrets book is more than the typical business books. This book goes beyond the normal business advice. 

This underground playbook for growing your sales funnels will without a doubt help you build an online business and generate a healthy income. 

You’ll learn about landing pages and how you can create them using the 7 building phases earlier in the book. And with 23 different examples of effective building blocks for your sales funnels you’ll be building your own in no time. 

Secret #12: Frontend Vs. Backend Funnels

Choosing the right type of sales funnel is one of the most difficult aspects of the process. 

It’s one that most entrepreneurs seem to struggle with. And even the most advanced marketers can struggle with this as well. 

Your funnel needs to be geared towards qualified buyers.

DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson will help you with this entire process. He outlines how to choose a funnel and the best way to use it on the frontend of his value ladders. He’ll show you through examples of the value ladder funnel he uses in the consideration stage, and the backend offers.

Secret #13: The Best bait

In this section, you’ll learn the secrets that turned Russell Brunson businesses into successes again and again.  You’ll also learn about his failures.

This is one of the things many marketers seem to leave out. But failure is something all entrepreneurs experience and learn from and Russell was no different.

It’s likely you’ll have plenty of “ah-ha” moments because the information you’ll review is pure gold and all of his strategies are simple. 

Russell Brunson understands the power of words. And when you use certain words you can change the way that you do business. A single word is a bait that will hook your customers and it doesn’t matter what industry your in or what products or services you offer.

Section Four: Funnels And Scripts

Russell begins to dive deeper into his core funnels. He’ll discuss ClickFunnels and show you the exact funnel scripts that he uses in his sales funnels that have helped grow his businesses.

Each of them are broken into sections – Frontend, Middle and Backend Funnels. 

You’ll learn about the following sections,

  1. Frontend Funnel: Two-Step – Free Plus Shipping
  2. Frontend Funnel: Self-Liquidating Offer
  3. Frontend Funnel: Continuity
  4. Middle Funnel: Perfect Webinar
  5. Middle Funnel: Invisible Perfect Webinar
  6. Middle Funnel: Product Launch
  7. Backend Funnel: High-Ticket, Three-Step Application

Section Five: ClickFunnels

In the last section, Russell Brunson is going to show you how you can use ClickFunnels to create your sales funnels. This is the software that has brought him in millions.

DotCom Secrets Pros And Cons

Pros Of DotCom Secrets Book

DotCom Secrets is a book that will help you uncover your target market and your dream clients, find the problem within your market,  discover the best way to communicate these problems and help you become the entrepreneur that you have been dreaming that you’d be.

It’s actionable! So people who have a hard time taking what they read and putting it into action won’t have that problem with this book. 

It’s filled with example after example, and stories that will inspire you. 

You’ll be able to improve your business by adding value, you’ll uncover how to become a leader in your industry, and exactly what you need to do to build relationships. 

Cons Of DotCom Secrets Book

If we’re being honest there’s not much that can be said in this section. 

It’s likely that you’ll need to read this book a few times to fully grasp each section. Although Russell Brunson does a great job of breaking it down for you, there are times that you can be overwhelmed with ideas.

You’ll find that this is the best business book for businesses looking to leverage online marketing platforms.

How Is DotCom Secrets Different From Expert Secrets & Traffic Secrets?

You’ll find that there are many differences between Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. These books are meant to complement each other and help you start and build a successful business.

The biggest differences is this,

DotCom Secrets takes you step-by-step through the process of structuring your business. It shows you how to effectively deliver your message and communicate the value so that people want to buy from you. 

While Expert Secrets provides you with actionable examples, illustrations, and stories to achieve these. It will help you find your voice. You’ll be able to build a loyal fan base and how you can change someone else’s life.  

And Traffic Secrets will provide you with ways to generate traffic to your website. You’ll learn about the different types of traffic and how to take advantage of them. Youll hear about how Russell lost his entire business by using only one source of traffic 

When you take advantage of the processes within all of three of these books you’ll learn not only how to build a successful sales funnel.

You’ll also learn how to get targeted traffic to the funnel. Without traffic, you cannot make sales, without a sales funnel you can increase your sales. 

So in order for you to build an online business with an attractive character that does the selling for you, you’ll need to take advantage of every step throughout this book.

Is Dotcom Secrets A Scam?

Is RewardBanx A Scam

So, is Dotcom Secrets a scam? Not technically. You can make money with this program, but making money with affiliate marketing definitely isn’t as easy as the company makes it sound. 

Driving traffic is extremely difficult. In order to do it successfully, you need to at least understand all these things, if not be a ninja at them:

  • Copywriting
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Content Writing
  • Website Building
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Click Tracking
  • Retargeting/Remarketing
  • SEO
  • Backlinking

And a lot more.

There’s a ton of work to be done upfront, no real guarantee of success, and – most importantly – the actual commissions are pretty small. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with front-loading the work and making the money later.

But if you’re grinding it out for 3 months and then your reward is a $50 commission, it’s not really worth it.

What if, instead, you could do that same 3 months of work (in your spare time), and your reward was a $500 to $2,000 payment that came in every single month?

And what if you only needed 1 or 2 of the above skills to get started, instead of mastering all 12 before seeing your first dollar?

And what if you actually didn’t need to wait 3 months? What if you could get started today and have your first payment in a week?

And what if you could double it next week?

Well, that’s the power of Digital Real Estate

Your laptop and an internet connection is all you need.

Some of the most successful students in this program run their entire 6-figure businesses from:

  • A camper in the middle of the woods
  • A beach chair on the water in Mexico
  • A small villa in Greece

Saying goodbye to our job

They’re able to travel around, living their lives first, and focusing on their income second. 

Because even if they stop working for an extended period of time, the money keeps coming in. 

So adventure, memories, and experience are the top priority. 

And they never have to worry about how to pay for the next trip, or consider asking for time off. 

If this sounds more like the type of life you want to lead, just click here to find out more about Digital Real Estate.


I believe that Russell Brunson did a great job in this book of giving you real world examples that will help you to put your ideas into action. You’ll be able to make sense of the building blocks he lays out for you in a simple manner so that you can build your sales funnel geared around your dream customer.

This book is more than just about building a sales funnel. It’s about building a business that sets you apart from others. It’s about helping you to find the customers that want to buy and this alone will reduce the cost of your marketing and increase your sales. 

So whether you’re trying to figure out how to become an entrepreneur or you already have a business and you want to grow your business this book will definitely help you find the success that you’re looking to achieve. And the fact that you pay shipping only makes it an irresistible offer. 

Need A Business Idea?

Are There Alternatives To dotcom Secrets


Yes, there are plenty of Affiliate Marketing programs and resources to choose from if you want to pursue this business model.  Here are just a few: 

what is our #1 recommendation to make Money online in 2022?

Digital Real Estate

Our review team has spent months researching, reviewing, and vetting dozens of business models and thousands of programs.

While there may be no “perfect business”, the research IS conclusive:

Digital Real Estate is the #1 online business model for those just starting out.

Whether you’ve never made a dollar online, or you’ve been in this space for a while but never really “made it,” Digital Real Estate is for you.


1) It’s Flexible: got an hour a day? You can do this. Ready to drop everything else and dive in full time? You can do this. Yes, the more time you put in, the faster you see results. But even with a little time each day, you can move the needle in a Digital Real Estate business.

And because this system is so flexible, you don’t have to constantly be working to make more money. It’s called PASSIVE INCOME because if you stop working, the money doesn’t. 

Imagine taking 3 months off to just tour around Europe, rent a cabin in the woods to write a book, hike the Appalachian Trail, or live on the beach and surf all day. 

This is only possible if you have an income stream that’s not tied to your time.

Jump All In

2) You Own & Control EVERYTHING: With Affiliate Marketing, you don’t really own anything. You have no control over the quality of products. You don’t even own customers.

Look at the fine print for most affiliate agreements. At any point, the company can change your commission structure, reduce your profit margins, or kick you out entirely.

With Digital Real Estate, you own the assets, which means you have all the power and all the control.

Feeling Blessed

3) Little To No Startup Costs: It’s possible to get into Digital Real Estate with zero dollars upfront. Because, using the strategies outlined in this program, you can get a client to pay you BEFORE spending a penny out of your own pocket…even before you do any work. 

Even without getting paid in advance, you can have your first Digital Rental Property up, running, and generating profits for less than $100.

Scott Lead Gen

4) Easy To Duplicate: Ok, here’s the best part: once you have your first Digital Rental Property up and running, you can literally DOUBLE your income with a few clicks, a couple keystrokes, and a single phone call (and you don’t actually need the phone call).

Remember: each Digital Rental Property is worth $500 to $2,000 a month in semi-passive income (over 95% profit). Every time you decide to create another one and increase your income, it gets easier.

Because you have more knowledge, more experience, more results, and more momentum. 

If you wanted to double your income with affiliate marketing, you’d have to double your traffic, double the average order size of each customer, OR double your commission rate. And, guaranteed that’s a lot harder than a few clicks and a few minutes of your life.

Lance Lead Gen

5) Make Money Helping Real People: This part is what makes it all worth it. With affiliate marketing, you’re selling the product with the best commission rate, NOT the one that’s going to improve the most people’s lives.

And that makes it pretty hard to sleep at night.

But with Digital Real Estate, you’re actually helping people by solving your clients’ biggest problem:

Small, local businesses need more customers, and with Digital Real Estate, you are unleashing a flood of happy, paying customers for these businesses. 

You make money by helping them make money. 

Not a big, faceless corporation either…a small business owner who’s using that money to put food on the table for their family, start a college fund for their kids, or take care of a sick parent. 

Once you see how Digital Real Estate makes a real impact in the lives of real people, you’ll sleep like a baby with a big smile on your face.

Boss of My Own Future

Now, the choice is yours. You could continue browsing, looking at opportunities like Dotcom Secrets which could one day make you money.

You could continue researching, never making a decision. 

OR, you could take a look inside, consider what you really want, and join a program that makes your dreams a reality. At the same time, joining a community of over 2,000 successful students that are living life on their own terms thanks to Digital Real Estate.

A consistent, reliable, semi-passive stream of income that doesn’t depend on you or your time to keep producing profits. 

All while genuinely helping real people who are grateful and happy to pay for it. 

If this sounds more like what you want out of life (or if you just want some nice side income), click here to learn more about Digital Real Estate.

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