Danelle Osborne BAM Review 2023

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BAM University Review 2023: Is Danelle Osborne Legit?

Danelle Osborne BAM Review

Want to be your own boss?

Want the ability to make more than your 9-5 but never have to wake up early and take the early commute?

I knew you would!

BAM University might just be your Godsend!

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What Is BAM University?

This program teaches people how to use digital real estate/lead generation as their business model. 

The current market for physical real estate hasn’t been trustworthy since 2008, but this business model has profit margins much greater than that of physical real estate and are only going up. 

On top of that, it costs just a few bucks to set up your own plot of digital real estate. With some hard work and determination, you can also make passive income online!

Who Is Danelle Osborne?

Danelle is the wife of Joshua T. Osborne and helps him run BAM University and Mr. and Mrs. Leads.

After a successful career in the Air Force, she became an extremely disciplined individual who still gets up early and works every morning.

However, she wasn’t always involved in lead generation and digital marketing.

Danelle first started her entrepreneur aspirations by running her own salon.

At first it was tough to get started, but then as time went on she became extraordinarily successful.

Soon enough she was making $160,000 a year!

No one else in her family had ever made that much and she thought she had finally made it.

But it wasn’t too long after that, she realized she was working 7 days a week… and if she took a day off she’d feel guilty about it.

That was when she met Josh Osborne, and the rest is history! 

When Danelle saw what was possible with the digital real estate model and the amount of time leverage it offered, she immediately went full time with it alongside Josh.

Today she just does her Salon for friends and family while spending most of her time running Mr. and Mrs. Leads and being an educator and coach in BAM University.

What Do You Learn In BAM University?

– Web Design

– On And Off Page SEO

– How To Set Up A GMB

– Facebook Ads

– Google Ads

– How To Sell

– BONUS: BAMILY Facebook Group.

It took them both some trial and error, but they were able to come up with a sales process that is easy to learn and easy to implement. They show you how to walk the customer through what they need and why they need it.

The best part of this business is that you can literally do it all from home since all you need is a laptop! You have no restrictions whatsoever and can work as much or as little as you want. 

And believe me, long hours at home are much different than long hours at work!

Can You Really Succeed In Working From Home?

The training process works and you really can make money from home.

And even if you find yourself not interested in doing all your work from home, there are ways you can hire out some of the process BAM University teaches, although we recommend going through the whole process once. 

This business is just so easy and convenient to get started because it doesn’t require you to lose 2 hours of your day every day by going to the office. Imagine what it’s like waking up and starting your new job without dragging yourself out of bed.

In BAM University, you can learn how to do different types of online business models from home (lead gen, fb ads, google ads, etc.). The lead generation website model is by far the most profitable type! 

The training process works because it teaches us what you need to do to fully rank and rent a website. It’s all about taking massive action and putting your new found skills to the test.

One of the perks that BAM University has is their 24/7 Facebook group. If you have any questions, just post in the group and someone will answer you in literally no time. Many times you can hop on a zoom with someone and talk it out!


BAM University IS NOT A SCAM!

The Bad Ass Marketers training program is the real deal and boasts several students who have been able to quit their jobs and work entirely from home on their own time.

If you’re still wondering about how real this all is…check out their intro Facebook group called the “Digital Masterplan”. It is updated daily with testimonials.

Danelle Osborne’s mission is to teach each BAMILY member the skills they need to go out and be financially independent. 

Unlike other one trick pony courses, she and Josh teach a wide array of digital marketing systems, but focuses on organic lead generation because it offers the highest amount of leverage and profit margins.

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