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Digital Wealth Academy Review (Updated 2024): Can Rachell Jova Bring Your Digital Marketing To The Next Level?

By: Joel & Josiah
Digital Wealth Academy Review

Hey there, and welcome to my Digital Wealth Academy review! I’ve got an interesting one for you today.

There are a lot of ways to make money online and new concepts are popping up every day. Some models stick around while others fade in and out. 

Digital Wealth Academy has taken a unique approach to the classic business model of “reselling.”

The program teaches you how to sell digital products using Master Resell Rights (MRR). This means you can purchase a product once and sell it as your own, keeping 100% of the profits.

As someone who has reviewed numerous online business programs, I’ve learned a few things:

  1. Many courses overpromise and underdeliver
  2. Income claims are often exaggerated
  3. Gurus want you to believe that their success is easily replicable

By the end of this honest review, I want you to understand if Digital Wealth Academy can truly help you launch a profitable digital product business or if it’s just another overhyped course.

This Digital Wealth Academy review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Average Rating


The curriculum of Digital Wealth Academy is as you would expect. It’s pretty thorough and comes mostly in the form of videos and slides that you can follow along and learn at your own pace. Where the program falls short is in mentorship and community because outside of a slightly unengaged Facebook group, there’s no where for you to bounce ideas and get inspired. This is likely due to that fact that most people are competing against eachother to sell the same products. 

The program can teach you how to make money online using the Master Resell Rights business model.
With a one-time purchase, you can continue to sell the product over and over again so the profit margin is 100% if you’re using free models.
You can sell your own products as well so you’re not always limited to the same old digital products provided by Rachell Jova.
In most cases, you’re reselling the products that are already created which can cause saturation and excessive competition.
You need to buy your way into the program by purchasing one of the digital products.
A lot of your success will weigh on the conversion ability of the product you choose. If it doesn’t sell, there’s really nothing you can do about it. 


  • The program can teach you how to make money online using the Master Resell Rights business model.
  • With a one-time purchase, you can continue to sell the product over and over again so the profit margin is 100% if you’re using free models.
  • You can sell your own products as well so you’re not always limited to the same old digital products provided by Rachell Jova.


  • In most cases, you’re reselling the products that are already created which can cause saturation and excessive competition.
  • You need to buy your way into the program by purchasing one of the digital products.
  • A lot of your success will weigh on the conversion ability of the product you choose. If it doesn’t sell, there’s really nothing you can do about it. 

Why Listen To Us?

My name is Josiah, and this is my Dad, Joel.

Together, we make up the team here at Scamrisk.

If you’ll let me bother you for two minutes, I’d like to quickly explain why I’m even here writing this review.

In early 2020, I had just graduated from college & had no real career prospects.

I knew I was destined for something more, but I had no clue how I was going to make it happen.

I had this sinking feeling in my gut all the time… like the “big man upstairs” had accidentally given me the version of life where I’d be mediocre forever, instead of the one where I was, ya know – happy & fulfilled.


I had fiddled around with some different online businesses in college:

Some random MLMs, a bit of affiliate marketing, a (failed) dropshipping store or two, all the usual suspects.

Even my dad had been involved in MLMs back in the day… selling knives & other random nonsense people (probably) didn’t need.

All I really wanted was to find something that was going to actually work for me.

Maybe those things had worked for others, but for me it all turned up a fat “0” in the bank account department.

So I searched! And searched… and searched… and searched…

And eventually, I somehow stumbled upon a program that promised to help me build an income online (read about it here if you’re curious).

I didn’t really want to be “rich”.

The thought of making a reliable $5K per month & not having to worry about clocking in to a 9-to-5 ever again was all I needed.

Sure, there were people in the program doing high-6 and low-7 figures per year… but that wasn’t what I was out for.

I just wanted to provide freedom for myself, and if I was lucky, take my family along for the ride.

Fast forward a few days and a few phone calls & I was enrolled!

Here’s the first “money making website” I put up:

I built that site in 2020, and it still makes me $1,500 per month. It’s a basic 5 page website I built based on a template the program provides.

The best part to me? My dad and I get to do it all together!

So between the:

  1. Ease of reaching $5-$10K per month in income online
  2. Straightforward-ness of the system to do it
  3. Fact that I get to do it w/ my family

Is why I recommend local lead generation as my #1 business model for making money online.

Sure, it takes some work and dedication – but anyone that tells you that there’s a business out there that requires no work is selling you a lemon.

I’m not saying you need to sign up for the same program I did, but I would definitely recommend giving the business model a peek!


TLDR – What’s The Verdict on Digital Wealth Academy?

TLDR - What’s The Verdict on Digital Wealth Academy?

Digital Wealth Academy is an online course that teaches you how to make money by selling digital products using the Master Resell Rights (MRR) business model. With MRR, you purchase a product once and can then sell it as your own, keeping 100% of the profits.

I like to think of MRR as a garden where you buy a single seed (the digital product) and can then grow and sell the fruits (the product sales) over and over.

It seems like a no-brainer. Pay once and get paid forever. 

  • But, there’s some issues here and potential shortcomings that you’ll want to think about:
    High competition, as many other members may be selling the same products as you. You can sell your own digital product, but a lot of people make money by selling Rachell’s.
  • Difficulty standing out and attracting customers to your specific offerings because what she’s teaching isn’t exactly revolutionary. 
  • Reliance on the quality and appeal of the products you purchase rights to. If the product itself doesn’t convert, it doesn’t really matter how good you are. 
  • Potential saturation of the market if the products become widely sold. This is bound to happen eventually. 
  • Need for strong sales, marketing, and technical skills to succeed – not to mention that you need to stay hustling constantly so passive income is out of the question. 

While the Digital Wealth Academy course provides training on important digital marketing topics, it still requires you to do the heavy lifting of driving traffic and sales yourself. There’s no true “hands-off” component.

This is why I think Digital Leasing is a better passive income opportunitywith all the upsides of MRR and none of the downsides. 

With this straightforward model, you create websites that generate customer leads for local service businesses, then rent those sites to the businesses for a monthly fee. They get a consistent source of new customers, you get reliable monthly income.

Now you can avoid worrying about product competition, market saturation, or selling the same things as thousands of other people online. You’re creating tangible value that helps real local businesses grow.

So if a low-competition, high-profit business interests you, I recommend checking out Digital Leasing here.

But if you’d still like more details on Digital Wealth Academy, let’s continue exploring this reseller model.

Who Benefits From Digital Wealth Academy and Who Doesn’t?

Who Benefits From Digital Wealth Academy and Who Doesn’t?

Digital Wealth Academy is designed for anyone interested in making money online by selling digital products. However, as with any business model, it’s not a perfect fit for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at who might thrive with this program and who might struggle.

Who Benefits

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start an online business but don’t have their own product ideas. With Digital Wealth Academy, you can leverage existing products and focus on marketing and sales.
  • Those with strong sales and persuasion skills. Since you’ll be selling the same products as other members, your ability to attract customers and close deals will be key to your success.
  • People comfortable with technology and willing to learn. You’ll need to navigate online platforms, set up sales funnels, and manage digital marketing campaigns.
  • Individuals with some existing online presence or audience. Having a head start with a network or following can give you an advantage when promoting your offerings.

Who Doesn’t Benefit

  • Those seeking a truly passive income stream. While you can earn money by reselling products, you’ll still need to actively drive traffic and make sales. It’s not a “set it and forget it” model.
  • People who prefer to create their own unique products. If you have a burning desire to bring your own ideas to life, the reseller model may feel limiting.
  • Individuals who struggle with online competition. Since many members will be selling the same products, you’ll need to be comfortable competing for customers and differentiating yourself.
  • Those looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Building a successful reseller business takes time, effort, and persistence. It’s not a shortcut to overnight wealth.

Folks, you can probably make money doing this regardless of your skillset, but with all the options available to make money online, why settle for anything less than the best? 

For example, if you’re good with persuasion, high ticket sales like the High Ticket Closer course or Legendary Marketer might be a better option. 

1,000 FT View of Digital Wealth Academy

1,000 FT View of Digital Wealth Academy

Alright, let’s take a step back and get a bird’s eye view of what Digital Wealth Academy is all about. This program is all about teaching you how to make money online by selling digital products using the Master Resell Rights (MRR) business model which I cover below in detail. 

Business Model

The core concept of MRR is pretty simple. You buy the rights to a digital product (like an ebook, course, or software) and then you can sell it as your own and keep all the profits. It’s kind of like buying a franchise – you’re using someone else’s proven product, but you get to put your own spin on the marketing and sales.

The beauty of this model is that you don’t have to spend time and money creating your own product from scratch. You can piggyback off the hard work of others and focus on getting it in front of the right audience.

But here’s the catch – you’re not the only one with access to these products. Other members of Digital Wealth Academy can also be selling the same things. So it becomes a game of who can outmarket the competition.

If you possess the marketing skills like email marketing, sales funnel building, copywriting, and conversion-rate optimization – you’re in the clear. 

Also, there’s a lot mention of this being an multi-level marketing scheme (MLM). Like this reddit thread for example

The main thing that makes this model different from an MLM is the fact that the creator of the product, doesn’t get recurring sales of any kind. You pay once and that’s it. 

There’s no downline and there’s no recruiting in the traditional sense unless the product you’re selling is a course or additional program of some kind. 

About Rachell Jova

about rachell jova

The mastermind behind Digital Wealth Academy is Rachell Jova. She’s positioned herself as a successful digital marketer who’s cracked the code on making money with MRR.

Rachell’s story is one of overcoming struggles and finding financial freedom through online business. She talks about how she was able to go from zero to six figures in just a few short months by applying the strategies she teaches in her program.

One thing I appreciate about Rachell is that she’s upfront about the fact that this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. She emphasizes that it takes hard work and dedication to succeed with MRR. But she also paints a picture of the lifestyle you can achieve if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Digital Wealth Academy Cost

digital wealth academy cost

So, how much does it cost to join Digital Wealth Academy? Well, it’s not exactly cheap. The Digital Wealth Academy cost clocks in at a one-time fee of $497.

This is pretty on-par with most online programs of this type. Many of them fall somewhere around $500-1,000 so it’s even on the cheaper side. 

She also offers a payment plan option where you can spread the cost over three months, paying $165 per month. However, you won’t get access to the resell rights until you’ve paid in full.

Expect there to be numerous costs stacked on top of this though. 

You can’t just pay for the rights to sell something and then not pay for anything that’s going to equip you to sell it. 

Based on your strategy, you may need to build a website, landing pages, get email marketing software, page optimization tools, keyword research tools, and premium subscriptions to numerous other things. 

What Makes The Program Different… Or Not? 

In the crowded world of online money-making programs, what makes Digital Wealth Academy stand out? Here are a few things that caught my eye:

  1. The fact that you don’t have to pay monthly for access to the training involved in the program and the products you’re selling. The problem is, this also comes with a lack of community and mentorship since it’s a one-time fee. There’s a Facebook group… but it’s not much. 
  2. The inclusion of done-for-you products. Not only do you get training on how to sell, but you also get access to a library of products you can start selling right away. This can be a big time-saver compared to other programs that leave you to source your own products.
  3. Rachell Jova actually includes numerous tech and tool recommendations for you and some of them come with discount codes as well. She doesn’t just tell you to find an email campaign tool, she provides you with her recommended choices which I think is helpful.

That being said, Digital Wealth Academy isn’t the only program out there teaching MRR. And the reality is, the core strategies aren’t exactly groundbreaking. Find a product, set up a sales funnel, drive traffic, make sales. Rinse and repeat.

A lot of people are teaching this. Like “One Funnel Away” but theses strategies aren’t going to make you rich alone – you’ll need to branch out and learn more about each individual thing to really make it in this business. 

My Personal Opinion On Digital Wealth Academy

My Personal Opinion On Digital Wealth Academy

As someone who has been around the block a time or two and seen a lot of friends and family get burned in online business, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges of separating hype from reality. 

Digital Wealth Academy offers up a unique opportunity to do something that sounds pretty simple. 

Buy your way into selling something… and sell it. 

It’s like having a bakery route where you purchase the baked goods from the bakery and then sell them to the individual stores for a higher cost. 

It’s simple. 

…or it sounds simple. Like a lot of business opportunities do until you realize it isn’t as easy as you thought. 

Here’s a few reasons why I don’t recommend this business model:

  1. High competition within the community. With thousands of members all gaining access to the same products, it can be incredibly difficult to stand out and attract customers. You’re constantly competing against others who are selling identical offerings.
  2. Reliance on the quality of the provided products. Your success is largely tied to the appeal and effectiveness of the digital products you’re reselling. If the products are subpar or don’t deliver on their promises, it can reflect poorly on your own reputation and make it harder to generate sales.
  3. The need for strong marketing skills. While Digital Wealth Academy provides training on marketing tactics, the onus is still on you to drive traffic and convince people to buy from you instead of other resellers. If you don’t have a solid grasp on sales funnels, copywriting, and paid advertising, you may struggle to gain traction.

No matter what, if you don’t work on the skills needed to sell these products, you’re going to struggle. Plus you have people who have been doing this for years and have everything set up for success already. 

You’re competing against them. 

Succeeding with MRR takes a lot more than just purchasing a course. 

Is This a Digital Wealth Academy Scam?

Let’s address the elephant in the room – is Digital Wealth Academy a scam? After thoroughly reviewing the program and researching Rachell Jova, I can confidently say there is no Digital Wealth Academy Scam.

If nothing else, you’re getting training on how to make money online by reselling digital products. The strategies she teaches like setting up sales funnels and implementing email marketing will help you in the digital marketing world. 

But to claim that this is a successful business model for most people just isn’t true.

While Rachell equips you with the knowledge and tools, it’s ultimately up to you to put in the work and effectively market these products.

One significant issue I see with the Digital Wealth Academy model is the potential for market saturation. With thousands of members all gaining access to the same products, it can become increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself and attract customers.

You’re essentially competing against a sea of other resellers, all promoting identical offerings. This level of competition can make it challenging to generate substantial profits, especially if you’re new to online sales.

This is why I feel so strongly about Digital Leasing as a lower competition way to make passive income.

That’s where the concept of Digital Leasing really shines. Instead of reselling products in a crowded online marketplace, you’re creating your own unique digital assets that provide a service to local businesses.

Businesses already need this. They know they need this. 

Not only does that make it easier to sell but it creates higher demand so even if there is competition, the market is less likely to get saturated. 

Plus, with Digital Leasing, you have the potential for a more stable and predictable income stream. Rather than constantly hustling for one-time product sales, you’re establishing long-term relationships with business owners who value the leads you provide.

So while Digital Wealth Academy is certainly not a scam, the reseller model does come with inherent challenges that could hinder your success.

If you want a true passive income business model that doesn’t require you to pound the keyboard everyday, I suggest learning more about Digital Leasing. 

What’s Inside Digital Wealth Academy?

What’s Inside Digital Wealth Academy?

Digital Wealth Academy is a comprehensive program designed to teach you how to make money online by reselling digital products. Let’s break down what’s covered in the course and what you can expect to learn.

Master Resell Rights (MRR) Comprehensive Training

The core of the program focuses on teaching you the ins and outs of the Master Resell Rights business model. You’ll learn how to find and acquire products that you can resell as your own, keeping 100% of the profits.

Rachell covers strategies for selecting profitable niches, evaluating the quality and demand for products, and negotiating resell rights deals. She also dives into the legal aspects of MRR to ensure you’re operating ethically and protecting yourself.

Digital Marketing Modules

To successfully sell digital products, you need to know how to market them effectively. Digital Wealth Academy includes extensive training on various digital marketing strategies, such as:

  • Setting up high-converting sales funnels
  • Crafting compelling copywriting
  • Search engine optimization basics
  • Utilizing email marketing to nurture leads
  • Leveraging social media marketing to expand your reach
  • Running profitable paid advertising campaigns

Rachell shares her proven tactics for driving traffic, building an audience, and persuading potential customers to make a purchase. She provides step-by-step guidance on implementing these strategies specifically for reselling digital products.

Many of us have seen this type of program before. In fact, the popular guru Tai Lopez even has a course where you can sell your knowledge.

Done-For-You Product Library

One of the biggest selling points of Digital Wealth Academy is the access to a library of done-for-you products that you can resell right away. These products span various niches and include items like ebooks, courses, templates, and software.

Having this collection of ready-made products can save you significant time and effort in sourcing and creating your own digital products. However, it’s important to note that other members will have access to the same products, so you’ll need to differentiate yourself through your marketing efforts.

Tech & Tool Recommendations

Running an online business requires the right tools and technologies. Rachell shares her recommendations for essential software and platforms, such as:

  • Website hosting and building tools
  • Email marketing services
  • Sales funnel builders
  • Payment processors
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

She provides guidance on setting up and integrating these tools to streamline your reselling business and automate certain processes.

Private Community Access

As a member of Digital Wealth Academy, you gain access to a private community of fellow resellers. This group, typically hosted on a platform like Facebook, allows you to network with others, seek advice, and learn from those who are already finding success with the MRR model.

Having a supportive community can be invaluable when you’re navigating the challenges of starting and growing an online business. You can ask questions, get feedback on your ideas, and celebrate your wins with people who understand the journey.

Conclusion Of My Digital Wealth Academy Review: Is It Your Ticket to Freedom?

Honestly, there are some things to be excited about with this program. The potential to learn a new skill and build a successful online business is there. But, is this the best online business model for you?

The competition is fierce, passive income potential is low, and you’ll spend a long time constantly spinning the hamster wheel waiting for your big break. 

I don’t know about you, but it just doesn’t sound like a long-term solution for someone who wants to make money online.

There’s potential but I see better options on the horizon. 

What is My Top Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2024? 

What Is My Top Recommendation For Making Money Online - Digital Leasing

Over the years, I’ve tried numerous business models to make money online. 

  • I’ve sold fidget spinners on Amazon FBA.
  • I dropshipped scuba gear on my Shopify store.
  • I’ve even sold courses on mindset.

All of these made some money. 

But nothing was truly sustainable in the long-term. The issue with many online business models, including reselling digital products like what’s taught in Digital Wealth Academy, is that they often come with inherent challenges that can hinder your success.

With the Master Resell Rights model, for example, you’re constantly competing against other resellers who have access to the same products as you. It can be incredibly difficult to differentiate yourself and attract customers in a crowded marketplace.

Additionally, your success is largely dependent on the quality and effectiveness of the products you’re reselling. If the products fail to deliver real value to customers, it can damage your reputation and make it harder to generate consistent sales.

So, what’s the alternative?

After years of trial and error, I’ve found that Digital Leasing is hands down the best business model for creating sustainable, passive income online.

Let’s talk about it:

  1. Low Competition: Unlike reselling digital products, with Digital Leasing, you’re creating your own unique assets that provide a valuable service to local businesses. You’re not competing against a sea of other sellers offering identical products.
  2. Recurring Income: By building websites that generate leads for businesses and then renting out those sites for a monthly fee, you’re establishing a predictable and stable income stream. You’re not relying on one-time product sales or constantly hustling for new customers.
  3. Scalability: With Digital Leasing, you have the potential to scale your income by creating multiple lead generation websites across different niches and locations. The more assets you build, the more recurring revenue you can generate.
  4. Tangible Value: Instead of selling digital products that may or may not meet customers’ expectations, with Digital Leasing, you’re providing a tangible service that helps local businesses grow. You’re making a real impact on the success of these businesses, which creates a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
  5. Control: When you create your own digital assets, you have full control over the quality, branding, and marketing. You’re not at the mercy of product creators or relying on the effectiveness of someone else’s sales funnel.

If you’re serious about building a sustainable online business that generates true passive income, I highly recommend exploring Digital Leasing. It’s a proven model that has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve financial success and escape the grind of trading time for money.

Ready to learn more about Digital Leasing and secure your financial freedom? 

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