Denzel Washington Net Worth (2022 Update)

He has a net worth of around $250 million as of 2022.

Denzel Washington is an American actor best known for his award-winning roles in the film industry.

Besides his acting, he is also a well-known producer and director. He has won numerous honors for his work.

Washington has been in the business for about 40 years.

Denzel Washington Net Worth 2022 Update

But How Did He Make His Money?

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Denzel Washington’s net worth…

Net Worth:

$250 million


66 years old


December 28, 1954

Country of Origin:

Mount Vernon, NY

Source of Wealth

Professional Actor, Producer

Last Updated


Denzel Washington has been making bank ever since he got his big break on the 1980s hospital soap St. Elsewhere (Dr. Phillip Chandler was the OG McDreamy).

With The Little Things and The Tragedy of MacBeth under his belt last year, it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. In the end, the question must be posed: How much money does Denzel Washington have?

early Life

On December 28th, 1954, Denzel Washington was born in Mount Vernon, New York.

Many of the actor’s young friends were involved in drugs or crime, and he witnessed this firsthand. At least he benefited from an Oakland Military Academy awards education and upbringing provided for him by his single mother’s low-income status.

Later, he attended Fordham University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Journalism. After graduating from high school in 1977, he realized his love for performing and enrolled at the American Conservatory Theater.

In the end, he opted to return to New York after a year at the theater.


Washington won a full-ride scholarship to the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, though he returned to New York after a year to pursue acting professionally. He had previously appeared in several stage shows, but his first on-screen role came in 1977 with Wilma’s made-for-television movie. Several smaller stage and screen roles soon followed, but Washington got his big break in 1982 when he landed a spot on the successful medical drama St. Elsewhere. He starred as Dr. Phillip Chandler for the show’s entire six-year run.

Washington’s star rose quickly as he showed off his incredible talent in movies like Malcolm X, The Pelican Brief, Philadelphia, and Courage Under Fire. He was soon earning major paychecks for his movie performances. In 1995, he took home $7.5 million for Virtuosity’s science fiction film. The 1998 films Fallen and The Siege, along with his Oscar-winning performance in 2001’s Training Day, earned him a cool $12 million each. Today Denzel Washington earns upwards of $60 million every year.

In 1988, Washington received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the anti-Apartheid film Cry Freedom, and in 1989, he won that same award for his performance in Glory.

In 1992, he received a Best Actor nomination for his performance in Malcolm X, and in 1999, he was nominated again and won a Golden Globe for The Hurricane. In 2002, he finally won the Academy Award for Best Actor Motion Picture for his role in Training Day, becoming only the second African-American actor to win Best Actor. That year, he also appeared in the Disney football drama Remember the Titans, which earned over $100 million at the box office and garnered him a Black Reel Award and an NAACP Image Award, both for Best Actor. In 2016, Denzel was presented with the Cecil B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globe Awards.

For her work as Denzel Washington’s on-screen wife, Viola Davis received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, while he took home the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor. Wounded, Washington confessed his faith in God during his acceptance speech.

Although he never finished graduate school, the actor has received three honorary doctorate degrees. The first was in 1991 from his alma mater, Fordham University, for having “impressively succeeded in exploring the edge of his multi-faceted talent.” In 2007 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Morehouse College, and in 2011, the University of Pennsylvania bestowed him with an honorary Doctor of Arts degree.

In 2002, Washington stepped behind the camera to direct Antwone Fisher; he has since directed The Great Debaters (2007) and Fences (2016). He has also produced several movies, including The Book of Eli and The Equalizer (he played as Robert McCall), and several television programs.


Commedia dell’arte: Mississippi Masala (1996), Much Ado About Nothing (1996), Philadelphia (1997), The Blue Dress (1998), Man on Fire, and Crimson Tide (1995) are just a few examples (1995). After that, he collaborated with director Tony Scott on other hit films.

His portrayals of historical figures like civil rights activist Malcolm X in Malcolm X (1992), anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko in Cry Freedom (1987), narcotics trafficker Frank Lucas in American Gangster (2007), and coach Heisman in Coach Heisman: The Legend Continues (2007) have all been critically acclaimed.

Success Clues Of Denzel Washington

“I think a role model is a mentor – someone you see on a daily basis, and you learn from them.”

“If you have an enemy, then learn and know your enemy, don’t just be mad at him or her.”

“You have to grab moments when they happen. I like to improvise and ad lib.”

Featured Denzel Washington's Best Quotes Quotes

Denzel Washington Best Quotes Washington Directed
"My faith helps me understand that circumstances don't dictate my happiness, my inner peace."
Denzel Washington Best Quotes Film Adaptation
"I work hard for the audience. It's entertainment. I don't need validation."
Denzel Washington Best Quotes
"I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you're prepared for it."
Denzel Washington Best Quotes 2
"I don't concern myself with award. I'd been to the party enough times to know it really didn't matter."


In addition to acting, summary Denzel Washington is also a director, producer, and financier. Since the late 1970s, he has been in various theater and screenplays, but he is most known for his appearances in Glory, Malcolm X, Training Day, and Remember the Titans.

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