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Community Reviews

How We Ensure High Quality Reviews You Can Count On

Updated: June 23

By: Joel & Josiah

Rate Online Businesses & Opportunities On Scamrisk.Com To Spread Awareness & Help The Community

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought an online business course or invested in some sort of online business opportunity? Well, we’ll raise ours

We’ve made our review & rating process painlessly simple so you can share your experiences with us effectively, but also efficiently.

If you don’t see or can’t find the course / opportunity you’re looking for, please share it with us using this.

Frequent Thoughts Of Our Readers (& We’ve Got Answers)

“Why Would You Care What I Think…”

Listen, it’s obviously important to have reviews and ratings from people that have been there and done that. Just like anything else, different people have different experiences, those experiences create different perspectives.

It’s our job to bring the most complete spectrum of perspectives to our visitors day in and day out.

“Wish They’d Tell Me How To Write A Review…”

Would love to… Check out our review instructions.

“If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Then…”

People develop perspectives & opinions through experiences. We all live separate lives, therefore have different experiences, and therefore different perspectives.

It’s important to bring those to light.

Listen, there’s a lot of bad sh** out there and we don’t care how negative your opinion is of the opportunity or course.

On the flip side, we hope to receive a lot more glowingly positive reviews than negatives so bring those on too!

Most importantly, all of the reviews / ratings that we receive from students are validated (and ideally corroborated alongside other student reviews) using an in house approval process. 

This is true regardless of how positive or negative your review is. It’s the same process.

“Hope I Don’t Have To Put My Name On It…”

Of course not!

Leaving a less than perfect review on a product that you’re still a part of (or know people from) can certainly end up awkward depending on who sees it.

With that said, we will absolutely need to know that you’re a real person. We won’t let people manipulate our visitors for their own personal gain so we’re very strict about verifying all identities before reviews or ratings are accepted.

To give a clear response… Yes you can remain anonymous to the public, but our team will need to verify your true identity.

“Let’s Just Say I Change My Mind About My Experiences…”

If your experiences change (improve or get worse) on a given course or opportunity, we would be more than happy to accept an updated review from you. 

All we need you to do is to go through the submission process again. Provide us with your same email and we can trace it back to the original. A side note with that is fine as well.

Note: You are not eligible to re enter the Giveaway in this case unless it’s been at least 18 months since your original review was published

Unfortunately, we cannot delete reviews once they’re published on our website. 

As mentioned above, you’re more than welcome to submit an updated review in order to reflect your recent experiences with the course or opportunity.

Furthermore, we would be more than happy to change it to an anonymous review in this event if you request it.

“Timeline For Publishing My Review Is…?”

We try to stay up on the review / rating submissions as much as possible but sometimes life does get in the way of that.

Our goal is always to validate and publish your review within 1-2 weeks. But sometimes 1-2 weeks turn into 1-2 months. Be patient, we’ll get it live so long as it passes validation.

If there’s a thought in there that we haven’t caught already, feel free to catch up with us over here.