Digital Marketing Agency (Strategies) For Startups

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Digital Marketing Agency (Strategies) For Startups

The marketing industry is one of the quickest evolving industries alongside with technology. Some will even argue that it’s changed more in just the last 2 years than the last 50 years!

Most startups today rely on digital marketing. But not all of them are effective at it or know how to use tools the right way. And that’s where you come in. It’s important to know which strategies hit the mark and are scalable, and which ones fall short…

So which strategy will most effectively help grow your business and others?

In today’s post I’m going to share 10 of the most effective digital marketing strategies for start up companies. After reading this, you’ll know exactly what strategies to follow so you can be a successful digital marketer.

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But without further delay, let’s dive into all these digital marketing strategies!

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Table of Contents

1. Email Marketing

Even though most people claim it’s dying out…the numbers show otherwise! Email marketing campaigns are still giving its implementers a great ROI!

A survey conducted by the DMA (Data and Marketing Association) revealed that email marketing actually had a 122% rate of ROI.

This number beat out other marketing avenues such as paid traffic, direct mail, and social media platform advertising.

Knowing those kind of numbers, why wouldn’t a startup want to invest into an email marketing campaign? It’s not like you even have to break your bank to do it!

Even though it can be extremely effective, there are some startups that just haven’t been able to nail email marketing down yet.

Check out some of these tips for launching a successful email marketing campaign:

  • Subject line: Make it catch and engaging
  • Avoid jargon: use regular language in a persuasive manner
  • Line breaks: break up the text so it reads quick and fast
  • Talk about your competitive advantage
  • Optimize emails for mobile readers
  • Use a professional signature

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media gets a crazy amount of use and has the largest audiences online.

According to the Social Media Examiner, 90% of marketers agree that social media is a necessity for their business. 89% say that their own practice of social media advertising has positively impacted their personal businesses.

In our opinion here at Scam Risk, social media marketing is the #2 best money maker for startups.

Here’s a short list of the benefits of social media marketing:

  • Increases exposure to target audience
  • Develops loyal customers
  • Improves search results and lead generation
  • Increases revenue

So, how do you grow brand recognition using social media marketing?

It’s not easy and it will take some hard work but here’s what you do…

Create high quality content on a daily basis and actively engage with responses. The internet values consistency.

These tasks can be a bit difficult so it would be beneficial to invest in some tools the lighten the load a bit.

You can use tools like hubspot for example to schedule your posts that you plan on making for social media. This allows you to create all your content up front, and slowly drip it out over time. Talk about massive time leverage!

What else?

You can use it to engage with your audience and see where people are mentioning you.

And even though many businesses know social media marketing is important, some businesses still mess it up…

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3. Pay-Per-Click Marketing (Google AdWords)

PPC (Pay Per Click) is also a great way to use the traffic of the search engine to bring more customers to your website. This method of marketing is generally used to generate customers who are ready to buy.

Frankly, a brand new startup shouldn’t even think of ignoring PPC. You are the new kid on the block and this is the one way to bypass the time factor.

Pay Per Click marketing offers several benefits like:

  • You can capture your customers when their need is highest
  • ROI is high since only interested people will be clicking
  • Ad budget is up to you
  • Results can be virtually instant

However, PPC campaigns are known to blow through budgets quickly. You’ll need to make sure you have a consistent customer acquisition rate…otherwise you’re just going to be bleeding money.

4. Search Engine Optimization SEO

So you spent a bunch of money creating a fancy looking website that goes over everything you’re going to offer. It’s got to be a client grabbing magnet right?

Not so fast pal!

You’re not the only one in your town with a plumbing business after all. So you need to figure out how you can show up at the top when potential customers are looking for you services.

This is where SEO comes out to play.

A website that has good search engine optimization applied to it will not only make your sites design look clean, but it will also build trust with the search engines and in turn rank you higher.

The main benefit of a strong SEO marketing strategy is that when potential customers search for keywords related to what they need done and see your site pegged at the top, that gives them the impression that you guys are the experts in the industry.

Search engine optimization is something every single startup should invest in. It will pay DIVIDENDS down the road. Just make sure to practice the most up to date methods and best practices.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing sure does seem to be picking up steam lately. A recent study suggests that 84% of marketers are expected to launch an influencer styled campaign in the next year alone.

And in a follow up survey, 94% of marketers agree that influencer marketing is in fact effective.

Influencer marketing is a great way for brand new businesses to get their brand and products out there without exactly breaking the bank.

Here are a few of the benefits of influencer marketing:

  • Most potential customers have grown weary of traditional advertising through commercials and billboards
  • Influencer marketing is more affordable as most influencers will take a percentage of sales instead of an upfront flat rate
  • It is one of the easiest marketing strategies to implement
  • Influencer marketing is the new word of mouth and what better way to use it than a huge audience
  • Customers have been proven to engage with your brand simply because of the authenticity displayed by online influencers.

But, when you first start your business, you may not be able to land the Logan Paul types of influencers right off the bat…

So, what are your options?

With a smaller budget you can get in contact with micro influencers. Usually their engagement rate is high and they charge way less than your typical macro influencer.

6. Content Marketing

Whether you’re a B2B business or B2C, content marketing is a must have strategy in todays industry.

Just take a look at some of these stats from the Content Marketing institute:

90% of all B2C businesses are committed to content marketing and 88% of marketers believe that content marketing is a necessary investment for their own companies.

So what is is about content marketing that is just so effective?

When you are able to create your customer avatar, you’ll be able to create a story around them. And if you do that properly, you’ll be able to identify with your target market in a way that earns lots of engagement and authority in their eyes. When this happens it will increase your conversion rates.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing content marketing strategies for your business:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build great customer relationships
  • Build up trust with your audience

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7. Retargeting Ads

You started your own business because you believed you could be successful. It’s engraved in your mind and you will achieve your goals.

But not everyone who visits your website the first time will agree. Odds are it will need to take a few nudges before they actually become a great, long lasting customer of yours.

This is where retargeting ads come in!

So, what is a retargeting ad and how’s it work?

A retargeting ad is an ad that pops up in your ideal customers feed when they have visited your website before. Generally within a 90 day period.

When your future customer visits your website, a pixel (hidden code), essentially a cookie, is placed in their browser.

So what happens after that?

Whenever ever they visit other sites or other platforms (fb/instagram), they’ll see ads of your services again.

Effectively created retargeting ads are proven to convert customers over and over again. Sometimes all it takes are a couple of nudges like we mentioned earlier.

8. Viral Marketing

Trust us, there is nothing a small business would like more than to go viral online. It’s the content like this that gives your business the ability to go from zero to hero overnight!

The great thing about viral marketing is that it is basically the result of all the efforts we’ve previously listed so far. In fact, a great example of this is the company Blendtec.

At first they were struggling to sell their high quality blenders…and then one lucky day…a video of it blending literally anything started to get all sorts of views. After that orders just started pouring in. It’s safe to say that brands marketer needs a raise after that ploy!

So what’s the trick to going viral?

Well, basically anything that’s weird or funny seems to be the trick. Do something that you know lots of people will find funny and it will take social media by storm!

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9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is related to influencer marketing in a way. The only difference here is that it opens up the ability of sales too many more people.

With affiliate marketing you get to just sit back and chill while others are going out there for you getting customers in hopes of landing a commission. However, we still advise an active role in your marketing campaign.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Think of it like sales people who work on a commission only basis. There job is to drawn in leads for you. Your payout rate is completely up to you, you could do either a percentage or a flat rate per product.

And how do you keep track of all these sales and who sold what?

This neat little thing called an affiliate link. These are customized links that attach the sale to a specific affiliate so that when someone in their social media circle buys, it can be traced back to them and they can be paid out accordingly.

Tools like google analytics allow you to create these types of links. However, there are better tools out there that can help with ease of tracking.

10. Referral Marketing

This is probably the way that most old fashioned business owners run their business. They let their customers speak as to the quality of their services to their neighbors.

So, what does all that do?

Whenever someone from their circle of friends and family buys from you, you can provide the customer with a freebie or discount. This will motivate that customer to go out and draw in even more people!

Tools like InviteReferrals are great for setting up a referral program. You can set them up on social media, a website, or even an app. And even better, you can track your analytics through it!

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Q1. What are the best digital marketing strategies?

A. SEO will be at the top of that list. Organic traffic to a website converts 33x better than any other traffic source. It is very important to have your site at the top of google.

Q2. How do you create an online marketing strategy for a startup?

A. The most important thing to consider first with a marketing strategy is can you make it cost effective?

So with that said, SEO is likely the first thing you will need to consider. On top of that, SEO goes hand in hand with content marketing strategy so it’s important to consider for your startup.

While you’re creating a marketing strategy, you should set goals and then outline a plan with marketing strategies to achieve those goals.

Q3. How does digital marketing help startups?

A. Digital marketing is something that every business needs to invest in, whether it is a startup or an enterprise. In the case of startups, it can help spread brand awareness and generate leads, as those are the main priorities of any new business.

Q4. How can I promote my startup business?

A. At first we recommend to use a rolodex of marketing tactics to promote you startup business. Like we’ve mentioned before, SEO is a great way to get started to get traffic to your website. Social media with Facebook ads is another option as well to spread the word of your business. Ads like these can get you the results you’re looking for practically immediately.

Q5. What are some of the best marketing practices for startups?

A. The best thing you can do no matter what marketing you’re doing is consistency. This is the same across the board for SEO, content marketing, and even social media strategy.

Q6. How important is marketing to a startup?

A. Marketing is extremely important to get right the first time with a startup because often times the budget isn’t the biggest. As a brand new business your goal is to get customers in the door as fast as possible and digital marketing is the way to go about it.

Q7. What are the best social media marketing practices for startups?

A. The most important practice is to start each marketing venture with a solid social media marketing plan. This plan should include your content strategy, platform to be used, competitor research, and your goals. It would also be a good idea to decide on a brand voice for your customer base to get used to seeing with all your social media content.

Q8. What are the digital marketing trends for 2021?

A. For 2021 the two most important digital marketing trends are the rise of video content (long form or “stories”). They will dominate digital marketing strategies going forward because these are essentially short quick commercials customers will see as they are going through their feed.

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