Airrack Net Worth (2022 Update)

At the present, Airrack is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world. His YouTube channel has amassed a sizable following and is well-liked. As of 2022, Airrack’s net worth is estimated to be $2.2 million.

Airrack Net Worth Update

But how did he make his money?

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But for now, let’s dig in a little more about Airrack…

Net Worth:

$2.2 million


25 years old


January. 12, 1997

Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth

American YouTube content creator, personality, videographer, editor

Last Updated


Airrack is currently one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet. He has a thriving YouTube channel with a devoted following in social media platforms.

He also participates in challenges, most viral videos, pranks, and vlogs, as well as anything else that makes people happy. He’s worked with big YouTube stars like Logan Paul and MrBeast, to name a few.

He has amassed cash as a result of his platform popularity, with his video surpassing 1 million views, allowing him to live well despite his age. He creates vlogs, challenges, pranks, etc that his audience could find entertaining.

He’s a YouTube comedy vlogger best known for his “couch series” with Logan Paul. Apart from Logan Paul, he has worked with other well-known YouTubers such as Sommer Ray, Jake Paul, MrBeast, and others.

Mack Hopkins, a 19-year-old cameraman & editor from North Carolina who skipped out of film school to enter the rocketship, can be credited for a large part of the channel’s success in 2020. The trademark Airrack visuals and fast-paced storyline are due to him.

early Life

On January 12th, 1997, Eric Decker was born. He is 24 years old and was born & raised in the United States. He is well-known for making vlogs, pranks, and other stuff that he believes would amuse people.

His channel’s objectives are lofty. He aspires to be one of the rare people who, in the future, have 50 million subscribers on their channels. He is certain that anything he does will bring him fame and everything was just the foundation. This self-assurance has been beneficial to him.

He is a highly driven young man, but he struggled in high school and understood that the only way he could get into university was if he participated in sports. Because his class did not have a diving squad, he formed one on his own.

Since then, he’s been flipping. That strategy paid off handsomely for him. He did well because he is now one of the top divers in the state, but his very last dive was not so good, and he lost his state title as a result, as well as his prospects of receiving a scholarship and acceptance into a reputable college.

He was accepted into a local college & began studying engineering, but he soon realized that it was not for him, and he dropped out. He and a friend began photographing weddings and grew their company from there.


On January 2, 2015, he created his YouTube channel. On June 14, 2016, he made his debut public video. ‘Making a NightLapse’ was the title of the video.

His second video was uploaded three months later, after which there were no further video uploads for over three years. Later, he began making vlogs, and his popularity skyrocketed following the release of the video ‘SNEAKING Into Jake Paul Vs Gib As FAKE Reporter.

After a few days, he released another video in which he slipped into a crowd. This was one of his most popular videos, with thousands of views and subscribers. He was prosecuted for entering into a party arranged by Dan Blizerian, thus the video didn’t stay long.

The signature Airrack graphics and fast-paced storyline are due to him. As of September 2021, he has 2.17 million members. After YouTube gets its cut, YouTube content creators based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are typically paid $2 to $12 every 1000 monetized views.

Several factors impact these outcomes, including the device used, YouTube revenue, the time of year, the viewer’s location, target ads, ad inventory, how many ads on a video, how so many people skip the commercials, the style of advertisement, ad engagement, and the type of content. The cost of an ad view is determined by an auction between advertisers.

The ad charges are greater than usual here. Aside from commercials, YouTubers earn money via YouTube Red viewers, who pay a monthly subscription to access premium material on YouTube as well as watch videos without ads.

Given the program’s gamified components, sponsors such as stock picture and audio service Storyblocks, music licensing platforms Musicbed and Epidemic Sound, and tech giant Sony, are primarily giving free items for participants, as well as larger-tier rewards.

On July 10, 2021, Eric started a new YouTube channel named “Also Airrack,” where he posts short films. Eric started an online course in 2021 where he teaches people how to produce YouTube videos, and he also has an online store where he sells T-shirts, caps, shorts, sweatshirts, and other apparel.

Airrack Success Clues

One: You may generate income for yourself while also assisting others in doing the same.

Two: Choosing to pursue your passion despite the fear is worthwhile.

Three: Only a select few individuals possess the necessary level of bravery, but they are the individuals who go on to achieve great things in life.

Featured Airrack Best Quotes Of All Time! Quotes

Really Good At Having Bad Ideas
"Really good at having bad ideas."
"Physical results are great, but the mental clarity and persistence basically changed my life this year."
"I’m going to help 300 people grow their channels over the next 45 days."
"We dreamed up CreatorNow months ago with the goal of being the first program to actually help aspiring creators."
"Recently got added to a group message on Instagram with accounts dedicated to each of my body parts. The internet is a weird place man."
"Been doing morning walks to clear the mind, trying to make friends with the local soccer moms."
"I'm excited to continue to try and push the boundaries of event merchandise and also continue to use web3 to get the Mafia more involved in the channel and our events."

Airrack Events

Airrack Events

Airrack is one of the most watched YouTubers in the world right now.

He has a successful YouTube channel and a strong fan base on other social media sites. He also takes part in challenges, most viral videos, pranks, vlogs, and anything else that makes people happy.

He has worked with Logan Paul, MrBeast, and other big YouTube stars. Because of how popular he is on the platform, his video has more than 1 million views, which gives him enough money to live well even though he is old.

Airrack’s estimated net worth as of the year 2022 is $2.2 million.

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