Books About Discipline (2022 Update): Top 10 Best-Selling!

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Updated: January 19

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Books About Discipline (2022 Update) 10 That Will Kick Your Ass!

Books About Discipline: Overview

Self-discipline can be a valuable trait to develop. It’s a priceless quality that can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Mastering self-control and self-discipline takes time. They are a force to reckon with. If it is strong, it will help you move forward, moving towards your goals until they are achieved.

The flip side is that self-discipline can also be a struggle at times in our lives. Therefore, you will fail to achieve your goals if you have weak self-discipline.

You need to be bold, set high goals, and continue to work towards them. Be sure, however, to practice self-discipline before taking on any daunting task.

Why? It’s because you can’t achieve your goal without it. It’s like riding a bike across hilly terrain, expecting to climb the steeper hills without peddling.

Without self-discipline, you will never achieve any goal you may have. And I can’t stress enough the value self-discipline plays in our daily life.

Thankfully, you can quickly build and refine it and even accomplish it in a relatively short amount of time.

The more you develop and practice it, the more accomplishments you will see in your life.

And I’ve just what you need to help start building your self-discipline.

To help you improve your self-discipline, here are 14 books on self-discipline.

Just by reading books, you can improve your discipline.

Towards the end of this article, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the best books on self-discipline in 2022 and other online alternatives.

But most importantly, you’ll be shown a system that many investors have used to build their own business to over $40,000+ per month in mostly passive income.

Table of Contents

10 Best Self-Discipline Books

1. The Compound Effect

1. The Compound Effect

“The Compound Effect” is a manifesto of self-discipline whose author is the former publisher of SUCCESS Magazine and a serial entrepreneur Darren Hardy. He is also the author of a few other books. This man, for sure, knows a lot about success and self-discipline.

Darren summarizes the idea well in his book when he outlines how to make radical changes in your life. This is the formula:

“Small smart decisions + Consistency + time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE”

It all comes down to making small smart decisions and practicing self-discipline every day.

It is well worth reading this book because it will make you realize that your success is determined by the everyday choices you make and not by the major disciplines you follow.

This book will make self-discipline seem easier, more manageable, and even more attractive. Let Darren tell you all about the power of self-discipline and how it can transform your life.

2. Mastery

2. Mastery

‘Mastery’ stands out as a masterpiece authored by Robert Greene. It covers many topics related to mastery – master of your trade, profession, and life.

Many of the book’s contents are drawn from the author’s extensive knowledge of historical and contemporary masters. This will help you understand what it takes to be a master, such as Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, or John Coltrane.

He demonstrated that mastery is an easy process that anyone can achieve if they are willing to invest the time, effort, and sacrifice necessary to produce masterful work.

His reference to Leonardo Da Vinci’s motto, Ostinato Ringore, which means stubborn rigor, sums up how self-discipline it takes to reach your life’s purpose (or mission).

This book is a must-read to strengthen your self-discipline and learn how to control your fate.

3. The Willpower Instinct

3. The Willpower Instinct

“The Willpower Instinct” approaches self-discipline from an academic perspective. Although it is an excellent book on self-discipline, I found it boring to read.

It will pay off if you are a true student of self-discipline and self-control.

It is worth your time because it will help you understand why self-discipline can seem so difficult for many people.

This book will help you make better decisions and get better results.

4. The Master Key To Riches

4. The Master Key To Riches

This book is an excellent resource for self-discipline. Each chapter offers insight into the types and habits you need to succeed in your life.

However, Chapter 12 is the most important because it focuses on self-discipline. It emphasizes why self-discipline is necessary, especially if success, wealth, and riches are what you are striving to achieve.

Let’s face it, we all strive for power, success, and money. This book will explain why self-discipline can be the key to wealth and use what you have learned to create the rich, abundant life you desire.

5. The War Of Art

5. The War Of Art

In my opinion, “The War Of Art” is the best on self-discipline. It’s #5 on the list as it was written primarily for creative types aware of the self-sabotaging obstacles that come with creating great work.

Even if you’re not an artist, author, or entrepreneur, this book will help to realize that the struggle for creativity is real and can be overcome.

Because we all are creators and designers of our lives, this book is for everyone.

6. The Practicing Mind

6. The Practicing Mind

If you’re looking for new ways to strengthen your self-discipline, this book is the right one. Thomas M. Sterner argues strongly for the role mindset plays in how self-disciplined you are. His personal experiences of mastering golf and piano lessons and his book writing skills are very relatable through the “Practicing Mind” process.

With the right mindset and awareness, you can master almost anything. His greatest advice is to enjoy the process of whatever you are trying to achieve. To do this, develop a practice mind.

7. Willpower: Rediscovering The Greatest Human Strength

7. Willpower Rediscovering The Greatest Human Strength

Roy Baumeister is a well-known psychologist who joined forces with John Tierney (New York Times science writer) to create what is, in a sense, a self-control manifesto. Both authors do an excellent job of summarizing the power of willpower by combining their extensive knowledge of human psychology and people.

They provide excellent examples of ways to fuel our willpower and build effective habits to make it easier to manage ourselves.

This book will teach you how self-control works, and you’ll also learn some unique techniques to help you master it and resist temptation.

Overall, it’s a great read and a good building block to improve self-discipline.

8. Think and Grow Rich

8. Think and Grow Rich

Although it can be used in any self-improvement category, this book is excellent for self-discipline.

You’ll better understand success, wealth, and other achievements if you read this book. You will learn the most crucial lesson: mastering your thoughts is key to success.

The ability to manage your thoughts is key to mastering them. You must know how to focus on your goals and what to let in.

This book is for those who are serious about self-discipline and success.

9. No Excuses: The Power of Self-Discipline

9. No Excuses The Power of Self-Discipline

Brian Tracy has been around a long time, but his book, “No Excuses,” remains a valuable resource if your goal is to be ambitious and just finish your schooling.

Because he has been in this business for so long, he is pretty much a “self-development Guru.” While he has many success maxims, he does a great job of linking them all around the subject of self-discipline.

You will learn how self-discipline can be a valuable tool in all areas of your life.

10. The Power Of Habit

10. The Power Of Habit

Charles Duhigg does a beautiful job explaining the complexity and breaking down the science behind our habits into easily digestible insights.

You’ll discover that most of what you do is controlled by your habits. And with some disciplined awareness, you can turn bad habits into good habits.

If you’re looking for a way to make your bad habits go away or learn new habits, this book will help you.

Bonus Self-Discipline Book: Discipline Equals Freedom

Sometimes all we need to achieve the discipline we desire is the hard truth. Jocko Willink’s Discipline Equals Freedom lays out this truth for us.

This book is essential for anyone who seeks true discipline. You may find his words abrasive or even too straightforward. But if you genuinely seek discipline, you should be able to accept his methods. Why is this so? Simply because the end justifies the means.

This self-help book is essential for all of us in today’s world. It will teach you how to discipline your thoughts and then your actions.

Go Forth And Build Your Self-Discipline

There you have it – the 10 best books that will help you develop self-discipline & self-control!

You don’t have to learn everything. So let your learning guide you towards action. These highly effective discipline affirmations are a great way to keep your thoughts in check.

All successful people have high standards of discipline. However, people who are unable or unwilling to control their behavior and appetites are the most common causes of failure.

Read these self-discipline books and use your resources to put the knowledge into practice. When they speak about the 8% who follow through on their goals, they’ll be referring back to you.

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