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Adobe Spark Reviews 2021: Best Media Suite For You?

Adobe Spark is a new app that allows you to create beautiful, interactive one-page websites.

These single-page web stories were initially designed to create magazine-style web “stories” but can be easily used as a standalone site. Adobe Spark also includes a social media graphics maker and an animated video-making tool.

This tool could be what you need to sell a service, publish journalism, create a portfolio for your creativity, or build a site to share your passion.

Adobe Spark is best for projects that only require one page. You will need a different site builder if you want to create multiple pages.

This Adobe Spark review will go over everything you need to know to see if it really is the best website builder course out there.

You’ll learn whether website building is the right online business for you.

And at the end, you’ll find answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Adobe Spark and website building in general.

But most importantly, you’ll see the exact system many others have used to build their own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

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Table of Contents

Why Use Adobe Spark Builder?

Sometimes all that is needed to convey your message is a simple website. Most internet users prefer scrolling over clicking these days. A one-page website can help you please your readers and provide all the information that they need.

Here are some one-page website project samples:

  • Presentations
  • Travel stories
  • Creative portfolios
  • Narrative non-fiction journalism
  • Landing pages
  • Catalogs and pages about products
  • Photo galleries
  • Important business announcements
  • Business newsletter
  • Wedding stories

You can create a media-rich, single-page website using this builder. It can be completely standalone or integrated with an existing site. Business owners can use their tools to create a stunning landing page for their business.

Let’s Unpack Adobe Spark: What’s Inside?

Adobe Spark is the combination of three Adobe products, namely Adobe Slate (previously called “Spark Page”), Adobe Voice (now known as “Spark Video “), and Spark Post, which is their tool for social-media graphics.

It's a Web-Based Tool.

You don’t need to download anything, and Spark projects will sync across any devices you use for creating, editing, or accessing them.

You can create impressive Spark media designs quickly and easily by signing up for Adobe Spark. Additionally, you can use your iPhone’s Camera Roll to find photos.

Here are the three tiers of tools this tool offers.

1. Adobe Spark Post

Spark Post allows you to create graphics quickly. These graphics can be used online for announcements, blog images, social media posts, ads on Facebook, and even banners for your social media accounts.

Support For Apple’s Live Photos

They also support Apple’s Live Photos for background images. It’s a cool feature that we have not seen on other apps.

Quickly create professional graphics using Spark Post. You can use the free images within the tool. It does not require any previous graphic design experience.

It’s Easy to Use

These tools assist you in the creation of images. The built-in design tools ensure that your design is well-balanced and professional.

Even more, features are available to help you select the right fonts and colors and add filters.

2. Adobe Spark Video

Spark Video, a video editing tool, is a quick way to create visually appealing videos. Videos can include text, animations, or videos. There are basic templates available you can use to give you a foundation.

You can record your voiceover using this tool, and there are a few background soundtracks that you can add to spice up the video.

You can quickly create something appealing with this editor, whether you are creating a quick visual presentation or a video to summarize your message.

Rule Social Media With Square Video Formats

In January 2018, Adobe Spark began to support square (1:1 aspect ratio) video formats. Why is this important?

Buffer’s recent research has found that square videos consume 78% more screen space in a user’s Facebook newsfeed. Square videos get more engagement on social media than landscape (16.9 aspect ratio).

3. Adobe Spark Page

Spark Page, their one-page website “story builder, is the main focus of this review.

This tool allows you to create a single-page website that incorporates various media elements such as video, photos, and animations.

To create engaging elements for your website, you can use the tools above. This tool makes it possible to create responsive web pages. It is easy to create a simple, engaging website that supports your brand or business.

Remove Adobe’s Branding

Adobe Spark is now available to paid Creative Cloud users who wish to remove the Adobe Spark branding from any project they create.

It’s helpful if you intend to integrate your “story” with a website already in existence or use it as a promotional tool.

An In-Depth Look at Adobe Spark Page

Intuitive Design Tools

Adobe Spark has a great selection of design tools. This is what you would expect from the company responsible for InDesign, Photoshop, and InDesign. It’s effortless to use and allows you to create a one-page website quickly.

Its design tools use the same features as Illustrator and Photoshop. They’re simplified so that anyone, even someone with no design experience, can use them intuitively to create a stunning and visually sophisticated website.

Many Pre-Built Design Components

It’s easy to find design inspiration by looking at their various features. Their team of designers has created a nearly limitless supply of design components and samples to spark your creativity.

It only takes seconds to add a grid of photos to a page on your website.

It’s easy to see the direction you want to take with your new project by browsing their library. You may check out and explore the Spark Page gallery created by users.

Some of their design features include:

  •  A selection of professionally designed fonts, including font pairings that you can use to fit your website’s overall theme
  •  The ability to choose among thousands of professional images or download your photos from Adobe Lightroom
  • A variety of themes for every occasion where you can pick your theme, customize the text and photos, and then publish your work

What Is Glideshow?

Glideshow is a feature that gives scrolling parallax features a highly fluid, smooth feel. Images, text, and videos will flow effortlessly.

Adobe Spark Pricing – How Much Does it Cost? What’s Included?

If you are okay with the Adobe Spark logo appearing on your website or in your video, and if you have enough design elements to do what you need, you can enjoy Adobe Spark for free.

The paid version of Adobe Spark will give you a professional look unique to your brand and business. The good news is that it’s affordable. It is affordable and comes with many premium features.

A subscription to Adobe Spark removes the watermarking from final designs. It also includes:

  • Premium templates
  • Access for team members to collaborate
  • One-tap personalization allows you to instantly add your logo, brand colors, and other details to your designs.
  • Premium fonts and the option to upload custom fonts
  • Make ready-to-use templates with your brand
  • You can have more than one brand design setting, and you can switch between them whenever you want

All of this is available for just $9.99 per month or $99.99 per annum. For $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year, you can get it at a 20% discount if you are in the US.

A current deal allows you to get your first month of paid membership free! Your credit card information must still be entered. Once the 30 day period is up, you will be charged.

It’s an excellent investment if you have the creativity to justify it.

3 Reasons To Use Adobe Spark Page

The Adobe Spark Page is a powerful tool for a specific type of website builder. It has impressive design options, which is something you would expect from Adobe.

It’s the perfect tool for creating a simple but visually appealing site for your personal project or testing out a new project before going all in.

It is easy to add audio, video, and photos to your Spark Page.

Here are some reasons to give Adobe Spark a try.

Free, Impressive Results

All the tools included in Adobe Spark are entirely free to use. It allows complete beginners to create unique designs and single-page websites comparable to those of professional graphic designers.

This level of access is not available in most free website builders. Adobe Spark allows you to play with and publish your website using their tool without having to invest.

They might eventually offer paid add-ons or paid upgrades to allow you access more features, but at the moment, it’s free.

Simple And Easy to Use

Adobe products require a lot of learning to use. Adobe Spark packs the same power as these tools and is accessible for complete beginners. It’s pretty impressive.

You will be amazed at the speed with which you can create your website story.

Adobe hosts the site you create through the builder for users who don’t want to manage their hosting.

Can Build Unique Web Projects Quickly

This tool is helpful if you have a story idea or a landing page you would like to test user interest.

You can quickly get your site online once you have created an account. You don’t need to do any extra steps to host your website. Just pick a theme and customize it to your liking before clicking publish.

3 Reasons Adobe Spark Isn’t The Best Fit

If you are looking to create a multipage website with blog pages or product pages, you will have to pick another website builder.

Here are some reasons to use Adobe Spark in your website-building efforts.

There Is No True Embed

Spark Page has limited embed capabilities. It is currently not possible to embed Spark Page’s full functionality. It allows you to host the content and integrate it into an existing website.

Adobe hosts 100% of the content you create. It might be a benefit for some, as they don’t need to pay additional hosting fees. However, it might not suit all users.

The embed page looks very similar to a Facebook post that has an image and some text. You can click the embed to go to the entire page hosted at Adobe.

While this is not a significant concern for all users, it will be a problem if you keep them on your site and offer an attractive one-page add-on.

As this tool gains market share, they may add additional features to give you complete control over the pages that you create.

It’s important to note that it can be used to import Spark Pages into Adobe Muse. You can then publish them within any Muse site you create.

Can’t Build An Entire Website

The site builder function of this tool can be used to create an entirely different type of website. You can create a one-page website your readers will be able to navigate through.

This tool might be a good fit if you only require a single-page website with essential information that provides your visitors in a media-rich way.

You can’t build sites with multiple pages. In this sense, it’s not a traditional website builder. This tool is created for quick, simple projects online that require only one page.

Adobe is the only company that allows you to host your website on your domain. This tool cannot help you create a site that will serve as the foundation for your online efforts.

Their Branding Is Present On Free Versions

The free version of Adobe Spark cannot be removed. All Spark-created content will still have Adobe branding.

While this isn’t an issue for everyone, those concerned about maintaining a cohesive brand experience might upgrade to Creative Cloud subscription accounts. This account allows for the removal of Adobe Spark branding.


Adobe Spark is an impressive platform. It will take time for its utility to catch on, and the user base would need to grow. That would lead to additional features that could be used to build out your site. However, it is a fun tool to use.


Does Adobe Spark Save?

Adobe Spark saves your content automatically so that it doesn’t get lost. Also, content can be synced across devices.

How Do I Get Rid Of Adobe Spark Logo?

Just click the “Remove Adobe Spark branding” option in the Share menu. Adobe Spark is currently working on adding this feature to mobile apps.

Is Spark Adobe Legit?

Adobe Spark gives non-designers tools to create professional-looking Web content. Post, Video, Page, and Page are simple to use and won’t make top content creators redundant. However, they allow ordinary people to shine on social media.

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