What Are The Statistics of Network Marketing?

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What Are The Statistics of Network Marketing?​

There seems to be no stopping the boom and boon of network marketing. In the US or elsewhere, network marketing has skyrocketed in terms of business revenue. It’s quite surprising for many to witness this whopping amount of income these networking marketing businesses are churning. Considering that in recent events, the term Networking left a bad taste in the mouths of many people. Several Networking businesses have closed shop due to harsh criticism it has received from naysayers. 

Yet, it looks like Network Marketing is here to stay. After stumbling and dusting itself off (mainly due to illegal pyramid schemes), the networking industry’s future is still looking bright. 

Put on your shades, people! 

Networking businesses have brought their systems up to date, their product lines rehabilitated and given a new face, and their networking has been revamped with a vigorous and robust consolidation of internet marketing technologies including social media. Despite the odds, the 20s will witness the strength of the network marketing business in the international scene.


Check out the following major network marketing’s statistics. These numbers mirror an increase in revenue and bullish expectations in the coming years:

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It’s definitely going up.

The positive result ratio of network marketing businesses have spiked up to 80% in the last few decades. There are a number of firms who are now established in this direct selling business industry. A big percentage of these companies have increased in size and extended their networks to different parts of the globe.

The numbers speak.

A couple of years back, the networking industry was priced at over $160 billion in US dollars. These numbers come from leading global trade reports. The reason for such growth is the presence of an increasing mixture of products and a heightened  uptake on the involvement of networkers and MLM sales professionals.

The growth is consistent every year.

If a networking sales person puts in eight hours of work a day, that person can earn a great deal more than any other sales job. These hardworking networkers can earn as many recruits as possible and at the same time be able to sell products and make a sizable cut from those sales on a monthly basis.

It’s really lucrative.

The startup investment needed to set up one’s networking business is notably less than conventional businesses. This makes it attractive to those who want to set up their own business. Tech-wise, several marketing softwares have made networking companies more economical and time saving. This leads to a steady increase in profit.

The big guys make it happen.

Big countries like the US and China are the top markets of network marketing. Considering these countries are the giants in terms of size and economy. South Korea follows on the heels of these main markets. They are the big players in the networking industry and are definitely ahead of the curve with trade and laws. South Korea has seen a tremendous growth in the networking industry.

Glowing success ratio in more than a hundred countries.

Here’s the big advantage of networking companies. There are no laws that prohibit their operations anywhere in the world. Because of that plus its glowing success, a lot of countries find the networking business favorable and acceptable. Aside from the big players like the US, China, South Korea, several other countries are gaining remarkable success in networking like India, Canada, Germany, Japan, Brazil and other developing countries.

Tried and true business model.

The main reason for this notable success is the networking business model has been around for a very long time, perhaps a little over half a century. It’s not easy to beat that length of time and the trust it has earned from the entrepreneurs. The advancement in technology and communications have made it even easier for modern day network marketers to perform and earn better.

It’s expected to hit the double hundred mark

The networking industry folks have set their goals high and they’re hell bent on hitting it. This can be made possible by the growth in commissions and cuts being paid to the network marketers. Aside from that, the manufacturing of their products are cost-effective and their efficacy reliable, thereby giving a remarkable profit growth.

In five years time, the industry is likely to triple its value

The networking business is set to reach the massive $650 billion mark in US dollars. The prediction is that networking is capable of reaching a steady yearly increase in the years to come. With that forecast, the network marketing business is presumed to excel more than 20% in the next half decade.

The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) support bolsters the industry.

Hands down, the overwhelming support of the FDI has played a major role in the success of networking. Many countries make it easy for investors from other countries to promote networking. This has definitely given the much needed stimulus for the networking growth.

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