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I’m pretty sure every single day, a bunch of people are googling, “Is Anthony Morrison a scam?”

In this blog, I will be giving you an honest review of Anthony Morrison and his online training platform. And you will find out, by the end of this review, if he is someone you can trust or not.

Anthony Morrison, over the past years, has released numerous money-making training courses and programs online, promising every single time that each program is “the one” which would finally help you generate $1,000 per day and boost your online earnings like never before.

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Table of Contents

Dozens of people are constantly asking me if investing in his products would be worth their money and time.

This review will answer all of your questions and doubts so keep on reading and decide for yourself.

Anthony Morrison is one good internet marketer. He could sell himself to anyone easily. But this doesn’t guarantee that his products or methods would actually work for you.

Majority of the people, after buying a bunch of his products, would soon realize that they have been either deceived or misled by his marketing tactics.

For those who are seriously looking for ways on how to make money online, this could be very frustrating.

So, if you are someone who is about to purchase his training programs and courses, spare some time to read through my review first.

I promise you it will save you a lot of trouble in the end.

We’re going to review multiple aspects of Anthony Morrison’s online training platform to decide if it really is the best affiliate marketing course out there.

We’ll talk about whether affiliate marketing is the right online business for you.

At the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Anthony Morrison’s online training platform  and affiliate marketing in general.

And most important, I’ll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $50,000 a month in mostly passive income.

This system made me swear off affiliate marketing for good, because it uses some of the same skills in a much more powerful and profitable way!

Who is Anthony Morrison?

Anthony Morrison is one of today’s prolific internet marketers and coaches because if he isn’t, he wouldn’t be making money himself.

According to Anthony, he has put up several successful internet marketing businesses and services. I’ve no way to verify this claim but what I do know is that his other online business-related ventures are thriving such as his books, programs/ courses, and seminars.

In the past, he used to run infomercials but dwindled over time as he opted to focus on his online businesses instead, probably because this is where he makes the most money from people who have no enough background on how to put up an online business.

Anthony Morrison Net Worth

His exact net worth is unknown and you won’t find any information online that could give you a rough estimate of how much money he makes.

But what I could guess is that he is worth a lot.

I’ve tried some of Anthony’s webinars, particularly the “Destin Florida.” In the end, it turned out he was promoting his “Facebook Domination” course valued at $1997, which isn’t cheap.

Anthony is able to show proof that there is income that can be earned from the site. The strategy he used was surprisingly impressive I must say.

Currently, Anthony already has a large following. That’s why building up this audience was much easier and gave him quite the head start.

However, it’s gonna be a different story for someone who is totally new who won’t likely be able to reproduce or duplicate what he did on the first attempt or even if he manages to, the results wouldn’t be the same as his.

So going back to his net worth, Anthony will not disclose it simply because much of it primarily comes from the products he sells which could potentially make people uncomfortable or hesitant to invest more money on him.

Anthony Morrison Training Course Overview

What is Partner with Anthony?

Partner with Anthony or PWA in short, is an online training video course created and designed by founder Anthony Morrison to teach you how to capitalize and monetize your hobby, knowledge, interests, and passions via his affiliate program.

If you are undecided about Anthony’s legitimacy and effectiveness, I suggest you keep on reading until the end of my review.

Registration Process

Partner with Anthony’s registration is actually quite cheap.

For only $7 per month, you can be part of the program. The entire registration process is straightforward and fuss-free.

It’s user-friendly and customer support is always available.

Courses and Software Products From Morrison Publishing LLC

If you read reviews of Anthony’s individual products, you’ll notice that each review does not paint a complete picture of the outcome because Anthony designed all of his products to interlock with each other like a puzzle – so that you keep buying one product after another!

If there is one thing I’m going to tell you is this – it is absolutely possible to have a complete program without the need for upsells! I will tell you more about this later.

So let me just list for you some of Anthony’s programs and products that were introduced to me and later on bombarded my inbox to push me to make a purchase:

The Infomercial

The infomercial is the introductory video on affiliate marketing, which of course features Anthony Morrison being interviewed by one of the authors of the Chicken Soup For The Soul books – Mark Victor Hansen.


You will receive a membership program invitation via the infomercial for $49 per month. Here, Anthony promises you will get all the support you need as a member plus a free website.

This, however, turned out to be a disappointing experience for me as it wasn’t an honest offer from the get go.


The series of seminars follows more than one format with the beginning part dedicated to offering something for free to attract potential customers.

Anthony’s brother, Adrian Morrison, reportedly runs these seminars.


Coaching sessions with Anthony are ridiculously priced ranging from $1,000 up to as much as $35,000. Once, they offered me a shocking $5,000-one-on-one coaching session. Others who took the bait paid much more and eventually found themselves in debt.

DVDs and Books

Some of Anthony’s books and DVDs include the following:

  • The Hidden Millionaire at $29.95
  • Advertising Profits From Home at $19.95 (You will get a special price for these first two books via the infomercial, including another DVD, Watch Me First DVD.01, valued at $39.95 plus handling and shipping fee for $9.95.)
  • Automated Profits From Home at $19.95
  • Three Steps To Fast Profits DVD at 49 cents
  • Mastery Level Education DVD at $4.69
  • Fast Track Commissions by Adrian Morrison at $19.95
  • Social Media Profits From Your Home by Adrian Morrison at $19.95

Does His Content Have Value?

Being a great internet marketer himself, his content has got to present some value.

As expected, some of his content are not original and can be accessed elsewhere for free.

Though his students are claiming that they have made money through Anthony’s training program, I find these testimonials a bit shady.

What Is Anthony's "Success Connection?"

“Success Connection” is a way for Anthony to have an interaction with his students.

This is a new training platform and its goal is to make hundreds of resources available to his students and subscribers who want to pursue a successful digital business that can make money online – lots of it.

4 Dirty Secrets Anthony Morrison Should Tell You (But Won't)

Now, it’s time to do some more digging about Anthony and his program.

While carefully studying and making comparisons to other similar programs, I’ve come to realize that I have four reasons why I feel Anthony and his training products are not the best platform where you can get the most out of your investment.

Here they are:

1. Anthony Morrison Got Banned From ClickBank.

Yes, you read it right. ClickBank banned Anthony on their site because his refund rates are too high.

What this means is that people are dissatisfied, claiming that they didn’t get the value of what they paid for, that the reality was far from what was promised.

This speaks volume about the authenticity and effectiveness of his courses and methods.

Today, his training courses and other products are sold under the Morrison Publishing LLC:

  • Partner With Anthony 
  • Inbox Inner Circle System 
  • Menu for Success With Anthony
  • Digital Marketing Academy
  • Digital Marketing Mastermind
  • Ambassador Club
  • Profit Boosters
  • Funnel Hacks Bootcamp
  • IncomeEDU
  • M Insider
  • Mastery Funnel Club (His product, Mastery Funnel Club, was designed to help his community of students to quickly put up new funnel businesses – fuss-free. His team of experts will assist the students to build their funnel pages.)

2. Anthony's Aggressive Sales Tactics Will Bleed You Dry.

The above image shows Anthony appearing on the Hansen Report to promote his book, “Advertising Profits From Home,” In the video, Anthony claims that people can access his proven and tested income-generating strategies and business opportunities for only $20.

In his own words, he says, “All you gotta do is get the book and apply the methods I teach.”

Funny thing is, the guy on the video testimonial is none other than Anthony’s dad. But what’s funnier is the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen which says:

“In a recent survey of existing clients, the average book buyer does not apply the strategies in Anthony’s books and does not make money. Some students may have purchased optional addition support programs.“

It is clear that those who purchased his training programs did not make money at all. Worse, they lost thousands of dollars to overpriced upsells.

How Every Anthony Morrison Scam Works:

That interview would be shown on late night TV as an infomercial.

Every now and then during the segment, Anthony would prompt the viewers to pick up the phone and place their order using the toll-free number flashed on their TV screens.

When a customer calls in, a “personal success coach” or aka a salesman would assist the person and try to sell as many other products as he can .

These salesmen are trained to get information about your finances and available credit so they could find out how they can best manipulate you in spending your money on their products.

Below is an image of the script that Anthony wrote for his high-pressure salesmen. Notice how subtle and cunning at the same time his marketing tactic here is.

Because of this, Anthony and his company received countless complaints from those who were deceived into paying thousands of dollars from their bank accounts and credit cards.

This is not an exaggeration.

3. Beware The Crazy-Priced Big Ticket Items.

If you take a look at Anthony’s price tags on his products, you’d notice that they are actually reasonably priced.

It sure is a small investment in exchange for a potential income of $1,000 per day.

But not until you’ve read reviews about Anthony’s individual products that you’d soon realize that each and every one of them is designed to prompt you to purchase their upsells, claiming that Anthony wants to help you generate huge income through his program.

Below is how Anthony’s sales funnel looks like:

As soon as his team gets hold of your contact information, you will be instantly bombarded with calls until you give in.

And if a potential customer declines, he or she could be berated, bullied and threatened exactly how former customers were treated.

More and more people are coming out to let out their frustration and anger over wasting their money on Anthony’s training courses.

To further convince you, below is a real-life scenario by a person who purchased Anthony’s programs/ courses:

Despite this lengthy complaint by a customer, the customer support staff of the Morrison Publishing ignored this issue by not giving him a refund.

Another example is a guy who initially paid $77 for Anthony’s Inbox Circle System, but was bullied into paying a $4,000 coaching session.

4. Morrison's Courses Are All About Making HIM Money, Not You!

By now, you should have realized that Anthony is a serial content creator whose goal is to make money out of his own training products.

His confident claim that his training courses are designed to help people become successful marketers and entrepreneurs falls short of expectations.

Scary part of this is that he is a brilliant internet marketer – or a scam artist – who is so good in promoting and selling himself that thousands of people have been lured into his web of products, promising them that they could make money and success in no time.

I did a review of Partner With Anthony or PWA just recently and exposed that the only way people can generate money from it is to promote his programs to others.

Reality is it’s a never-ending purchase of upsells – one product after another until your bank’s all sucked up.

What Does Anthony Morrison Have To Offer? Are There Any Pros?

To be honest, the only positive I see here is the fact that he contributed to introducing the world of affiliate marketing to thousands of people.

Because of this, it has, to a certain degree, brought some awareness.

Sadly, in the end, these people who have little to no knowledge of such things as internet marketing, email marketing, online business, affiliate marketing, and raining courses end up losing money.

And The Cons?

Well, there’s a lot to discuss about the cons.

First off is his intentional use of deceiving sales tactics to gain the trust of potential customers.

Majority of the information in his content can be found elsewhere and they’re free!

If the person who chances upon Anthony Morrison is someone who is totally unaware of affiliate marketing, he would make for the perfect victim.

That’s the problem with Anthony’s course and software products. Instead of learning from them and making actual money, people find themselves in this web of scammy products that usually leave them penniless.

What Anthony and his team do is get your personal information such as your name, phone number, credit card standing/ score, and email address so he can pass them on to high-pressure sales people for more outrageous and expensive upsells.

No wonder Anthony is regarded as a scam artist because of this.

It’s like one product is a prerequisite to another, which more often deceives and forces people to buy the upsells.

Even the free website is not free – another deceiving marketing tactic of Morrison. As you may already know, any website would need web hosting, right?

Well, guess what happens next. A web hosting company that over charges will be referred to you where Morrison (quite obviously) is an affiliate of. The website isn’t even at par with the high-quality videos out there in the market.

These are just some of the drawbacks of Anthony Morrison and his training course platform.

Are There Other Affiliate Marketing Alternatives?

If you want to make money online, there are other legit and proven ways to do it.

Unlike Anthony Morrison whose marketing techniques involve heavily promoting himself, there are fantastic alternatives that could actually generate income for you.

Over the years, I have purchased numerous online courses and I know a scammy course when I see one.

I strongly recommend that you consider affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs are best for beginners and you can put up your online business and make money.

What’s really good about it is that it can run on auto-pilot.

And once you get the hang of it, it is absolutely possible to earn your first 6-figure income. This much money is completely attainable given the right affiliate programs are in place.

You can easily find a free training course or program online plus there is a large community of affiliate marketers today where you can interact and ask for guidance.

Is Anthony Morrison A Scam?

I find this a bit tricky because Anthony Morrison is not entirely a scam.

Some people have made money from using his course and software products. It’s not that much but they did.

The information you get from his courses present some value, although majority of which are not original and can be found elsewhere for free.

Sadly, when you avail their very expensive upsells, they will not guarantee you success. If you work hard for it, maybe you could enjoy some fruits of your labor. But I doubt it’s gonna be much.

Easily, any one can see that Morrison is a serial course creator and clearly intends to make money from his products/ courses.

I’m here to tell you that anyone, even without experience, can put up his or her own profitable online business in the world of affiliate marketing if they have the right tools, mentor, and training program.

With such business model, there is almost a 100% success guarantee. What’s good about it is that there is a huge community of affiliate marketers today that is easily accessible online if you need guidance.

But if you get it wrong with a hyped-up program course like Anthony Morrison’s, you are going to be in big trouble.

You’ll lose money rather than generating it.

It’s rather sad when a person’s interest and priority is how much money they can make before genuinely helping others gain financial freedom.

In the case of Morrison, this is reflected in the way his program works. You will be be bombarded with never-ending and expensive upsells which are totally unnecessary and annoying.

The result? People found themselves maxing out their credit cards which left most of them drowning in debt.

Does that answer your question?

It is entirely possible to build a profitable, successful online business however…

My #1 pick proves this. And unlike Anthony Morrison, it actually provides real proof of real success from real people as recently as a few days ago.

Scam Risk's #1 Recommended Way To Make Money Online In 2021

Are you looking for an online business that you can run where you won’t run into competition left and right?

What about something that can lead to passive income down the road…

Does that interest you at all?


Our Scam Risk team has done some digging into an online business model that has just recently popped up.

With the looming housing crisis that will make 2008 look like a toddler, many real estate investors and online entrepreneurs having begun building digital assets!

Digital Real Estate

Or local lead generation as some people call it, is the process of building out websites and generating leads for small service based businesses.

It’s actually pretty similar to affiliate marketing except for a couple key differences:

  • You can make more money off of less traffic
  • Competition is practically non existent at the local level
  • Much easier to rank!

Before you start calling it scam…keep this in mind, we are Scam Risk…

We report scams. We don’t promote them. See an Anthony Morrison Affiliate link anywhere?

Now that that’s out of the way let’s dive deeper into that comparison.

With affiliate marketing, you have rank for national keywords, which is really hard to do because of how much competition there is.

You are having to compete with like 1 million other people to sell the same product…it’s crazy hard!

But now let’s flip the script…

How many people do you think are competing to cut down trees in Bossier City Louisiana?

Exactly…not much.

So now that we’ve established that competition for local lead generation is much less than for affiliate marketing…let’s talk about the money. It’s always about the money right?

The Money?

Most affiliate products you would sell are likely $50-$100 and on top of that you’re lucky if you’re making a 5% commission from Amazon because of it.

That means you’ll have to sell 1,000-2,000 of products just to reach a decent income of 5k per month. You definitely have your work cut out for you on that end…

Now let’s take a look back at that tree service example again…

The average tree service job is worth anywhere from $500-$2,000 and most contractors are generous with their referral fees, being known to pay out roughly 10-20% of the final ticket.

So now it’s time for some math…

Let’s say you build and rank one of these sites in a local area with very little competition and after 3 months, your site is at the top of page one locally.

And let’s say that worst cases scenario you only end of with just 10 calls.

On top of that, let’s say Covid hit the tree service guy and his family extra hard this year and he can only pay you 10%.

Going off the lowest numbers possible here…that means that just one of these sites could bring you in $500 a month. Now let’s say you build 10 of these things…you’re looking at 5k a month and you’re generating literally 1/10th of the traffic you would need to make that much with affiliate marketing!

Sound too good too be true…?

It isn’t.

Where To Learn

We know that you’re not going to be able to just go off on your own and start killing the digital real estate game from the little we talked about it…

And you might be thinking to yourself…”Dang I don’t even know where to begin…”.

So our team at Scam Risk has taken the time to go out and find a program that we could recommend and give our Scam Risk seal of approval too.

We don’t take it lightly either.

After months of searching far and wide, we finally found one!

This course offers hands on training step by step going through exactly what you need to do to build and rank your new lead generation.

On top of that, they have live chat calls on zoom where you can all get together, hangout, and ask questions if you have any.

Even further, unlike most affiliate marketing courses you’ll see that we review, this program has a heavily monitored private Facebook group which means absolutely no spam!

This group is active 24/7 as well!

If this type of online business model sounds better to you than affiliate marketing…go ahead and watch those videos above!

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