Barbara Corcoran Net Worth (2022 Update)

Barbara Corcoran is an American reality television personality, entrepreneur, investor, and author. She also has a multimillion-dollar fortune.

Shark Tank, a reality investment program on ABC that starred Corcoran from 2009 to 2011, made her a household name.

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Barbara Corcoran…

Net Worth:

$100 Million




March 10, 1949

Country of Origin:

United States of America

Source of Wealth


Last Updated


It’s estimated that Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is $100 million. The “Shark Tank” television series on ABC, in which he appeared as an investor, made Corcoran famous in 2009. A real estate business she created in 1973, The Corcoran Group (formerly called Corcoran-Simone), was sold in 2001 for $66 million to NRT (National Realty Trust). Aside from “The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran” on CNBC, she hosts two podcasts, “888-Barbara” and “Business Unusual with Barbara.” Three books and pieces have been published in “Redbook,” “More,” “The Daily Review,” and “New York Daily News,” among others.

early Life

Barbara Ann Corcoran, the future Barbara Corcoran, was born on March 10, 1949, in Edgewater, New Jersey. She was raised in an Irish-Catholic family with nine siblings. She entered high school at St. Cecilia High School in Englewood after attending a local Catholic elementary school. Since she struggled academically at St. Cecilia High School due to her dyslexia, Barbara has followed the more specialized Leonia High School in New York City. Barbara graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas College in 1971 with a bachelor’s degree in education and spent a year teaching at a local school. Before becoming a real estate agent under the influence of her ex boyfriend, Ray Simone, Corcoran said she had worked in 22 different positions.

Personal Life

Bill Higgins, an ex-FBI agent and Navy captain is Barbara’s husband. It was 1988 when they exchanged vows. Since then, they’ve had two children, Tom and Kate. IVF was used to create Tom, and Kate was adopted.


Business Unusual With Barbara Corcoran

The Corcoran Report, a weekly New York City real estate data trends, was launched by Barbara Corcoran in the mid-1970s. After establishing The Corcoran Group in New York City, Barbara Corcoran sold it to NRT in 2001 for $66 million and left the company soon afterward.

As a Shark on Shark Tank, she has recently invested in more than 20 enterprises. She appeared on the program with entrepreneurs such as Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John.

She also writes columns for More Magazine, The Daily Review, and Redbook. Since then, she’s been on Larry King Live and other talk programs to discuss her work.

For NBC’s Today program and CNBC’s “The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran,” Barbara writes a weekly real estate column for the New York Daily News.

A Shark Tank investor for nine seasons, Corcoran has made 52 transactions in her time as a participant on the hit ABC reality series. It is estimated that she invests an average of $103,113.

Between 2003 and 2011, she published many real estate investment books. “If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtails: And Other Lessons I Learned From My Mom,” “Nextville: Amazing Places to Live Your Life,” and “Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business” are among her best-sellers.

Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran, a weekly podcast she hosts with iHeartRadio, debuted in 2018 due to their partnership. It was a great smash and one of 2017’s most popular business podcasts.

She will have a fortune of $100 million by the year 2022.

Barbara Corcoran Success Clues

1. In the wake of adversity, the finest things happen.

2. A person’s history does not define them.

3. The only way to test your resolve is to confront adversity and see what you’re made of.

Featured Barbara Corcoran's Best Quotes Of All Time! Quotes

Quote By Barbara Corcoran
"Don't you dare underestimate the power of your own instinct." --Barbara Corcoran
"The most expensive hobby a rich man could have is a boat, and the second most expensive hobby he could have is a very old house." --Barbara Corcoran
"If you get labeled a winner, people come along for the ride. Might as well enjoy it and they should too." --Barbara Corcoran
"Every single thing I learned about marketing and building my business, I learned from my mom, and she had never been in the workforce. She just had great practical sense." --Barbara Corcoran


Barbara Corcoran Net Worth Is 100 Million

One of today’s most prominent businesswomen, Barbara Corcoran, is a multimillionaire. As a “shark” investor on the hit ABC reality series “Shark Tank,” she has collaborated with some of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs.

Barbara Corcoran is expected to have a net worth of $100 million by 2022, making her one of the highest-paid businesswomen in the world.

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