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Copper CRM Reviews

Nowadays, small businesses need better ways to keep up with their customers, and with the advent of customer relationship management software, it’s never been easier.

So, we’re going to review Copper CRM to see if it really is the best customer relations management software available.

We’ll talk about whether Copper CRM is right for your business

And at the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Base CRM and customer relations management in general.

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Table of Contents

Copper CRM Reviews: The perfect CRM for G Suite

Actually, are you fed up with looking for a simple CRM software that seamlessly is integrated with Google Workspace and google apps?

Copper CRM Software is really a CRM tool centered on automation, Workspace integration, and simplicity.

We discovered Copper CRM works best as the ideal option for a specific customer type: Google-driven companies that appreciate a CRM.

Compare Copper CRM To The Best CRM Software

Copper CRM did not make it into our top picks since it lacks several essential functions. In addition, it does not fit various other CRM solutions in the industry.

It’s an effective program for companies that rely a lot on Google Workspace, Google Calendar, and Gmail.

If that doesn’t describe you or your business, you will find much appropriate CRMs out there. We did a load of heavy lifting and tested dozens of the most effective choices to help you find the best one for you, your team, and your customers.

This deep dive, mixed with our extensive knowledge working with nearly every single CRM on the marketplace, lead to our best options across the whole spectrum.

Copper CRM: The Good and The Bad

Copper CRM is a great CRM software solution for Google-heavy companies. They have many redeeming qualities, especially for medium sized businesses. Nevertheless, lack of features and non-existent usefulness outside of Google Workspace are its greatest disadvantages.

The Good - Copper CRM

Google Workspace Compatibility: In industry problem Copper CRM is centered on solving the absence of integration with existing software systems as Google Workspace.

Copper CRM is entirely compatible with Workspace, and also it’s the only sales automation solution endorsed by Google.

The application is created to imitate the appearance of other Google apps.

It synchronizes with Google Workspace apps like Google Contacts and Google Calendar, and also it’s specifically accessible from Gmail. It appears as a sidebar within Gmail and also may be concealed if needed.

Automation: Copper CRM software is centered on the time-to-value ratio. It seeks to offer the highest benefit possible while limiting the time needed for its users to type in information manually. Several of its features include workflow and task automation for consumers who subscribe to the premiere plans.

Additionally, it seeks to eliminate manual data entry. When a user goes through his or her Gmail inbox, Copper will suggest adding email contacts. It’ll actually auto-populate communication entries using email signatures, company websites, and LinkedIn profiles that automate core operations.

Copper uses PieSync Integration to generate contacts or edits changes for you. For example, if a edit is made to a Google Contact, it’s instantly updated in Copper. Likewise, if an edit is made in Copper CRM Software, it instantly revisions in Google Contacts.

Simplicity: Copper CRM is created to be basic. The application features a neat sidebar where consumers can search for projects, opportunities, tracked emails and businesses. In addition, a link to contact the Support staff is provided. So if consumers have problems, they can just reach out to this particular team.

Every contact profile is divided into a Details, Related tab, and Activity. The Details tab enables subscribers to see all of the person’s info. An eye on the interactions between the contact and the user is helpful to manage leads by the activity tab. Elements of the contact logging could be automated. The tab does a great job of keeping correspondence activity structured. The Related tab could be utilized to create activities, events, and opportunities.

It’s also well worth noting the Copper CRM mobile app could be downloaded for mobile use.

Lead Management: Copper CRM Software features a stellar lead management application. This device will help consumers pinpoint and capture leads. Leads will be typed in by hand but keep in mind, Copper CRM was created, making data entry much less time-consuming. By utilizing the import characteristic, contacts are generally mass uploaded from Microsoft Excel, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. New leads may, in addition, be put in place from inbound calls.

Copper CRM will even serve as a personal assistant by searching through emails and generating suggestions. When it detects a contact within an email discussion that could be a potential lead, it will prompt the user with that info. The user can then affirm or refuse to add the lead.  

Lead Management Triggers are placed to automatically assign duties to a lead. Reminders will be established for following up, setting tasks, or perhaps scheduling calls. When a lead has been converted, these connections will instantly shift to the sales pipeline list.

Customized Reporting: Copper CRM’s reporting features are not only customizable. They allow users to drag as well as drop components onto guides to be able to produce the actual accounts you as well as your staff need.

You receive both visibility and flexibility from Copper Reports. See pipeline accounts on opportunities won and also lost across many pipelines. Generate activity reports to evaluate discussions with potential customers, other contacts, and leads. Create customer relationships reports for anything so that you can observe everything in detail, almost all in one dashboard.

And, obviously, Copper syncs with Google Sheets to make any and most yourself input info you might have.

Quick Onboarding: Setting up or switching to Copper is a painless and quick experience. Copper concentrates on getting new customers established within days, not months or weeks like several of its rivals.

You will find beneficial support and personnel guides which help businesses switch over fast. The team has stellar reviews, and also it does a great job of navigating owners through a headache-free onboarding process.

Security: Security is usually ignored when selecting a CRM tool. People believe security comes with the software, and that could be a big mistake. We’re glad to report Copper places great value on protecting consumers and the data.

First-class backup management and information resiliency systems are implemented by Copper CRM. These security methods are analyzed occasionally by third parties to make sure they’re kept to probably the highest industry standards.

Copper utilizes a strict access management policy to safeguard user information internally. For example, all synced emails are personal, and admins & account owners can open all of them.

Furthermore, it will take proper care of important events through a comprehensive policy on event management and information confidentiality. Lastly, Copper CRM adheres to other SSO, Google Cloud, API, OpenID, and OAuth’s very best methods.

Industry Range: Copper CRM is ideal in many different industries. It will help the companies customer relationships. It will help property companies manage far more listings. Copper enables tech companies to scale speedily without stressing about hand-operated data entry. Additionally, it works with corporate development firms and consulting to handle deals and navigate the sales process.

THE BAD - Copper CRM

Lack of Features: The largest downside of Copper CRM could be the absence of features it offers its users. It’s created for convenience. Thus, it’s lacking a lot of the advanced features provided by its rivals. For instance, it does not offer users a specific account manager, along with click-to-call demands third-party software.

Lack of Flexibility Outside Google Workspace: Copper CRM Software is made to handle Google-driven businesses. It is really an ill-equipped software program for businesses that do not use Google or gmail integration. For example, suppose a company utilizes a unique email hosting service as Office 365, or Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook. In that case, we suggest looking into other CRM options.

Copper CRM Review: Options and Pricing

Copper CRM Pricing

3 plans are provided by Copper CRM.

The 3 pricing options are Business, Professional, and Basic. In addition, a 14-day free trial is consist offered by all plans.

The basic plan costs 25 dollars per user per month billed yearly or $29 per user per month billed monthly. There’s a three-user cap on the Basic bundle.

The Professional plan is befitted for growing SMBs. It costs 59 dollars per user per month billed yearly.

The 3rd pricing option is the Business plan. This is for more prominent businesses that are already scaling. It costs $119 per user per month billed annually.

Copper’s rates for the higher tiers are competitive. But, overall, Copper is significantly less expensive compared to HubSpot plus other costly competitors.

They also have a 14-day trial for those plans.

Nevertheless, the three-user cap on the standard strategy appears to be unnecessary. Many additional CRM tools we researched don’t enforce a user cap.

Copper CRM Basic

Copper CRM’s Basic method will be the lowest tier, and it is ideal for small teams and new users.

It is a fine low-level package, though It is lacking a chunk of main features.

The Basic plan enables many Google Workspace integration features, which is helpful.

Basic users can put in a Chrome extension, so the CRM integrates with Google Contacts, Gmail, and Google Calendar.

Additionally, it allows for project management, team collaboration, and multiple pipelines.

The Basic plan is missing workflow automation plus bulk email sending. It’s also missing the majority of the program integrations and its reporting and personalization limits.

Like the majority of basic bundles, the cost is minimal. Moreover, the features are restricted.

Remember the per user limit. Unless you want several individuals posting exactly the same username, you will have to upgrade.

Copper CRM Professional

The Copper CRM Professional program is ideal for raising SMBs and teams.

We are pleased to report the Professional approach dumps the three-user limit. It allows for as many people as its client must have.

There’s, in addition, a contact cap at 15,000. But, again, this is very generous when compared with various other CRM tools.

For instance, HubSpot’s $800 monthly mid-tier bundle has a contact cap of 2,000. After 2,000, you’re expected to pay much more for extra connections.

While HubSpot may be the very best for many, Copper definitely outperforms it in this particular element.

The Professional Copper program comes with each Google Workspace integration.

It allows for limitless majority email templates and directs. Additionally, it features much more application integrations, teaming up with DocuSign, MailChimp, HubSpot, & QuickBooks.

This program is much more customizable than the fundamental, and also it enables various currencies to be utilized.

The Professional approach contains the majority of the features Copper is offering. We feel this is a great strategy as compared to various other CRM’s mid-tier packages.

Copper CRM Business

The Copper CRM Business strategy is most suitable for more prominent companies today.

This program does not have a cap on the number of connections that could be included. This is much more considerate than several of its rivals.

In comparison, HubSpot’s highest tier bundle allows just 10,000 contacts. Of course, after 10,000, owners need to spend more.

Copper CRM’s Business program provides users access to anything Copper is offering.

Besides features offered in the Professional strategy, this one comes with email sequencing, customized embedded integration choices, leaderboards, and aim tracking.

There’s alot of customization with this particular program, but there is a lack of extraordinary customer service benefits.

The Copper support staff can be obtained to owners of all plans. There’s absolutely no mention of additional one-on-one assistance with the Business plan. Again, this is distinct from some other CRM tools.

For instance, Salesflare’s highest tier option provides owners with personalized instruction along with their own account manager.

CRM Business is a good strategy, though the Professional approach probably contains the majority of Copper’s features and contains an impressive contact limit.

Even though the additional features on the Business program are essential, we suggest following the Professional for companies seeking under 10,000 contacts.

Summary of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on the review taken from the sources above, the coming pros and cons were curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • G Suite and Gmail Integration: Every person using this feature simplifies managing information, accessing contact info, and other things.
  • Simple to Use: The user interface is not difficult to get around, based on 91% of reviewers mentioning this particular aspect.
  • Tracking Client Interaction: It’s not difficult to monitor sales process, interactions and conversions with customers, as found by each person that discussed this particular element.
  • Customization: It’s easy to customize various facets of the wedge, as 85% of the evaluators mentioned the feature.
  • Configuration: Set up is simple, based on each person communicating structure.
  • Project Management: This Project Management function will help monitor who is focusing on what and remove repetitive work, as found by each person referencing it.


  • Technical Glitches: Every person referencing this particular aspect mentioned its problems like not modifying font color when including notes or even being forced to sign in repetitively thanks to connection errors.
  • Reports: According to 70% of product reviewers that point out this feature, accurate daily reports on progress would be great if available.
  • Email Tracking: This feature needs improvement. It is not feasible to send out messages with graphics or even merge those messages, as 75% of reviews referencing email tracks noticed.

Review Conclusion

An easy-to-use platform offering seamless G Suite integration is offered by Copper.

It can help track client interactions, speak with workers, automate core operations, and manage leads.

It’s pretty easy to customize and configure the system, as mentioned by most reviewers.

Nevertheless, it suffers from technical glitches, and reviews found that its reporting and email tracking features require improvement.

Overall, the software is an pretty good match for smaller companies that currently work with G Suite programs and would like a CRM that could work seamlessly with it.

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