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Are you in a tight spot right now?

Did an emergency come up that forced you to spend everything you had?

If so, then maybe cashadvance com can help with a short term loan!

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Table of Contents Overview: is an online loan marketplace of sorts that actually connects borrowers and lenders. These lenders will also work with those that have bad credit.

But be warned…these loans have high interest rates since the loan term is so short and must be paid back quickly! Shopping around for other alternatives is important.

What Is

Right off the bat it is important to note that Cashadvance com DOES NOT FINANCE OR SERVICE LOANS DIRECTLY. It is simply a marketplace to connect borrowers and a network of lenders.

All you have to do is submit an application through their online portal and start receiving loan offers from their network of lenders.

Although you aren’t required to have a minimum credit score by the cashadvance com lending partners, this opens you up to very high interest rates being thrown your way.

We have seen some borrowers slapped across the face with a triple digit interest rate!

Thankfully, cashadvance com is courteous enough to let you know upfront that the loan offers you receive from their partners are intended to be used for as a short term financial reliefs and should not be used for long term financial solutions.

Although the loan terms vary by lender, it’s safe to say that on average the loan must be paid back within a year.

Who Owns

The cashadvance com website is owned by the Ute Indian tribe under Hawk LLC. The cashadvance com website allows borrowers to browse different short term loan options ranging anywhere from $100 to $1,000.

Full Cashadvance com Review

Below we are going to touch on numerous different topics related to cashadvance com.

We’ll also talk about what using cashadvance com is like and how their application process works as well.

How Does Cashadvance com Work?

Perhaps the greatest advantage that CashAdvance com has compared to the competition is that their site is remarkably user friendly.

Just submit your information through the loan request online form and click the “get started” button.

To successfully apply and acquire a loan offer, you will need a bank account, to be at least 18 years old, enter the last 4 digits of your social security number, and be a US citizen

After you submit your information, Cashadvance com will forward your information off to a lender (s). A lender will then determine your “creditworthiness” and make an offer.

If you as the borrower decide to pursue the loan offer…you will then start communicating directly with the lender.

How Do I Know If An Online Loan Is Legit?

There are several different ways you can tell if an online loan is scam or not. Our expert review team has compiled a short list going over those most common characteristics:

  1. The lender does not care about your history
  2. The lender does not have a registration in your state
  3. The lender requires a prepaid credit card
  4. They call non stop
  5. The website of the lender isn’t secure
  6. You cannot find the lender’s actual address
  7. They use high pressure tactics to force a decision
  8. The lender says that their approval is guaranteed
  9. Their lending process and fees are not transparent

If you come across online loans that have any of these characteristics…you might want to think twice about going with that lender or loan company.

Third party online lenders should also give you some concern since they can prey on consumers who may not know any better.

If you need online lending, and the products appear too good to be true, use these 9 best practices to help determine whether or not the loan offers you’re receiving are legit.

Pros & Cons Of Using

There are good things about cashadvance com and there are bad things. Before you submit your personal information to cashadvance com, check out our list of pros and cons:


  • No minimum credit score required – No credit score is needed, but there might be some specific internal requirements for the lender.
  • Convenience – You will get loan offers from many different lenders and the best part is they come to you!
  • Free to use – You do not have to pay to use cashadvance com, they make their money on the fees applied to lenders


  • Employment requirement –  For you to even be considered for a loan offer you must have a job that brings in at minimum $1,000
  • High interest rates – As a borrower with a cash advance, you can expect high interest rates. As they show on their loan example calculator…you can expect a rate from 782% to 1564%!
  • Limited loan amount – $1,000 is the highest you can request through cashadvance com…for a bigger loan decision like installment loans…you might want to check other online lenders
  • Unavailable in some states – Cashadvance com does not operate all over the US which can be discouraging.

Is CashAdvance A Legit Company?

Cashadvance com is a legit company and they have been around for over 20 years now! Since 1997 to be exact. Although you might find the interest rates offered by some partner lenders to be similar to that of payday loan companies (which can seem scammy) these types of rates are common amongst those who have bad credit.

So don’t get to upset or put off by these high interest rates for loans or a cash advance, that is just how the lending industry works…the lower your credit the higher your loan term rate for the loan offer.

Cashadvance com Customer Reviews

Our review team has scoured the web and hasn’t found that many reviews for cashadvance com. That is unfortunate because for borrowers, it can make it hard to trust.

According to the BBB, Cashadvance has a D- rating and 3 different complaints on their profile page.

That being said, the better business bureau ratings are scored based off of how well the company responds to different customers. And considering they haven’t responded to any, their score is low.

Please note, there are many other online reviews for Cash Advance USA…but this is not the same company. In fact, they are not affiliated in anyway. Please double check any reviews you find. 

Now remember to do you due diligence on a lender before accepting their loan offer. If you receive short term loans for different lenders in the Cashadvance network, go through all the terms so you know what you’re getting into.

Does A Cash Advance Hurt Your Credit?

As always if you have any concerns about a check hurting your credit score feel free to reach out to the third party lenders to check their methods.

What Are The Dangers Of Taking Out A Payday Loan?

If you don’t pay back the loan on time, you could suffer from renewal fees, collections, credit impacts, and the never ending cycle of owing debt.

They will try to take money out of your bank account directly if you fail to pay and that will almost never end up well as you can imagine.

How Much Cash Advance Can I Get?

On Cashadvance com, you can only apply for a cash advance up to $1,000…a pretty common loan example.

What Cash Advances Are Bad?

Cash advance loans are something that you don’t want to get tied into…once you start it is hard to stop and get out of because of their high interest rate.

These partner lenders will hand out money to almost anyone, but they will be relentless in collecting their money.

They’ll have access to your account and try taking money out themselves.

They can sue you and garnish your wages.

They can also sell of your debts.

Never Need Cashadvance com Again!

Thinking of picking up a cash advance? DON”T

There are so many better options out there that won’t land you in the horrible cycle of debt.

Now let us be clear, we aren’t saying that installment loans or online lending is bad in general…but we are saying that cash advance loans are a bad idea.

We do have a solution though!

Digital Real Estate

Or local lead generation depending on who you talk to is the a business model that can lead to you never needing a personal loan ever again!

It’s pretty simple really.

All you have to do is build and rank a website then pass the leads off to a business owner in town that could use the extra work.

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Pick a service based niche.

Build a website.

Rank it to the top of page one on google.

And pass off the leads to a guy in town.

What you have just done here is created a digital asset that brings in money every month.

How Do I Make Money?

You see the calls that are generated are called leads and these leads have a monetary value attached to them. That’s precisely what home advisors business model is.

However, you’re doing one better than home advisor because you aren’t sending the leads to everyone and their grandma…

You’re working with one person exclusively.

So what is this monetary value?

Well let’s use tree service as an example

the average tree service job is worth $500-$2,000 and contractors are more than willing to pay a 10% “finders fee”.

Let’s go off worst case scenario and say that your site manages to only bring in 10 calls a jobs a month….

That still means you have an asset that’s worth at bare minimum $500 a month! A solid rent payment in todays world!

Can you see the bigger picture now when you scale? 

With just 10 of these types of sites your could be bringing in $5,000-$20,000 a month!

How’s that for never needing a cash advance again!

Woah Woah Woah. 

“I don’t even know how to build a website, let alone rank it!”

We got you covered.

Our team at Scam Risk has done the research and found an online program that checks on the marks we want to see on a program!

How Do I Start?

You’d start by applying here!

But here’s what you’ll be getting if accepted!

You’ll learn how to build and rank a website with their step by step process.

You’ll get two live calls a week in the group going over anything and everything digital real estate.

You’ll get access to their Facebook group where you can ask questions or communicate 24/7 with some of the best people in the industry!

Some of these people are making upwards of $100,000 a month!

Sounds crazy…but this model is extremely scalable which is why it’s possible.

Suffice to say, you’ll never have to worry about $1,000 ever again!

Check it out and apply here!

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