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Updated: March 28

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Calorchi was founded in 2016 and has been experiencing a steady fall in traffic and, we assume, revenues as well. Then, suddenly Bitqyck showed up. Bitqy Coin, Bitqyck’s cryptocurrency, was created in 2017. Bitqyck is an e-commerce platform that provides a variety of businesses, including healthcare, retail, tourism, and a dating app.

Bitqyck also provides unique deals and discounts from other companies, similar to Groupon’s business model. In this Bitqyck review, we will take a look at all of the information and determine if it has all the government needs to comply with. Dig in deeper to read my review!


This Calorchi review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

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You can join it for free
You can earn commissions
Minimum investment is quite low


Not BBB accredited
Low percentage of coins
Sells no products or services

Bitqyck isn’t too different from most eCommerce courses.

Sure, their marketing makes some great promise you haven’t heard from the other eCommerce gurus, but at the end of the day, no magic bullet overcomes the massive pitfalls of this business model.

Let’s get something clear: 

There is NOTHING passive about eCommerce, no matter how well most course creators sell the dream.

If you want that travel-the-world-making-money-while-you-sleep-laptop-lifestyle, eCommerce isn’t for you.

To run a successful eCommerce business, you need to be constantly on the lookout for new products.

Scouring the internet for hot trends and trying to find the next fidget spinner will take hours out of your day.

Not to mention, it’s not enough to just have the hot new product…

You also need to get the customers.

That means ads…

Lots and lots of ads…

Testing, tweaking, targeting, spending thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars before breaking even.

Not to mention, Facebook hates eCommerce, meaning one of your top traffic sources could shut you down at any time.

All of this leads to a very stressful life, not a lot of money, and a lot of time wasted.

Time that could be better spent so you can actually live the life you want.

Now, what if there was a way you could build a passive income stream that’s actually passive?

An income stream that doesn’t require:

  • Physical Products
  • Low Margins
  • Long Wait Times
  • Angry Customers
  • Thousands of dollars testing different ad campaigns

An income stream that brings in consistent revenues every single month (from a couple thousand dollars to well over $10,000)?

An income stream you could actually build in your spare time, and grow as large or as small as you want to, without having to spend hours a day running ads, researching products, and trying not to get banned by whatever platforms you’re using?

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out Digital Real Estate.


This is nothing like eCommerce, and that’s probably a good thing.

However, if you’d still like to know more about Bitqyck, keep reading.

What Is Bitqyck?

What Is Bitqyck

Bitqyck is an e-commerce platform based in Dallas, Texas, that promotes daily deals and meal delivery services. The Ethereum blockchain is the platform’s foundation.

Unlike other blockchain companies, Bitqyck promotes its business model via a multilevel marketing-style system. You may be paid to refer new members to the company.

The company has high goals. According to the official Bitqyck. me website, Bitqyck “promises to recast digital commerce forever” by serving as “the convergence of e-commerce, the blockchain, the US-based bitqy coin, and direct-to-consumer marketing.”

How Does Bitqyck Work?

How Does Bitqyck Work

Bitqyck’s official website indicates they have enormous ambitions for the future. They want to build an e-commerce platform both online and through a mobile app.

That e-commerce platform will target local restaurants, bars, and stores. The platform includes incentivizing local companies to accept the bitqy cryptocurrency. Sam Mendez, Bitqyck’s creator, has previously built similar products.

For now, the only way to access Bitqyck’s platform is to join up for a Bitqyck membership. However, no companies seem to have joined up to sell products or services through the Bitqyck platform.

Who Is Behind The Bitqyck Platform?

Sam Mendez

Back in 2011, Sam Mendez co-founded an MLM company named “My Shopping Genie,” which ultimately went bankrupt and stopped paying affiliates, finally closing down in 2012. Following the platform collapsed of My Shopping Genie, Mendez took a co-founder position with “15 Winks,” a monthly membership mobile dating app.

Mendez took a shot at the owner of the company “Calorchi,” which was an e-commerce platform that used cryptocurrencies after 15 Winks. Calorchi was founded in 2016 and had been experiencing a steady fall in traffic and, we assume, revenues until the arrival of Bitqyck, the co-founder.

How Does The Bitqyck Compensation Plan Work?

How Does The Bitqyck Compensation Plan Work

Members of Bitqyck get 80% of their commissions in cash. The balance of 20% is paid in bitqy coins. Right now, it seems that the only option to make commissions is to refer new users to the Bitqyck website.

You get a commission on their membership fee and any money they invest in the company (10% match on investment commissions). However, in the future, the company will give commissions on sales made via Bitqyck’s e-commerce platform.

There are three different ranks, including:

  • Affiliate- To become an associate member, just invest or directly sponsor someone who does.
  • Gold Rank- To get the Gold Rank, you must directly sponsor two Affiliate Ranked individuals and create $4000 in total downline investment volume every two months.
  • Platinum- To achieve Platinum Rank, you must directly sponsor two Affiliate Ranked members and create $10,000 in total downline investment volume every two months.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Bitqyck?

How Much Does It Cost To Join Bitqyck

You may join the Bitqyck opportunity for free and earn money by referring people, but to really leverage the opportunity, you will need to invest to gain access. To qualify for the position of “Affiliate” and immediately qualify for commissions, you must invest at least $199.

Is Bitqyck A Scam?

Is Bitqyck A Scam

So, is Bitqyck a scam? Not technically. You can make money with this program, but it’s definitely not as easy as Sam Mendez makes it sound.

There’s a ton of work to be done upfront, no real guarantee of success, and – most importantly – you need to do a ton of volume to make any real money.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with front-loading the work and making the money later.

But if you’re grinding it out for 3 months, $3-5k in the hole on ads (because that whole “get started with $5 a day” thing is total BS) and then your reward is 15% profit on a $12 product (which comes out to $1.80), it’s not really worth it.

What if, instead, you could do that same 3 months of work (in your spare time), and your reward was a $500 to $2,000 payment that came in every single month?

And what if you actually didn’t need to wait 3 months? What if you could get started today and have your first payment in a week?

And what if you could double it next week?

Well, that’s the power of Digital Real Estate

And, unlike eCommerce, you can legitimately do this from anywhere. It’s a true lifestyle business.

Your laptop and an internet connection is all you need.

Some of the most successful students in this program run their entire 6-figure businesses from:

  • A camper in the middle of the woods
  • A beach chair on the water in Mexico
  • A small villa in Greece


They’re able to travel around, living their lives first, and focusing on their income second.

Because even if they stop working for an extended period of time, the money keeps coming in.

So adventure, memories, and experience are the top priority.

And they never have to worry about how to pay for the next trip, or consider asking for time off.

If this sounds more like the type of life you want to lead, just click here to find out more about Digital Real Estate.

Are There Alternatives To Bitqyck?

Yes, there are plenty of eCommerce programs and resources to choose from if you want to pursue this business model.  Here are just a few:

What Is My Top Recommendation For Making Money In 2023?

Digital Real Estate

Our review team has spent months researching, reviewing, and vetting dozens of business models and thousands of programs.

While there may be no “perfect business”, the research IS conclusive:

Digital Real Estate is the #1 online business model for those just starting out.

Whether you’ve never made a dollar online, or you’ve been in this space for a while but never really “made it,” Digital Real Estate is for you.


1) It’s Flexible: got an hour a day? You can do this. Ready to drop everything else and dive in full time? You can do this. Yes, the more time you put in, the faster you see results. But even with a little time each day, you can move the needle in a Digital Real Estate business.

And because this system is so flexible, you don’t have to constantly be working to make more money. It’s called PASSIVE INCOME because if you stop working, the money doesn’t.

Imagine taking 3 months off to just tour around Europe, rent a cabin in the woods to write a book, hike the Appalachian Trail, or live on the beach and surf all day.

This is only possible if you have an income stream that’s not tied to your time.


2) You Own & Control EVERYTHING: With eCommerce, you don’t really own anything. You have no control over the quality of products. You don’t even own the products because they go straight from the supplier to the customer.
Yes, if you’ve got a Shopify store, you technically own that. But if every ad platform suits you down, you’ve got a store with no customers. Which is literally worthless.
With Digital Real Estate, you own the assets, which means you have all the power and all the control.


3) Little To No Startup Costs: It’s possible to get into Digital Real Estate with zero dollars upfront. Because, using the strategies outlined in this program, you can get a client to pay you BEFORE spending a penny out of your own pocket…even before you do any work.

Even without getting paid in advance, you can have your first Digital Rental Property up, running, and generating profits for less than $100.


4) No Inventory: Ok, so technically you don’t have to worry about inventory since you’re not filling up your garage or a warehouse with products.
But, you still have all the headaches of a physical products business.
Since most dropshipped products come from China, you already have a 2-3 week wait time from when a customer places an order.
But right now, with global supply chain issues, your customers would be lucky to get anything in less than a month.
Imagine finally landing your first customer after months of experimenting, and then getting hit with a refund request or chargeback because they had to wait 6 weeks to get their order.

With Digital Real Estate, a 100% online business, you never even have to think about that risk.


5) Easy To Duplicate: Ok, here’s the best part: once you have your first Digital Rental Property up and running, you can literally DOUBLE your income with a few clicks, a couple keystrokes, and a single phone call (and you don’t actually need the phone call).

Remember: each Digital Rental Property is worth $500 to $2,000 a month in semi-passive income (over 95% profit). Every time you decide to create another one and increase your income, it gets easier.

Because you have more knowledge, more experience, more results, and more momentum.

If you wanted to double your income with eCommerce, you’d have to double your inventory, your profit margins, OR your average order value. And, guaranteed that’s a lot harder than a few clicks and a few minutes of your life.

Lance Lead Gen

6) Make Money Helping Real People: This part is what makes it all worth it. 99.9% of the time, eCommerce provides no value to anyone but the seller.
In a lot of cases, it has a negative impact on the customer because of poor product quality and an overall bad experience (i.e. waiting 6 weeks to get your order).

And that makes it pretty hard to sleep at night.

But with Digital Real Estate, you’re actually helping people by solving your clients’ biggest problem:

Small, local businesses need more customers, and with Digital Real Estate, you are unleashing a flood of happy, paying customers for these businesses.

You make money by helping them make money.

Not a big, faceless corporation either…a small business owner who’s using that money to put food on the table for their family, start a college fund for their kids, or take care of a sick parent.

Once you see how Digital Real Estate makes a real impact in the lives of real people, you’ll sleep like a baby with a big smile on your face.


Now, the choice is yours. You could continue browsing, looking at opportunities like Bitqyck which could one day make you money.

You could continue researching, never making a decision.

OR, you could take a look inside, consider what you really want, and join a program that makes your dreams a reality. At the same time, joining a community of over 2,000 successful students that are living life on their own terms thanks to Digital Real Estate.

A consistent, reliable, semi-passive stream of income that doesn’t depend on you or your time to keep producing profits.

All while genuinely helping real people who are grateful and happy to pay for it.

If this sounds more like what you want out of life (or if you just want some nice side income), click here to learn more about Digital Real Estate.

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