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Diversyfund Reviews: Easy Way To $10K?

DiversyFund is not just any other crowdfunding platform. You will find that the company changes what you can find online, anything on a Google search. The DiversyFund is a good company. The company looks for ways to help investors. They can do this by making sure they are careful with who they give money to.

DiversyFund offers a multi-family real estate investment trust, the DiversyFund Growth REIT. The main goal is to increase cash flow and resale value. You will automatically have access to multi-million dollar real estate assets.

We’re going to review DiversyFund to see if it really is the best crowdfunding platform out there.

We’ll talk about whether crowdfunding is right for you.

And at the end, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding DiversyFund and crowdfuning in general.

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Table of Contents

Diversyfund Review

You can invest in real estate if you want. You could buy shares of a company that owns and operates income-producing real estate. They are called Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), and DiversyFund is open only to US investors who are non-accredited investors for $500. The Difference with a real estate crowdfunding site, DiversyFund, helps the investor to invest in multi-family properties.

The DiversyFund Growth REIT is an SEC-regulated REIT that creates wealthy real estate investing in cash-flow apartment complex buildings. Diversified focus is on long-term capital appreciation from real estate assets and properties and the renovation and repositioning of these multi-family properties.

Who Can Benefit From Diversyfund?

Mostly wealthy people can invest in alternative investments. In 2015, an amendment to the JOBS Act made it possible to invest in REITs even if they don’t have much money, accredited investors. 

The DiversyFund Growth REIT is a company that opens up to non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest in value-add real estate projects. It can offer an alternative to invest in multifamily properties. DiversyFund is for you if you are a non-accredited investor. You might want to diversify your investments by investing in other things like stocks and bonds.

DiversyFund’s experts have 20+ years of experience investing in stocks, real estate law, and real estate development. They know well the ins and outs of that particular investment location.

DiversyFund Growth REIT Platform and Tools:

Are you ready to dive into the DiversyFund Growth REIT?

You can create a new account using Facebook or LinkedIn with your first and last name, phone number, zip code, and email address. Then you will make a password and put it in twice. Include a referral code in the next section.

You can monitor how well your investment is doing by looking at the DiversyFund Dashboard. You can see how much money you have invested and what your portfolio looks like. You will get reports every quarter and an annual tax document.

DiversyFund Research Offerings includes Multi-Family Properties.

DiversyFund has a lot of articles that can help you understand investing. For example, you will find articles for beginners titled:

  • Always Begin With a Plan: “Your Personalized Roadmap”
  • Saving is so good, Investing is Better: When to Know You’re Ready.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • How Much Should I Invest?

Once you have completed the tasks in the first series, you can go through a series of articles about different investments. This section covers alternatives for all and defensive investments that can protect your portfolio.

In the third series, there are articles about real estate investing. There are three articles:

  • Real Estate can be a way to diversify your investments and help you minimize volatility.
  • Multi-family real estate is safe and demanded by many people.
  • Diversifying investments will help the investor to reduce risk.

The information on the website can be hard to read because it has a lot of articles. There are some basic questions on the website about investing. It explains what Growth REIT is and who can invest in it.

There are also some FAQs on the website that can answer your general questions about DiversyFund.

DiversyFund Fees

DiversyFund’s Growth REIT minimum investment requirement is only $500.There are no fees for investors. That means that the company doesn’t charge you to invest. But they just took away a 2% annual management fee.

DiversyFund does not charge a sales commission, so how do they make money?

Look at the Series A presentation that charts different ways that the company makes money. The Series A presentation explains how the company could raise up to 100 times more revenue per dollar than other real estate platforms.

DiversyFund might give $225,000 as equity in its Series A. But it might collect $1.2M in developer fees. Do your research so you as an investor know if this investment is suitable for you.

DiversyFund Customer Support

You can email DiversyFund at You can also chat or message them on the website or use Calendly to schedule a call with an expert. There’s no research-based indication of how responsive they are to their clients.

DiversyFund's Ease of Use

You just need to follow 4 steps. First, you will upload a photo to Instagram. Then you will follow the instructions that DiversyFund gives you. It is easy!

Step 1: Create an Account

First thing, you need to create an account at DiversyFund. Put in your first and last name, email address, phone number, and password to get started. Then you can see current eligible investments you can make money on.

Step 2: Choose Your Investment

You can invest in any of these choices: Growth REIT or DiversyFund. You can find the details about each investment on their website. Or you can contact them by live chat, phone, or email.

Step 3: Decide How Much You'd Like to Invest.

You can see the dashboard to decide how much you want to invest in DiversyFund. The minimum amount is $2,500, and the maximum is $1,000,000.

Step 4: Track Your Investments

Track your invested money and review your investments. You will get reports that show how much you have invested.

When you register as an investor, you will get emails that tell you what to do. These will include emails about registering and notifications about your registration.

After you set up an account, DiversyFund will send you emails when new investment opportunities are offered. They will also tell you how your investments are doing and when to expect a money-back based on your investment term.

DiversyFund Overall:

If you live in the U.S., it is easy for you to invest in DiversyFund. But there are some requirements. You will need to give them a W-9 and file a U.S. tax return with the Schedule K-1 they send out every year.

If you want to invest in more than just stocks or bonds, you can use DiversyFund. You only need to invest $500, and it will make 11.4%. If you enter “Benzinga” when you are investing, they will give you a $20 gift card.

Is DiversyFund legit? How strong is it?

DiversyFund is a real business. They have different kinds of properties in different places. They have some concerns about how they do business, but they are a good company for investors who are interested in properties

How DiversyFund works: How are investments sourced?

DiversyFund sells and manages multi-family properties. This means they work with people who want to sell their property, who are interested in commercial real estate investing, help them find another house, and then make money through rental income. And they also make new houses for people to live in.

As a result, DiversyFund doesn’t charge annual asset management fees to investors in the DiversyFund Growth REIT. It collects a lot of fees from the REIT as the sponsor and developer of investors and properties.

Who can invest with DiversyFund? What is the amount of minimum investment?

The DiversyFund Growth REIT is open to every investor who likes real estate investing with a minimum investment. The low minimum investment is $500.

What are DiversyFund's fees?

This is the challenge about Reg A investments. DiversyFund touts that it does not charge fees at the fund level, but this is not true for individual investors. Growth REIT is open to those who can invest at least $500 – but some fees will affect an investment in its funds.

We looked at the disclosures in DiversyFund’s SEC filings. We found that DiversyFund charges many fees to the REIT. Some of these fees are near industry-standard rates, but many are much higher than what you would expect on a stand-alone real estate deal.

DiversityFund charges the REIT different fees. There is a developer fee starting at 6% and going up to 8%. They charge 1% of the total sale price if you sell your property. If they are managing construction, they are not charged more than what industry standards state that it should cost.

It helps developers make more money. They share in the profit amount when they are successful.

But, plain and simple, it is rare to see a promotion with this low a return. It usually has an 8% preferred return followed by an 80% or 75%.

Here is the bottom line. The investor who put money in a REIT are risking their money, and they should get more of the returns than those who don’t. The DiversyFund’s fees are too high, and they are making it so that you get less out of your earnings than you would otherwise.

DiversyFund returns: What should you expect?

There are still many questions about the DiversyFund Growth REIT. It has not yet reported a period with positive operating cash flows. But some people worry that its fee structure creates more opportunities for DiversyFund to profit than the investors for its funds.

Can you sell DiversyFund investments?

The DiversyFund investments, like other real estate investments, are not easy to sell. One of the good things about private real estate is that it is not as volatile as other types of investing. But, if you have invested in a home and then decide to sell it before the deal is done, it will be hard or even impossible to do so.

We are talking about how DiversyFund is different from other REITs. Other REITs can redeem or buy back shares, but not DiversyFund. But the huge Difference with DiversyFund is that it doesn’t send cash dividends to investors.

All the money is reinvested into new real estate deals. No money will be coming out of the company’s bank account for dividends or share buybacks.

For many people who want to invest in real estate, the Growth REIT is not a good choice.

Going mobile: Is there a DiversyFund app?

DiversityFund has a mobile app that is good for your phone and tablet.

Is DiversyFund safe to invest with?

We know little about investing in real estate, They have not been around for long. But other investments are safer, but in Diversyfund, investors only need low minimum real estate investments of $500.

DiversyFund says that its vertical integration is a good thing because it saves money. Still, it also means that there is more risk for investors. When one real estate investment company handles all of those things, and if something goes wrong, then the investor who invested in the company will lose money.

Commercial real estate is a safe investment. Real Estate Investors should invest with DiversyFund knowing that they might take more financial risk than if they invested in other companies.

DiversyFund is a company that has had problems making money. We do not know if they will be able to make more money now. We think that DiversyFund might have some issues with leadership because they had problems before and are still having some.

Company representatives said that this ongoing litigation is not important to the company and that all violations in the past have been settled. But because regulators have had problems before, we want to be more careful about this one.

Lastly, there is not much liquidity in the secondary market for Growth REIT investors. They cannot take dividends as cash.

We don’t like DiversyFund. It is not a good investment for your money because there are better real estate crowdfunding platforms to invest in. There are too many things that raise our concerns about it, and we think that you should invest in something else instead.

Who is Diversyfund best for?

  • Investor who want an investment that is different than stocks and bonds might look into other ones.
  • Individuals who don’t want to be landlords in the traditional sense
  • Investors who are not accredited


  • Only need to spend $500 to start.
  • The company is open to investors all over the world.
  • No broker fees


  • In a blind pool, you can’t choose the properties beforehand.
  • There is only 1 investment option. It is called the DiversyFund Growth REIT.

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  1. This company Diversified is a scam. I have been investing with them for about 2 years. I was receiving investment dividends up until 5 months ago. Then when I started asking why I am not receiving dividends anymore I keep receiving these robo responses telling me how well the company is doing. Then when I said I want to close my account I received robo responses telling me I have to leave my investment for 5 years. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they seemed to get the same robot responses. They are still assisting me to resolve this nightmare with Diversyfund.

  2. I’m a Victim too,I cannot get my funds either,When I started, I talked to a live person on the phone and now I can’t get anyone!I need to close this account after I receive my funds, But simple can’t get in touch with them.

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